Being able to Breathe

April 02, 2014

April 02, 2014

I am happy to be alive…

…and to be able to write this when I am breathing!

Most of us have busy daily schedules and we keeping moving through the day without realizing this. Take a moment off from your running around, stop, sit/stand, close your eyes, take a deep breath and ‘notice’ it consciously…repeat it 4-5 times and move on with your day. If not much, it adds to your energy to deal with things in life more efficiently. Yes, it does!

This is such a basic process for us and we underestimate its power. Though it seems to be an ordinary routine, but the moment you follow it you’d know that it’s extraordinary. Nothing in life is more valuable than the fact that you are alive and breathing. The moment you take a moment to notice and appreciate it, you give your life an opportunity to smile back at you.

Why should we do it?

  1. You connect with yourself and your surroundings instantly
  2. It is not an elaborate process and can be done anywhere anytime within seconds
  3. Refreshes you in all situations
  4. Don’t look for more reasons just try it out yourself and you’d know all the reasons

Happy breathing to you!!!


NOTE: This post is a submission towards AtoZ Challenge.

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15 thoughts on “Being able to Breathe

  1. Breathing is a beautiful word. Reminds me of Hritik Roshan’s dialogue from Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara – the essence of survival is to keep breathing!
    Nice one Garima

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  4. Beyond true ! Some days, with all the work tensions and the personal adversities, we often fail to just slow down, breathe and take it in !

    thank you for a wonderful post !

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