I know that my theme is “Happiness in Being” where I am listing out things that make me happy without the influence of any ‘soul’…other than mine. But when it comes to Dino, I will always make exceptions; after all he is the ambassador of this blog. And, in this post I am going to talk about his memories. So I guess this justifies the theme too in a way.

The unforgettable pair of eyes...

The unforgettable pair of eyes…

Dino was our family pet, a GSD who was brought home by my brother after a lot of persuasion to my parent. Dino was a month old pup when he rolled into our home and was five and a half when we bid farewell to him. He made all of us feel special in his own way. He was naughty, possessive, playful, protective, jealous, lovable, adorable, cute, ferocious, gentle and so on…all at the same time. A true Gemini companion for me. It took a lot of time of all four of us in the family to accept his absence from our lives. We were all parents to him. He was the child of the house. For a very long time I kept asking “Why?” for his absence instead of “Thank You” for his presence, even if it was for a short while. He united us. His conversations used to ache my heart as they would bring the void in my life right in the open. But now I know that I must cherish him and not be sad, cos each tear of despair would cause pain to him too. I believe that he must have taken birth somewhere and our longing hearts would not let him be happy either.

Dino – the mention of the name, his conversations, his photographs…his memories in any form, fill my heart with great joy and love that it is beyond expression.

This post would be incomplete without a wish for him.

I pray every day for him to be happy, healthy and loved always. And may I get to meet him someday!

Love you Dino….FOREVER!!!



NOTE: This post is a submission towards AtoZ Challenge.

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14 thoughts on “Dino

    • Hey Kari, I pray for Isis to be happy and healthy wherever she is (I believe in rebirth of a soul). I feel that I had more time to spend with Dino and I wonder why it was cut short…we were novice when we brought him and I believe couldn’t understand most of his signs and behavior. Your blog can help many people like me who are struggling to understand their pets. I would be sharing your blog with my FB friends.

      Thanks for your visit! 🙂
      All the best for AtoZ,

  1. Aww… Never had a pet ( I am the kind who is too scared of any animal !)

    ..but, I suppose, it’s too hard to suddenly let go of someone who has been there with us for too long !

    • Hey Shahira,

      I too was very scared of dogs until we got Dino. Once you get a pup the fear goes off…
      yes, the feeling take ages to sink in…depending on the bond we share!

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    • Thank you Christy…yes, I do feel lucky to be able to feel Motherly for someone 🙂
      I wish you soon get into the situation where keeping a dog looks feasible from all aspects…it is such a fulfilling experience that you’d never regret the decision.

      Thanks for your visit! 🙂

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