This is one of the basic rights of any individual…Right to Equality; yet a lot of us are deprived of this.

Here I would like to share a story that I witnessed a decade back when I would travel by bus to my college and I felt so proud of that stranger.

It took me around 45minutes everyday to travel to college by bus. Most of the times, I saw this gentleman who would already be there in the bus when I would board it. No clue about how long he had to travel. But I knew that he used to get down at the last depot – Nehru Place. A man in his late thirties, slightly bald, fair, usually dressed up in formals, would carry a bag and a lunch box. I always saw him sitting along at the conductor’s seat which used to be the first one at the front door of the bus. One day he was standing in the crowd, few people away from me. A girl stood up from ladies’ seat and offered her seat to him. He denied the privilege with a smile saying, “It’s fine, I know I am blind but on occasions I would want to feel normal too. Please sit, I would like to stand as the rest as I am no less than them.”

We must still be considerate towards those who battle with some handicap, and must understand the moments when they feel capable enough to handle things like all other.

Another incident that I came across quite recently, a bunch of college students travelling back from Chandigarh in the same bus as mine. We got down at Karnal Haveli for a break and this group was sitting next to my table in one of the restaurants. One of the friends jokingly said, “Why should I go and get the order, do I belong to SC/ST group?”. This wasn’t the first time I heard someone saying this, but what happened next was a first time to me. A girl from the group got up and brought the order. And once she was back she did give some piece of her mind to the guy who said those words.

“I dint know that you are such a racist”, she said.

“Come on…I am not, I said it just like that. It was a joke”, he said

“Joke?? Do you know that unintentionally and ‘jokingly’ you are encouraging discrimination??”, she replied.

I dint wait to hear the conversation, but I was glad to see that someone spoke for equality. And I have heard such a thing many a times from those who otherwise talk of equality.

First let us come on page with the concept of equality…justice right now is a farfetched dream.

India is a country where discrimination doesn’t have to search for a reason to take place, it happens on the basis of caste, religion, region, color, gender, language, etc.

Do you have any such story which goes beyond the line of discrimination created by the society in general?



NOTE: This post is a submission towards AtoZ Challenge.

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10 thoughts on “Equality

  1. Nice one.. I would lie to state something I read on secularism.. It is not a state when all religion are equal, it is a state when no religion exists for the government.

    • yeah…well, religion anyways is tweaked as per the human needs…there are so many loop holes. I am an avid follower of Mahabharatha being aired on star plus these days, and was shocked to see how ‘dharma’ was played with to cheat the Pandavas…

  2. I used to work with adults who had mental retardation and/or developmental disabilities. One of the supervisory staff would do anything she could to stay away from the residents. She came into one of the homes once and I spoke with her. Then she realized she was also standing next to a young man with profound autism and she said, “Oh my God,” and moved to the other side of me. She did not see me roll my eyes.

    Then I heard once of an ER doctor who wondered out loud why we didn’t take the residents “to a veterinarian”. It’s a good thing I was not there, because the best case scenario would be me being escorted out of the hospital by security.

    LuAnn Braley
    AJ’s Hooligans @AtoZChallenge
    Back Porchervations

    • Education is not doing anything good to people…these incidents show that people are still illiterate. I wish education systems all over the world introduce a new subject on Humanism.

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