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I thank Gawd that there is at least one thing which makes me feel better without fail irrespective of any situation or time or place….and that is FOOD.

I consider myself a biggggggggg foodie. Once you see me you’d start to believe that too 😛

I love eating, I love cooking and I love to get compliments too 😉

I probably am one of those for whom food is the medicine to everything. A smoked chicken pasta during a gloomy day makes my spirits soar high, a plate of chholey bhature (seen in the pic below) can send me to heaven instantly, I love south Indian…food I mean 😛 , and all I need is a piece of chicken for some peace of mind 😉

Source: Unknown, I thank google search for such a tempting pic.

Source: Unknown, I thank google search for such a tempting pic.

Be it a time to rejoice or if I am angry at something or if I am hurt or sad or frustrated or confused or hopeful or determined or feeling weak or stronger or whatever …Food is the companion to double my joys and to divide my sorrows.

Is it the same with you? What is your favorite dish or cuisine?


NOTE: This post is a submission towards AtoZ Challenge.

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