Gift Good God


Over the years I have pondered over the concept of God during good and bad times. No one has seen God, who He is, how He looks, is it a He or a She etc. I have come to a conclusion that in every Good there is God.

When you do something Good for someone, you are that God for that person. Now this Good could be anything…making someone smile, wiping off someone’s tears, accompanying someone lonely, guiding someone to a better life, feeding the hungry or it could be as simple as being a listener to someone. So basically, when you lift someone else’s spirits by any effort that you make you become God.

Now the reason I mentioned Gift in the title is because when you give someone a gift you give it with a smile. Giving something to someone (no matter how good) with a grudge is not going to be counted as Good here.

When you look at it more closely, the best Gifts in life can’t be ‘bought’ at a market or a mall. Over the past year, I have seen few of my closest friends cry out of joy. I feel so good that though I did not ‘buy’ anything for them, even then I was able to Gift them probably the best thing in the world. Money makes gifting easy, but you don’t always need money to Gift Good to someone.

Do you remember Gifting something Good (or doing something Good) to someone?


NOTE: This post is a submission towards AtoZ Challenge.

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