And in Hindi it’s called Mehendi.

Henna, Heena or Hina is an Arabic word and is a very popular name for girls in Southern parts of Asia. It is used in various forms – it can be used as a dye for hair, can be used for temporary tattoos on body and what I am mentioning it here for is the decoration for hands and feet.

This is one thing which never fails to pep me up. I love it basically for a beautiful, creative and neat design; which I keep cherishing till it lasts.

The pic is clicked my me...my henna clad hand, my watch and my iPod <3

The pic is clicked my me…my henna clad hand, my watch and my iPod ❤

Mehendi is one of the rituals in Indian Weddings, where the bride gets her hands and feet decorated with Henna. A well selected design which reflects the ceremony of wedding. Along with bride, females (family and friends) attending her wedding also get henna on their palms. I have few close friends and I feel glad to be a part of this ritual for their weddings. I consider it to be very special. Hope that my friends do get the chance too to be a part of the same for me. 😀

Year 2013 brought a new friend in my life, her name is Hina too. Within a year we have developed a great bond. Though Shakespeare had said “What’s in a name?”, but for me it seems the name is very important. 😉

PS. How can I not mention another friend gifted by 2013? Her name starts with H too…Heera, in English it means Diamond! 🙂


NOTE: This post is a submission towards AtoZ Challenge.

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