Jack of all trades….

….and the Master of One!

I am still finding our what that One is going to be. Some realize it early and some take time. I am probably from the latter. I am experimenting with a lot of things and yet to figure out what is that one thing that I do which defines me.
We spend our lives hiding ourselves from the world with a fear that the others will step on us if they get to know us inside out. People often say, “I am an open book” yet they bury their deepest emotions in a chest of their hearts. And I might be one of them, though not intentionally. I believe in expression of emotions and believe that this is one thing that you can do life long without feeling monotonous.
One can express themselves through various forms, I have experimented with some such as writing, poetry, dancing, painting…cooking too, to an extent I feel helps in expression. I am still waiting to try theatre and photography. I have so far enjoyed every bit of whatever I have been doing, but the catch is that these are for the contentment of my soul. Am yet to come across or may be reach to a level where I feel the satisfaction of the professional in me.

I may have been betrayed everytime I had expressed myself to someone, either verbally or artistically; yet I am undeterred on this path of making my emotions explicit because that is how I feel connected …to You and to this Universe!

PS. WordPress is accessible only through this app right now and a first time user is only able to post letters with no pictures and links, would edit later.


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