Pic Courtesy: Google search

Pic Courtesy: Google search

The days were hell
but the nights were mine,
With that ball of marble
Looking at me as it shines.

I can’t recall when it happened; all I know is that my fascination for the Moon has only grown stronger and stronger night after night. I am one of those who would love to spend the night under the sky on a full moon, resting silently as I watch the Moon through the night. I would not keep my eyes away from it or even blink, if I could walk with my head held high watching the sky.
Some call it madness and to some it is spirituality, I refuse to give it a name or frame it with a definition of words….like Love, it just is! There is no reason, no meaning to it. If I would ever turn into a photographer, it would only be for the Moon. Trying to capture its serenity, its beauty and its magic through my lenses.

I tried a lot of times to explain what it is when I look at the Moon, but this new life that I breathe when I look at it; is something that I fail to explain.

I love nights, for the Moon!

PS. First two lines were read in a status update of a very talented person on FB – Kapil Syal


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