Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Picture found through google search

Picture found through google search

Cause and Effect are the two faces of the same coin, attached to each other…inseparable!

If we go by any religion too, they all vouch for the fact that if you make good causes you fill your future with good fortune and if causes are bad you will reap bad results in future. NMRK is nothing but devotion to this law that we refer to as mystic because we don’t really know which good cause would benefit us when and in what form and vice-versa. When you realize this fact and adapt it in your lifestyle it becomes a part of your actions, words and thoughts. It is a part of Buddhist Philosophy by Nichiren Daishonin based on his understanding of Lotus Sutra, said to be drafted by the Shakyamuni Buddha (Gautam Buddha or Siddhartha).

It is said that the hardships that we go through in our present life are all because of the slander (or disrespect) that we made against this law. Hence, by chanting NMRK we show our surrender and respect to this law which is imbibed in every part of this universe. For every positive there is an opposite, like night is to day, moon is to sun, fire is to water and darkness is to light.

Google search

NMRK makes you realize your potential and enables you to utilize it to the fullest. Picture courtesy – google search


Detailed study of this philosophy strengthens your determination to focus on the positives, which helps you derive benefits (visible or invisible to the human eye) from each negative situation you face. And yes, it is not a miracle that would change your life over night. It is that power which enables you to make efforts, change yourself with respect to your action, words and thoughts which in turn will change your life.

I consider it to be the best gift that I can give to anyone. And there is no such thing as ‘if someone needs it’; we all need it as the basic nature of life is such that you don’t know when you would need that strength to breakthrough an obstacle.

As far as I am concerned, I am in the midst of a lot of obstacles at this point of time in my life and I am making efforts continuously with the determination that I am going to get over each and every poison of my life by withdrawing medicine out of it. I would not want to list down the challenges that I am facing, but the fact that with this practice I feel like I am in touch with my bestest self is something my closest friends can vouch for.

If you feel you are struck somewhere and want to get hold of your life, give NMRK a try and start you journey of victories.I would be glad to provide more details if someone is willing to know more about it

.All The Best!!!


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