Recollect Rebuild Relive

It is a continuous process. Isn’t it?

Life is all about repeating this process till the time you don’t achieve your desired goal.

What is the purpose of life?

The fundamental purpose of life is to be happy, and eventually to spread that happiness around. Whatever we do in our lives, which ever path we take…the desired destination is to achieve that state of being happy inside out. Be it being in a relationship, earning money, travelling, making friends, working, following our dreams and so on; we expect that thing to make us happy. And if you are not happy then you may want to rethink about that aspect of your life.

In this process of achieving something to eventually become happy, we seldom succeed and often are heartbroken. It is our struggle to achieve our goal that decides the quotient of happiness. The taste of water after hours of thirst is incomparable to any other drink in this world.

So what should one do if he/she is heartbroken?

Follow the cycle of Recollecting your broken pieces of heart, Rebuild your confidence and Relive your life towards something that gives you eternal happiness. As anything momentary is going to get you back to the first stage again, where you would be looking at your broken heart with remorse. Do not stop yourself from initiating something with a fear of being heartbroken, rather be determined that you will Recollect, Rebuild and Relive!


4 thoughts on “Recollect Rebuild Relive

    • oh yeah, there are vultures out there who would eat you up for being weak (emotionally, mentally or physically)…
      Thank you Shine, only I know how I am able to manage a post everyday just few minutes before 12 IST 😛 …seems that I can get my mind to write only at this time..

    • Yeah, as they say “time is the best healer”, however, I feel that if we are aware and acknowledge the fact that healing ourselves is the only way out, then the process would be quicker 🙂
      Thank you and welcome aboard!

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