Nothing else rejuvenates me than being at a different place where I am unknown to anyone but a few travelling with me. I feel that am a traveller by heart. I feel happy every time I hear about someone travelling and feel jealous too at the same time of not being able to travel that frequently.

Mumbai is always going to be special as it was the first city we travelled to as a family and then my first ever trip without family was again to Mumbai. We travelled in 1990 by train to Mumbai during the month of December (Christmas Holidays) and then I had gone to meet a friend in April 2007. The latter was my solo journey to and fro Mumbai via plane, my first time in plane too. It was in Mumbai that I witnessed my first meeting with the Ocean. Hence, there are many reasons for Mumbai to be special.

Cluster of boats in Colaba , Mumbai

Cluster of boats in Colaba , Mumbai

Yes, I do feel the butterflies in my stomach every time I pack my bags; I do feel exhilarated when I am on the way to the destination, I feel that I am living a new life every time I touch unfamiliar grounds, I am Me each time I am out there in conversation with the world. Travelling is not just about visiting a different place, there is a lot more that catch hold of my attention. The architecture, unusual plants/trees/flowers, sometimes birds, the smell in the air (even if it’s the smell of fish like that in Mumbai…I notice that too), faces of people living there – I feel that as you move to different regions there something in the face that changes, yet you would find a similarity in the faces of residents. I am a foodie and yes the difference in the taste of what I eat count too.

Mode of travel doesn’t matter to me, as each has its own charm. I love the feeling when I look at the ‘map’ from thousands of feet above; the journey in train becomes interesting when the co-passengers become part of conversations and there is nothing like sipping the tea at road-side dhaaba during a road journey.

So far I have seen quite a few places in India, there are many in the list that I want to visit. When I come to think of what kind of places I like to see, I usually get confused as I love to see all – be it mountains or oceans or just camping in woods or some historical place – I mean ALL. I wish to take my steps forward to a different country too, I hope it happens soon. And I do wish to travel solo someday. I always had someone to accompany me even if commuting was solo. An all-in-all solo trip.

All I wish for each one of you is that may you get to see new horizons, hear new sounds of happiness, smell the fragrance of warmth in stranger’s heart, taste the belongingness towards nature/universe and feel all of it at the same time.

Have a fulfilling journey of life!


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