Thank you google for the pic!

Thank you google for the pic!

Variety is the spice of life. Wouldn’t life be boring even if you eat your favorite dish every day?

I remember as kids me and my brother relished samosa, to the extent that we could be found at the halwai shop every evening to fetch some hot samosas. This continued for some 2 and a half months, and since that time I haven’t bought a samosa for myself.

Pic courtesy - google again!

Pic courtesy – google again!

Would you like wearing the same color  or same clothes everyday? No, we want change. A break from the monotony. That’s why vacations are favorites. Night outs are that famous. Camping is different from the routine and may be that is why people want to try it once at least.

Try different things, tastes, colors, places, sounds, smells…you will love experimenting. You can’t try it all…but try as many as you can.

I do support variety in relationships too, but with a twist. You must learn variety of ways to express love to the same person, that is how you would help it blossom.

PS. Expressing love to the variety of ‘people’ is betrayal, don’t boast about it. It is a shameful act.


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