Pic Source: Unknown

Pic Source: Unknown

I am cheating here I know.

I am making A to Z list of non-living things that make me happy, but You reading this right now are a Human Being. But then how can I complete a list (on my blog) of things that make me happy without mentioning You?

You are so wonderful, yes you are! As a fellow human being let me tell you that when you read this you are getting connected to me and it is my duty to tell you that no matter who you are, what your past was, what you do now…you possess much more than you think you do! And that has nothing to do with money. You are more talented than you think you are, you are loved more than what you believe, you have more goodness in you than you think and You alone can make a huge difference. This difference might be made to just one soul but think about how many other souls this new and changed soul would make a difference to!

And yeah, I feel immensely happy whenever you happen to visit my blog, whenever you read what I write, whenever you talk though your comments and likes to share your opinion, I am glad that you are a part of my life. You are irreplaceable!

We may be different,
We may be similar,
We might be neighbours
Or miles apart.

We may know each other,
We may not,
But we do share a bond
Something beyond the thoughts.

Thank YOU!!!


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