Chronicle of an Uninterruptedly Romantic Writer’s Soul


I often get surprised when my friends ask me if I am in Love. To this I say, “I am always in Love”. This answer is not sufficient for them and they keep waiting for a ‘name‘. It sometimes is difficult to tell them that there is no name.

That is the most difficult part of being a writer. Either everyone takes you so seriously that they believe whatever you write to be your own story, OR they don’t believe you at all. The latter is mostly seen in serious personal matters, where a writer would try to justify his/her deepest of feelings through words and others would say, “huh, that’s the job of a writer…decorate everything with words. Who knows if it’s true.

So what should we do? Does anyone have an answer?

Friends on Facebook read my updates where I sometimes romance with words, and that makes them feel what they believe.

I can’t help falling in love with everything in my environment, from the sound of this keyboard while I type to the delicious smell of chicken cooked at home, from the tic-toc of wall clock to the soft hustle of leaves outside my window, the Moon mesmerizes me every night and I long to see the bright Sun rising up in the East, I love the patterns of thunder lightening in the sky and falling drops of rain on my skin makes my soul dance with joy, I smile at the chuckle of a sleeping baby, my eyes shine brighter when I sense the excitement in the tales of someone else, I love each smiling face and adore each struggling soul.

How can I not be in Love?

To hear a name, they will have to wait a little longer I guess! 😉


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