Well Spent Ten Crores!

Source: www.bgr.in

Source: http://www.bgr.in

From now on there should be a new chapter for marketing students to learn about the benefits of mass marketing. No matter how many times it was denied, but wasn’t it pretty evident? Every newspaper, every channel (not just news channels, entertainment channels too), every radio station carried out ‘advertisements’ and not to forget, the live campaigning across the nation. Sometimes I think that Ten Crores is way too less.

Now that the results are out, I wish to ask those on Facebook…if they got their dues?

It was a clean sweep I agree, but I still doubt the intentions of the party. On the other hand I wonder what else people could do if they are supposed to choose less harmful amongst the deceits?

BJP stands as a true example of teamwork today. With the over confident party now, which is going to come into action after a decade, that too with a monopoly; what do you think is going to happen?

1)      NaMo might feel overwhelmed with all the love and trust that this country has shown for him (and not exactly for the party) and works towards delivering what he has been promising for over a year and a half now.

2)      Like any other party, now that the team has got the opportunity they would start working towards filling their pockets, trying not to cross the limits set by Congress in the past decades.

Like any other citizen of India, I too want the best for my nation and for the common people residing within its boundaries and across. If the first happens, there is not going to be any looking back then. India is all set to see the new era of development and uplifting of those below poverty line (and I hope there would now be realistic facts). I look forward to see the minimization of the gap between the poor and the rich.

In case of second, which most probably is going to be the case as we have chosen the less harmful and not ‘absolutely harmless’ (as there were none). I feel that if such cases of dishonesty are reported the party (read NaMo) should take strict action against it. If NaMo (read BJP) goes on the parallel path of Congress with an intention to fool the nation, we know who would be the next butt of jokes.

It is not about being an AAPtard or NaMoNian, we must at least look at the fact that we all want a secure Govt. Some could see the fulfilment of those requirements in AAP and many others saw them in NaMo. At least respect the fact that the other person is trying to think of the best for the country.

It sure is the time to rejoice for NaMo (read BJP), but I hope he understands that “with great power comes great responsibilities”. Each Indian is ready with the checklist of all the promises made by him so far (except those who worship him), there is no time for him to rest now.

And I am not that bad either, to not acknowledge the victory of the history – Congratulation to you and to your team; but do remember – We Are Watching You from NOW ON!!!

All the Best and do give us the opportunity to say “har baar Modi sarkar” by doing good for our country.

PS. A new category names Politics created with this post, and I do not give the credit to BJP (read Modi).

PPS. The repeated and interchanging reference of Modi and BJP is for obvious reasons. Modi = BJP.


Source: ibnlive.in.com


2 thoughts on “Well Spent Ten Crores!

  1. Garry,

    Firstly, it was really necessary to have a new government. Any government being in power for too long becomes complacent and starts taking things for granted. The same happened with the outgoing government in addition to the corruption issues. So it was obvious that there was a change required.

    But the problem is that a party has been voted into power with majority simply on the basis of one person. And now everyone seems to be happy that things will change for the good immediately. You can see how many people are already rejoicing that ‘achche din aa gaye’.

    The problem is not with the new PM or the new government. The problem is with the expectations that things will get better automatically just because Mr. Modi is the PM.

    India is a huge country with complex problems and a complicated economy. Even if Mr. Modi puts in his best efforts beyond our expectations, it will take a lot of time for things to improve. And that too after having to deal with the loonies in the party (and now in the government).

    But we have seen how impatient the Indian population is. We raise the expectations to the sky, and then want immediate results. And if that doesn’t happen, we do such a sharp U-turn that is simply unbelievable.

    Just like we expected Sachin to score a century in the World Cup final of 2003. But when he and the team failed, every one of them was made a villain. Recently we saw how Yuvraj was turned into a villain after one bad game in the World T20 final.

    The same happened with AAP. The expectations were raised to such a high level that they came into power in their debut elections in Delhi. But now you can see the response towards the AAP.

    And now, the expectations are solely directed towards one single person. People didn’t vote for the BJP. They voted for Mr. Modi. If he doesn’t deliver as promised, you can imagine how the public will react. (At least those who are not his blind devotees)

    People want development. But they don’t know what development means. Development doesn’t mean mere industrialization. Or just an increase in the GDP. True development occurs when a country’s economy is sustained post industrialization. There is a long time to go till India reaches such a stage. As for now, India stands at rank 156 for the Human Development Index (HDI) in the world.

    Also, for a country to be truly called as developed, it needs a certain percentage of citizens with at least a minimum sensibility to behave like civilized humans to be able to sustain development. You just have to stand for 15 minutes at a public place and observe the people around you before giving up hope of that happening in India anytime soon.

    People simply love to jump queues, spit in public places, shout abuses at the slightest provocation, spread litter and indulge in their own forms of corruption. But everyone blames the entire fault of corruption on the government. Mr. Modi cannot change the people of the country. He can only form policies and provide good governance (at least we hope he does).

    And apart from providing good governance and development, Mr. Modi needs to keep in check the right wing lunatics (and the RSS). That is simply putting too much to ask from a single person however capable he is.

    As for the mass marketing you talked about, that is as true as anything in India. People believe in what they see (and hear). In India, amount matters. Bring in a well managed marketing team and you are sure to reap rich benefits. The more one is seen and heard, the more impact one creates on Indian minds.

    Though I agree with the governance capabilities of Mr. Modi, I won’t go into the qualities he possesses which I would never want to see in a PM of India. But those very qualities are the ones which the majority of India of today identifies with.

    Mr. Arun Jaitley is one person in the BJP who is well educated, experienced, authoritative but decent and articulated in his speech. But of all people, he lost the election. Just goes to show how much such qualities matter to the public. A big indicator that people don’t and won’t back a decent person.

    In the end, I hope Mr. Modi keeps the promises he made. I don’t even want to imagine the reaction from the public and the ensuing despair if he doesn’t.

    • Shobhit…that seems another blog post 😛

      But every word made sense and I do agree to it. I am glad there are others too who think practically than blindly following the ‘created image’.

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