Happy Birthday Dino!



Dear Dino,

Remembering you every day in one way or the other is my religion. I might fail to follow the rituals laid down by the man for the so called ‘religion’, but I would never fail to pay my gratitude to this universe for bringing you in my life. I pray for you each day, send you my love where ever you are. You were ferocious for others, but you were the innocent one to me.

Yes, I know what ‘Love at first sight’ mean…I did fall in Love with you at first sight.

For all the Love you have spread, all the kisses (read licks) you have given us, for all the moments we kept laughing at your cuteness….you sure would have a happy next life.

You were a soul meant to turn tears into smiles and that is why you were called early. If you are born as a human, I wish to be born as a Dog in next life…I wish to be your first pet 🙂

Time does heal a lot of things, but for some you want the marks to remain.

Happy Birthday darling!!! And thank you for life-long cherished memories…you would continue to live till I do and beyond too… ❤

Love forever,



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