The Fault in Our Stars

Googled for posters

Googled for posters

All of you must have experienced this I am sure – you never like the movie, when you have already read the book. I knew nothing about this bestseller unless it was recommended as a movie by someone. As I could not catch the movie on the theatre, I borrowed the pirated print from a friend.

I am sure that the book is beautiful. But I was thanking my stars that I did not decide to go for the book (okk, don’t kill me for saying this), I am less of a book person and more of a movie person. I was again thanking my stars for not being able to catch the movie on a theatre; I would have been a social embarrassment. When I had started believing that I have become an emotionless, there came a movie which made me cry with bucket full of tears. I couldn’t watch the movie in one go. I was watching the movie on the laptop…alone and was choking to breathe.

Yes, the movie is about cancer but it focuses on life and love than the terrible disease. It was magical; how Gus would just look at Hazel and without saying a word, just with his breath he would convey his love for her. Teen age love…Sigh! I thought I grew over it, but I guess I over estimated myself.

Another friend watched it on my recommendation and the next day she brought up a point for my opinion.

What is more unfortunate – finding the love of your life and not being able to spend your life with him/her OR not being able to find that someone in your entire life?

To me, though both the situations are sad; the former is more unfortunate.

What do you think? And why?

PS. Though I believe that at the end of the day one should not wait for someone else to make him/her feel loved or better, but after watching this movie I wish each one of us must meet the Augustus Waters of our lives. Even if it is for one day, cos I know that that one day would be enough to survive through the remaining days of life.

Google again!

Google again!


4 thoughts on “The Fault in Our Stars

  1. Though I loved the movie, I am a sucker for happy endings. But probably sad endings make for a better watch as life is not perfect. And like u I havent read the book too!
    And I strongly feel its better to find the one u truly love and lose him or her than not experiencing such love at all. That way you will atleast have the memories to make u smile for the rest of ur life…

    • I delayed quite a bit to reply to your comment. Mainly because it made me realize that I have said two contradicting things in my post. One, I said that the ‘former’ is most unfortunate and at the same time in the PS Note I wished that everyone should meet the love of their lives even if it is for one day as it would be sufficient to survive the rest.
      Yes, I do wish for it for all of us. But at the same time, it is more unfortunate…knowing that there is someone out there who loves you more than anything else in the world and you feel the same for that person and yet you two can’t be together. For the latter, the positive thing is that when you are not introduced to something, how would you miss it? Like if a bird doesn’t know what is it like to fly free in the sky, it would not miss it. It is an equally sad situation, but the pain is less I guess.

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