Remembering you is not the case; the way I don’t have to ‘remember’ my name, in a short span of 5 and half years you became the part of my being. I celebrate you each day; I thank my life each day for bringing you. It wouldn’t have been possible if Sunny had not pestered Mom and Dad for you, and if they hadn’t surrendered to his stubbornness. You were the child of the family who we thought to nourish for long. Destiny has plans for everyone; it for sure had better ones for you. Irrespective of what we went through, we always prayed and still pray for your next journey to be fulfilling in each way.

Sometimes I feel that if ever (God forbid) I happen to lose my memory, you still will be there in one corner of my mind and occupying a huge space in my heart…making me smile at your innocence and possessiveness. You loved us unconditionally, something that each soul on this earth craves for. I wish each human being once in his/her life meets their Dino too.

God must have made some mistake when he was deciding on the number of years for humans and for dogs.

You closed your eyes for eternity on 1stDec2008, but twinkle of your eyes that you left behind shines in mine.

Love You …till eternity!


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