Life is a wonderful journey, there are various twists and turns, some roads reach a dead end and you take a U turn to find a new turn, you meet some who make the journey worthwhile, some makes you run faster to avoid them, some will make you run towards your dream and with some you’d just want to walk…as slowly as possible.

And out of this lot, from time to time; you meet people who make you look back in time to reflect and realize how life has changed. Something similar happened to me today.

When in school, I was a nerd….a geek (without the specs)!! Though I knew who all were in my class, but I seldom was a part of whatever they did. I hardly spoke to guys and whenever I did, it usually ended up in an argument with no conclusion…thus, putting a question mark to the next conversation. In the midst of those pretty girls who would get the roses, cards and chocolates on various occasions, I was a tomboy…whose tongue would paralyse when she had to talk to a guy. Moreover, these KJo sagas were not my cup of tea I believed.

In the meanwhile, in my mid teens I developed a huge crush on someone. When I recall all those stupid things that I did just to have a glimpse of him, I still smile. The tomboy girl began transforming into a feminine at heart. Those were the special years, every song would make me smile, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai actually pumped the heart a little faster and made me cry too! Those were the most innocent days of life. Remember that feeling when your heart skip some beats when someone comes in the frame of your sight??


Believe it or not, these things make you smile till eternity.

Today, I got a pleasant surprise. I don’t know how I would have reacted if I got to know about this earlier. But with time things change and I, for sure; have changed. I was talking to a class mate after ages and he confessed that he had a huge crush on me in school.


That was my first reaction. It was difficult to digest this new found thing about myself, that I was rather ‘cute’ for someone in school where I believe to have ‘portrayed’ a strong serious image. I wonder how these two images go hand-in-hand? We kept laughing for a while. I still am smiling and nodding my head in disbelief. He confessed a little too early in fact, I told him he could have taken some more time…should have waited till his daughter’s marriage, we could have talked in peace after that.

Jokes apart, it is a nice feeling to know that there is someone out there who would be smiling every time he would think about his childhood and one out the many reasons would be Me!

Coming back to what I said at the beginning, life has come a full circle….from someone who carried the burden of a huge inferiority complex to someone who is her favourite, life surely have changed. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone would tell me after few years that they had a crush on me 😛

….but then, why wait? 😉

It is better to have a life full of “Oh, Well…” instead if “Oh, I wish…”


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