When I became a Bua…

For long I wanted to write about a lot of things that have taken place of late…some good, some not so good…

For long I wanted to write to sort out the clutter in mind …some fixable, some not so fixable…

For long I wanted to write, just to write and let it out

For long I waited …..to write!

Though technically there shouldn’t be any waiting, but with the kind of schedule that I have…I couldn’t help but wait. So the good news is that a soul has emerged on this earth in a form of a baby boy who would lovingly be calling me Bua once he will start talking!

This is such an overwhelming feeling to witness how your careless, irresponsible sibling goes through phenomenal changes. We call the little one Veer and yes I am sure, he will be a step ahead of my brother in terms of braveness and fearlessness.

When I look at my bhai bhabhi, and a few more couple friends who chose to marry the ones they wanted to spend their lives with; I couldn’t stop thinking what if they were ‘influenced’ to marry someone their parents wanted them to marry?

That’s when I pity all those people who surrender to the emotional blackmail of xyz to agree to marry within their religion, caste, community etc. I feel like telling them that they are the ones who are stopping the growth of this world…they are the culprits. It is sad how two people perfect for each other, cannot be together because of parents, family, relatives, society, media, politicians, Obama, Mt. Everest, the cat, the dog, the letter box…so on and so forth. Are you getting my point? The point is that they will listen to any significant or insignificant person but would not listen to the most significant thing – their own heart!

By this I am not saying that we always make the right decisions, but if our decisions are proven wrong just because it involves a certain person who belongs to a certain ‘category’ (by birth)….then it sure is the right decision irrespective of how many times or by how many people you are being told it’s wrong. Those who are afraid to stand by their own decisions or even worst, are afraid to take decisions cos of the opposition … are the ones closing the door of better mindset for the coming generations.

As it was said in Mahabharata; (in my own words) the war did not happen because of those who were bad, but because of those who did not raise their voices and let it happen.

“…with great Power, comes great Responsibility!”

We do have the power to nourish our future generation by being an example, are we taking the responsibility seriously?

The day Veer was born; I could say with surety that he will be raised with the right values. He will be taught about equality and not to judge someone on the basis of their birth. He will be brought up with compassion, with the freedom to choose his path and will be guided well. I can foresee that tomorrow Veer will open the door for the betterment of human mindset just because he will be raised with an open mindset and with utter positivity.

Let the ‘Veer’ in you wake up!


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