Sometimes the concept of time fails. Like today.

Life in school wasn’t the same from beginning till the end, it was an entire life in its own with ups and downs. Fancy college life interrupts a lot of school tales if they do not go hand in hand, by the time one starts working there are new associations and new connections one look forward too. Then life just goes on with promotions, job change, marriage, in-laws, kids etc. In short we keep getting busier with the marathon of life, making new friends and forgetting the old ones…sometimes by chance and sometimes by choice. There is one good thing that happens too along with time and apart from growing old – we grow up! We learn about sweet little pleasures of life which no amount of money could buy, we learn that those we hated when were kids in fact were precious that those who pretend to like us, with time we realize that life is way beyond little egos which become big with time.
Another day spent reaffirming the fact that laughing at your past stupidities with an old friend is one of the best things that can happen to you in life.

Met a school friend of mine after 15 years. And a meeting of few hours made me revisit my childhood to say “Hi” to that little tomboy girl called Garima…Who was so short tempered that the speed of light was more than the rate at which she would get angry. I just waved at her with a smile; assuring her that one day she would become a woman, looking at whom people would wonder if she ever got angry. What did she say?? Well, the angry tomboy looked at me in disbelief and ignored 😛

If you haven’t tried this therapy yet, boy you are missing something!!!!!


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