Will – A to Z Challenge Day 23


Someone once asked me

“What do you want in a guy?”

That’s for the first time

I thought of giving it a try.

I thought of all the men

None of them were ten on ten

Some looked good,

And were too proud of it

Some showed me the money

But lacked every bit of wit

Some made me laugh

But couldn’t touch my soul

Others exhibited to be faithful to me

But for others had a heart of coal

My standards are too high

But are not as clichéd

I look forward to something

Which wouldn’t easily fade

I want him to be a self made man

And not to show off something inherited

He who is always genuine at heart

And to this primary goal he is committed

Lastly, he should be “willing” I would say

Cos if he has a will, we will sure make our way!



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3 thoughts on “Will – A to Z Challenge Day 23

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