Happy Birthday Dino!!!


Many of the adored ones came and went

Some by destinies

Some by miles

And some simply couldn’t cherish what we had

This is the story of the past till date

I surely will experience a lot of new associations

From this point on

Some will stay till the end

Some will move forward

And some will be left behind

That’s the story of life

If there ever remain One

Who come what may

Will remain with me

Is You!

It’s that time of the year again where I pour out all his memories and replay them in my mind one by one, to relive those five and a half years again. Ours was the easiest job, we were four….we had one to pour all our love at. He had four to love equally. And boy, he must be young in age but was skilful enough to make each one of us feel Loved more than the other three! He was a magician, knew how to bring that ‘awe’ expression on our faces in a minute irrespective of the mood. However, there were exceptions too…but he tried his best in all situations.

A relationship with a pet probably is the only relation where there is no imbalance in the account of smiles and tears. The just wipe the latter and ensure the former. Every human being must …MUST experience the love of a pet in his/her life time. A decision one would never ever regret.

Happy Birthday my angel,

May you keep spreading the smiles and the light. May we meet again, an everyday prayer of mine.

Love forever,



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