It is an expression portraying the act of sleeping.

Sometimes I think that sleeping is a cure to everything around. A great nap can set your day right, even if nothing actually seem right with it. Sleeping till afternoon is divine. 😛

And because I am very sleepy right now, I would keep this post short.

Sleep well and sleep tight!


Pic Source: Unknown

Pic Source: Unknown

I am cheating here I know.

I am making A to Z list of non-living things that make me happy, but You reading this right now are a Human Being. But then how can I complete a list (on my blog) of things that make me happy without mentioning You?

You are so wonderful, yes you are! As a fellow human being let me tell you that when you read this you are getting connected to me and it is my duty to tell you that no matter who you are, what your past was, what you do now…you possess much more than you think you do! And that has nothing to do with money. You are more talented than you think you are, you are loved more than what you believe, you have more goodness in you than you think and You alone can make a huge difference. This difference might be made to just one soul but think about how many other souls this new and changed soul would make a difference to!

And yeah, I feel immensely happy whenever you happen to visit my blog, whenever you read what I write, whenever you talk though your comments and likes to share your opinion, I am glad that you are a part of my life. You are irreplaceable!

We may be different,
We may be similar,
We might be neighbours
Or miles apart.

We may know each other,
We may not,
But we do share a bond
Something beyond the thoughts.

Thank YOU!!!


Who says that you should belong to a particular religion to celebrate their festival?

I celebrate all that I am aware of…

Christmas is one occasion which fills me with warmth in December’s bone chilling cold. I voluntarily do certain things…like writing a letter to the Santa Claus and putting it in the Red Stocking next to my pillow. Though the Santa hardly paid any heed to my letters, I still continue to do so.

And the main attraction of the season – The Rum Cakes are yummmm!!!!


Once upon a time I thanked google for searching apt pics for me, rest of the times I took it for-granted :P

Once upon a time I thanked google for searching apt pics for me, rest of the times I took it for-granted 😛

Once upon a time, there was a stupid girl who did not know what to do with her life. Then one day she was forced to create a blog. Her life lit up as if she met the prince charming of her life.

Oh yeah, when you take up writing, when you write something that you like and when you are able to connect with one person out there through your writing; that is how you feel.

google search

google search

It is a therapy that I recommend to each and everyone out there who needs a vent to ‘let it out’.

I advertise it, but not as a ‘skill’. As a ‘tool’ instead to say things which are unsaid and unshared, things which affect you, things that you think no one would understand. This is the way to put them up for others to read and let them figure out if it was a fiction or a real experience.

It is not about being a good writer; it is about being able to share what’s there in you and being able to connect with someone who probably thinks the same way.

Your story might inspire many others

Your story might inspire many others

There are many benefits of incorporating writing in your lifestyle:

  • It could be your best friend, with which you can share your darkest of truth without the fear of it being spread out. Whether or not you share your writing publicly or keep it private is a different thing. Putting it out on a paper or typing it into the computer itself will make you feel better.
  • If you share it publicly; there is a possibility of making new friends or sharing deeper bonds with the ones you already have, if you are able to connect with the chords of their heart.
  • Try story narration and you can think, live, behave, talk, walk like different characters you would write about.
  • You can make you enemies a character in your story and can take revenge by killing them at the end of the story. 😛
  • If you continue to write for a longer time, there would be a time when you would reflect back and think that you have come a long way.
  • And as they say practice is the key to perfection, who knows one day we might be reading your book; inspiring many others. 🙂
Live life differently

Live life differently

Give yourself the liberty to be free of the thoughts that bother you. Write Write and WRITE!!!

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Thank you google for the pic!

Thank you google for the pic!

Variety is the spice of life. Wouldn’t life be boring even if you eat your favorite dish every day?

I remember as kids me and my brother relished samosa, to the extent that we could be found at the halwai shop every evening to fetch some hot samosas. This continued for some 2 and a half months, and since that time I haven’t bought a samosa for myself.

Pic courtesy - google again!

Pic courtesy – google again!

Would you like wearing the same color  or same clothes everyday? No, we want change. A break from the monotony. That’s why vacations are favorites. Night outs are that famous. Camping is different from the routine and may be that is why people want to try it once at least.

Try different things, tastes, colors, places, sounds, smells…you will love experimenting. You can’t try it all…but try as many as you can.

I do support variety in relationships too, but with a twist. You must learn variety of ways to express love to the same person, that is how you would help it blossom.

PS. Expressing love to the variety of ‘people’ is betrayal, don’t boast about it. It is a shameful act.


Thank you google for the pic!

Thank you google for the pic!


There are days when I just sit down on my terrace looking at the Moon and wondering that if Moon could see me, how would I look? Tinier than a dust particle may be. I realize how small I am, every issue becomes small. And at the same time I feel that I am a part of something so big. Yes, this Universe would be incomplete without me! All of us put together with body, mind and soul along with animals, plants, earth, air, water (please add if I forgot something) make this Universe what it is. We all are interdependent for our survival. We belong to each other, your well-being is my responsibility and my well-being is yours.

“And, when you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

Let the Universe help you by being compatible to others which are a part of this Universe too.


Nothing else rejuvenates me than being at a different place where I am unknown to anyone but a few travelling with me. I feel that am a traveller by heart. I feel happy every time I hear about someone travelling and feel jealous too at the same time of not being able to travel that frequently.

Mumbai is always going to be special as it was the first city we travelled to as a family and then my first ever trip without family was again to Mumbai. We travelled in 1990 by train to Mumbai during the month of December (Christmas Holidays) and then I had gone to meet a friend in April 2007. The latter was my solo journey to and fro Mumbai via plane, my first time in plane too. It was in Mumbai that I witnessed my first meeting with the Ocean. Hence, there are many reasons for Mumbai to be special.

Cluster of boats in Colaba , Mumbai

Cluster of boats in Colaba , Mumbai

Yes, I do feel the butterflies in my stomach every time I pack my bags; I do feel exhilarated when I am on the way to the destination, I feel that I am living a new life every time I touch unfamiliar grounds, I am Me each time I am out there in conversation with the world. Travelling is not just about visiting a different place, there is a lot more that catch hold of my attention. The architecture, unusual plants/trees/flowers, sometimes birds, the smell in the air (even if it’s the smell of fish like that in Mumbai…I notice that too), faces of people living there – I feel that as you move to different regions there something in the face that changes, yet you would find a similarity in the faces of residents. I am a foodie and yes the difference in the taste of what I eat count too.

Mode of travel doesn’t matter to me, as each has its own charm. I love the feeling when I look at the ‘map’ from thousands of feet above; the journey in train becomes interesting when the co-passengers become part of conversations and there is nothing like sipping the tea at road-side dhaaba during a road journey.

So far I have seen quite a few places in India, there are many in the list that I want to visit. When I come to think of what kind of places I like to see, I usually get confused as I love to see all – be it mountains or oceans or just camping in woods or some historical place – I mean ALL. I wish to take my steps forward to a different country too, I hope it happens soon. And I do wish to travel solo someday. I always had someone to accompany me even if commuting was solo. An all-in-all solo trip.

All I wish for each one of you is that may you get to see new horizons, hear new sounds of happiness, smell the fragrance of warmth in stranger’s heart, taste the belongingness towards nature/universe and feel all of it at the same time.

Have a fulfilling journey of life!