Life is a wonderful journey, there are various twists and turns, some roads reach a dead end and you take a U turn to find a new turn, you meet some who make the journey worthwhile, some makes you run faster to avoid them, some will make you run towards your dream and with some you’d just want to walk…as slowly as possible.

And out of this lot, from time to time; you meet people who make you look back in time to reflect and realize how life has changed. Something similar happened to me today.

When in school, I was a nerd….a geek (without the specs)!! Though I knew who all were in my class, but I seldom was a part of whatever they did. I hardly spoke to guys and whenever I did, it usually ended up in an argument with no conclusion…thus, putting a question mark to the next conversation. In the midst of those pretty girls who would get the roses, cards and chocolates on various occasions, I was a tomboy…whose tongue would paralyse when she had to talk to a guy. Moreover, these KJo sagas were not my cup of tea I believed.

In the meanwhile, in my mid teens I developed a huge crush on someone. When I recall all those stupid things that I did just to have a glimpse of him, I still smile. The tomboy girl began transforming into a feminine at heart. Those were the special years, every song would make me smile, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai actually pumped the heart a little faster and made me cry too! Those were the most innocent days of life. Remember that feeling when your heart skip some beats when someone comes in the frame of your sight??


Believe it or not, these things make you smile till eternity.

Today, I got a pleasant surprise. I don’t know how I would have reacted if I got to know about this earlier. But with time things change and I, for sure; have changed. I was talking to a class mate after ages and he confessed that he had a huge crush on me in school.


That was my first reaction. It was difficult to digest this new found thing about myself, that I was rather ‘cute’ for someone in school where I believe to have ‘portrayed’ a strong serious image. I wonder how these two images go hand-in-hand? We kept laughing for a while. I still am smiling and nodding my head in disbelief. He confessed a little too early in fact, I told him he could have taken some more time…should have waited till his daughter’s marriage, we could have talked in peace after that.

Jokes apart, it is a nice feeling to know that there is someone out there who would be smiling every time he would think about his childhood and one out the many reasons would be Me!

Coming back to what I said at the beginning, life has come a full circle….from someone who carried the burden of a huge inferiority complex to someone who is her favourite, life surely have changed. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone would tell me after few years that they had a crush on me 😛

….but then, why wait? 😉

It is better to have a life full of “Oh, Well…” instead if “Oh, I wish…”

Eternal Bliss … !!!

Past few days have been quite happening….Life seemed good, even if it was for few days.

I had alot of reasons to feel good about….Since Thursday I am in a state of ecstasy .

Reason # 1 – Joey’s Birthday

Details – Joey turned 2 on Thursday. For the benefit of those who are not aware of who Joey is…lemme mention that Joey is a 2 year old Golden Labrador who is an apple of an eye for my childhood friend Chunmun and her brother Karan… me too, cos he reminds me of Dino everytime I meet him. I consider him to be Dino’s twin. He meets me with the same excitement as Dino used to treat me…he sometimes behave the same way too, but I guess all dogs behave in the same way. He has the same sparkling eyes and the same patience level.

So after a long long time…more than 2 years to be precise I went for pet shopping. I was too excited to buy a birthday present for Joey and thankfully he did like what was bought for him. It was wonderful to see him getting used to with his new toy 🙂

Bought the same thing for Cheeku too (Sam’s golden Labrador), but dint get the opportunity to present the same to him…sometime soon may be! 🙂

Reason # 2 – Generic

Details – So while we were celebrating Joey’s birthday, a guest came in. He was none other than a month old black Labrador named Generic. For a while all our attention was diverted to the cute lil fella… but soon we realised that the birthday boy must be feeling jealous. Infact we did tease him a bit 😛 …. once I took Generic in my arms I felt like keeping it forever 😀

Reason # 3 – KFC

Details – Few of you know that I was not eating non-veg for a while. So after almost a year and a half I treated myself with KFC.  It felt amazing… as if I were a feather floating in the air after being dropped from cloud # 9 😛

Next day…Friday…

Reason # 4 – Friday

Details – Wasn’t FRIDAY an enough of reason??? Duh…!!!

Reason # 5 – Meeting with Nea

Details – Nea is one of my very good friends with whom I have a different and unique bond (touchwood!!!), whenever we talk….its transparent, heart to heart…mind to mind. I for sure know that this is one person who would always wish good for me amongst many fake people around. So, I was meeting Nea as she recently gave birth to a baby boy….and it was altogether a different feeling to meet the new addition in the family. I was afraid of taking the baby in my arms as I feared of harming him…he seemed too delicate and is so small…but when I held him once, I dint feel like putting him on bed again. And Mr. Lil Prince was too comfortable sleeping in my lap with a smiling face 🙂

Reason # 6 – Long Drive

Details – well…almost!! Too much of traffic made me believe that to be a long drive…and then KFC again 😀

Next Day…Saturday…

Reason # 7 – Catching up on some sleep

Details – Saturday being the first day of the weekend seems to be a blessing for a person like me to catch up with the lost dreams. This time I slept till 3:30 – 4:00 PM to break all records.

Last day of the weekend….Sunday…

Reason # 8 – Meeting with the dietician

Details – She is one person who usually makes me smile everytime I meet her. Meeting with her involves a tiring journey through metro too, but then it also has an unique charm.

Reason # 9 – Hyde

Details – Met a friend after a long time, someone who has been there on phone all this while when I was most of the times dealing with the blues.

Reason # 10 – Chocolates

Details – Ate some ‘chocolates’ and am feeling quite at ease…naiiice…about everything under this sun 😛 😉

…Wonderful weekend comes to an end…and it has nothing to do with the overrated…overhyped Valentine Week!!!!



This is one of my favorite pictures I came across some forwarded mail about half a decade back. I don’t even recall what it was all about, but I remember admiring this one for a long time. Admire as in…I literally stared at my computers screen with a grin on my face 😀

Isn’t it simply adorable..??

I had a print out of this pic on my workstation when one of my Manager said, ”Arrey…tumne apni pic laga rakhi hai??”. He tried to pull my leg…of course!!!

And I replied, “I wont mind being a baby elephant if I look this cute!!!!”

I lost this pic after some time and wondered if ever I would get it back…but few days back another forwarded mail brought this back to me. …. And with this A Big Grin on my face too 😀 😀

Butter-scotch!!! Not The Ice-cream But The Cake…

I’m very weird when it comes to my Birthday…. I’m always so excited about the birthdays of my family n friends, that I start making tentative plans weeks ahead. But the case with mine is different. I don’t like my Birthday, not cos I feel bad about growing old n less days left on this planet; but I don’t feel pleasant from with in. I don’t find a reason to ‘celebrate’. But I do become over sentimental around this time…no idea why??
I don’t know how to react when people smile n ask me ‘Hey…your birthday is round the corner…isn’t it??’. I end up smiling sheepishly with a nod in agreement. That’s the reason I try not to put that option, which would declare like a Breaking News “its Garima’s Birthday”; to everyone in my friends list. But seems that I couldn’t fix this on FB. Friend’s often complain for not activating such alerts, which would remind them about this ‘special day’ days in advance. I think those who feel happy with the fact that you are a part of their life and cherish you as a friend or a person would make an effort to wish you no matter what, rest would not take the pain even when informed. First group doesn’t need to be reminded as good wishes don’t really need a specific occasion, for the latter I don’t want them to take that burden. I am better off with or without their formalities. There would always be some who would fall in the grey area, they might not be aware about such ‘special’ days, but when ever they get to know they make it a point to send those wishes around. I don’t believe in the word ‘belated’ when it comes to good wishes…well, no matter when they arrive..they are always on time. Anyway…now when I am writing this post let me tell you that this particular ‘special’ day just passed by…yesterday to be precise (this is for those who fall in the grey area, those who are a part of the second group as mention before…please don’t bother!!!). There were certain things that I would like to mention. Why???
Well…there’s no particular reason except that they made me feel so wonderful.

~ There are few of my friends (Nea, Simran n Bharti to be precise) whom I thought would not remember this day…instead they messaged a day or 2 in advance asking about the plans. I felt glad.

~ Some called up at 12 midnight n sounded so excited, gearing up my mood too.

~ Jush made it a point to wish me at different intervals of time during that day, one of her friends wished me through a message too.

~ Rana finally recalled on time n Purba or Shivani were not required to remind her.

~ Marty never forgets this date and I know why….and everytime she reminds Ansh for the same, she makes me grin and knits yet another fond memory. ^_^

~ Vipin wrote something on a wall with a pic of mine with him and I felt like hugging him. I was wondering how many pics he would have searched through to zero down on one…when he knows that I dont like my pics, how could he select the one that I liked… ❤

~ Shalu’s mail and her comment on a certain post a day before made me feel overwhelmed. *Hugs*

~ Last but not the least…. I felt so thrilled when I got a call from my Manager and then heard everybody sing ‘Happy Birthday Song’ in their cheerful voices. Later I got to know that most of the people on the floor were cheering at that time. That was The Moment for me yesterday and I can’t stop but bring this up in every conversation that I am getting into since then. \m/

There were many who forgot the day…some expected and some were not. There were many who turned up…some expected and some were not. The unexpected in the latter category made me smile whereas the former made me wonder.

I had a very nice time yesterday…was busy throughout. Watched Rajneeti with Mom, went out for Dinner with family, special arrangement was made for a cake…Rana was on phone for the cake cutting ceremony singing in her lovely voice which everybody could hear as she was on loudspeaker.

Thank You guys for being their in my life…. You make it worth a celebration!!!

PS. This post might have confused you and you must be wondering what is it that I want exactly…if I like being wished then why I don’t update the alerts n why is it that I don’t like such days… Well, all I have to say is that – What are Geminies for?? To get confused about what they feel and to spread the same confusion around… Welcome to my world of confusion!!! (ooops…you are already a part of itt… 😛 )