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Dad – My Heart Your New Home…Welcome Home!

अपने पापा की बेटी हूँ मैं
उनकी गोद में पली हूँ मैं
घर के छोटों में
सबसे बड़ी हूँ मैं

उनकी परछाँई हूँ
उनका नाज़
उनकी सचाई हूँ
बड़े लाडों से पली हूँ मैं
अपने पापा की बेटी हूँ मैं

उनका दिल था बसेरा मेरा
उनकी हँसी में भी बसती थी मैं
ले गए साथ अपने
वो बचपन का डेरा
अब अचानक ही
बड़ी हो गई हूँ मैं

अब वो बसेंगे मेरी यादों में
खुद से किए कई वादों में
उनको याद कर
आँसू नहीं बहाउँगी मैं
उनकी सीख को
आगे बड़ाउँगी मैं

Yes, my fingers do tremble and my heart does go heavy when I type ‘was’ in the same sentence as ‘Dad’.

Many of you know and many are unaware of the fact that my Dad was in the hospital since 26th June, 2015. He underwent a brain surgery which left him in a state of coma. He recovered to a stage where he paid attention to what we would say, would look at us when called and would move his hand to hold ours. He had put up a great fight, before taking a leap towards his final journey to merge into the divine.

Early hours of 22nd January 2016, proved to be unfortunate for us. This phase and feeling is the worst part of gaining experience in age, we lose those we treasure. He protected me like a pearl in the shell while he was alive, and ensured the protection while he prepared himself for the final journey. He has left me with a mission to complete all that he wanted to accomplish.

With lots of gratitude and love, I now shall keep him alive in my heart!


Six month old me with Dad. Copyrights reserved. This pic shall not be used for any purpose.

Two minus One

The pic was googled.

The pic was googled.

I have spent quite a few years at my current accommodation. A few steps down the lane, there is a small set up of one of the oldest couple (for their age) I came across. The wife would collect the clothes to be ironed from the neighborhood and the husband would iron the clothes. Sometimes vice-verse. The lady once told me the name of the place in Delhi where they lived with their family. It was quite far from the area that I live in, 2 hours approximately by bus. I often wondered why they traveled such a long distance just to iron clothes of 8-10 households. I could never find the reason.

Anyway, the reason of this post is not this. I just wanted to share about this couple who must be in their 80s, commuting for 4 hours everyday on an average, the money they must have earned wasn’t too great but enough for the two of them, who were still together and who still cared for each other. I sometimes speculated if theirs was a love marriage or an arranged one. The lady seemed the pampered one, a brat and often was too straight forward in conversation that it would surprise one. She talked a lot, while the man was quite shy and spoke less. They were seen sharing a beedi many a times. The sight was rather amusing; they looked less like husband and wife, and more like partners in crime.

They stopped working a few months back and their son took over. Got to know that the husband wasn’t keeping well and hence, they were advised to stay at home during harsh winters. Their son came to work after a week or so. My maid often handed over the bundle of our to-be-ironed clothes to him and hence knew him. This afternoon she told me that while generally inquiring about his absence he shared that his mother passed away. The news made me recall this couple and this lady who was quite bold for her era. May her soul find peace and her husband, the strength to survive in her absence. Amen!


A month and counting….



A month passed by, leaving us in the middle of oceans of questions.

These questions were for the society, the Government, men, parents…for our conscious.

Did we get the answers?

No, they are farfetched.

Do we believe that the whole system will change?

I don’t.

Will there be a change in the Law?

I am not sure about this.

India is a strange country. No matter how serious the issue in hand is, one diversion is enough to forget it completely.

Delhi Vasant Vihar gang-rape case happened. After few days, Sachin Tendulkar resigned and this issue took a back seat. Thanks to our ‘illiterate’ politicians for making ‘dented and painted’ comments that we were reminded of the disaster.

Thousands of us were facing the cruel showers and lathicharge at India Gate, they were the flag bearers; we just had to keep fuelling the lamp of protest in whichever way we could.

Profile pics were changed to black-dot in a spree, poems were written, information shared, status updated, songs composed, paintings made….anger was expressed in one way or the other.

Dates changed from 12 to 13, anger mellowed down too. And then Pakistan came knocking at the LoC, violating the pact and exhibiting there barbarism and cowardice again. The whole focus shifted to Pakistan.

We are running in a vicious circle.

There were international bodies asking our Government about Women security, now it’s the denial of Pakistan that echoes everywhere.

Acknowledging the fact that what happened on LoC is equally important and serious, I just want to ask why can’t we have a Government which is efficient in dealing with multiple issues at the same time? Multi-tasking is in fashion at all levels, but our Government seems out-dated.

As a citizen of India, I don’t know where we are heading towards, what is in store for us this years and coming decades, all I wish for is a Change!!!

The picture is too black right now; I hope it to turn towards grey. Everyone would not change overnight, but I hope that my generation does or rather majority of us do. The changed mindset can then generate some change in others from our generation and might be able to influence our previous generations too, to give our coming generations a better place to dream and dwell!


The New Year Rain


As if someone knocked through the window, the noise was so prominent that I had to put the television on mute. I heard the strong ‘music’ of leaves hustling with each other, there must be lightning too as clouds were roaring and within a minute I heard the sound of drops hitting the earth from heaven.

Now after 5 minutes I can say that it is raining heavily outside. The decibels suggest that the rain is accompanied by hailstone. I so want to go and get soaked in the rain right now, it’s just 11 in the night. I would have gone upstairs, if I were out of my cozy quilt. I am in no mood to feel the chill at the moment, but the noise outside is so tempting. Let’s see what I decide at the end of this post.

~~ 15 minute Interval ~~

Well…I could not wait till the end of this post. In fact, I was worried about how would I end this post. The thought of losing an opportunity struck me so hard that I decided to surrender to my temptation. I told Mom that I am going on the terrace. I knew her reaction, but I needed to try. I saw her angry face as she asked me to look outside the window of our covered balcony, to which my answer was a straight no. “Don’t act like a kid, as if you have never seen it raining”, this made me go for it even more. It’s better to be kids every now and then, isn’t it? Life then rewards you with its sweetness. All my efforts were worth it when I opened my terrace door and stepped in, keeping aside the instruction of not exposing myself to rain. “But with such heavy layer of clothing a couple of minutes in the rain would not do any harm”, I thought to myself. There were no hailstones (may be they melted by then) and the wind mellowed down too, but it was still raining heavily. Rain drops kept falling on my head and on face, making the smile turn into a grin. After this short and crisp treat what made my eyes wide open was lightning! It covered the entire area of sky within my view. It was nothing more than some lines drawn by a kid on a blank sheet and I was as happy as the mother would be, to see the masterpiece her child. I spent a few minutes standing on the door and smelling the nice fragrance in the atmosphere, it still smelt of wet mud. There were few vehicles crossing by the adjacent road, the noise interrupted the thunder of lightning but could not over shadow it.

The temperature must have dipped drastically because now it’s even more pleasant to get back into my quilt. Thanks to those who kept saying that the winters are over. The God of weather decided to prove them wrong.

Doomsday – It’s not when body perishes, it’s when the soul dies!

A Rape is much more than what we think it is.

A Rape is much more than what we think it is.

A much awaited day by all!

Some are waiting to see if whatever was predicted would happen or not and others are waiting for the day to pass by normally so that they can laugh at others. Whatever the reason is, ‘the wait’ is common.

As the day came closer the nation witnessed the end of Humanity and Morality.

A girl being raped by 6 men in a moving bus!

A girl with a male friend goes for a movie; they wait for a bus at a very busy bus station, boards a wrong bus. That’s the only fault they make. Within 10 minutes 6 men on board start molesting her, when her male friend objects to this he is beaten up badly. The girl then is raped one by one by these men as the bus navigates though the busiest lanes of India’s Capital city Delhi. The bus cruises through check posts and barricades, stops at red signals too; but her screams suppress in the noise of Delhi traffic. Once they are done with their barbaric act they do something which would freeze every soul on earth. They insert an iron rod inside her most delicate part and throw her on the road along with her friend without any piece of clothing.

Wounded, shocked and shattered with what happened to them they kept waiting for help. Many turned away not sure what to do, few however came forward to help by covering them with their clothes and informing the police.

The girl is still in the hospital, have undergone many surgeries. As per doctors, she can never lead a normal life. I hope this is not another Aruna Shanbaug case that we have witnessed.

We have seen protests in every form at every place in support of the rape victim. Across nation, through media, TV, Radio, Newspapers, Internet.  We often considered ourselves safe in the company of our father, brother or any male friend. But now it’s all the more fearful as they might also be victims if they accompany us.

I pity to be a part of such a society where we have to protest to get the justice for any crime against humanity. Seven years of imprisonment for rape, is that what we call justice? If yes, I would like you to introduce yourself with Aruna Shanbaug again!!!

A lot of people support castration of such creatures. Do they guarantee that people with such sick mentality would not indulge in any kind of crime again?

We all know the trauma that a rape victim goes through, mentally and physically. And it’s exactly thousand times of what we think we know. If killing someone calls for Capital Punishment then it should be implemented for Rapists too. As when you kill someone you kill him/her/it once, but when a woman goes through the experience of rape; she is killed every minute with the haunted memories.

Every girl/women goes though eve-teasing, there always is at least one experience of feeling an external touch on the body with her will. We know how we hate it, even if it’s a few second long touch of someone on our body without our consent.

Capital punishment is too less for these people with sick mentality. Calling them animals would be insult to animals. I wish to chop off the hands and legs of rapist and leave them ‘alive’ in a desert. I know this is not possible, hence Capital punishment is the maximum and strictest that can be done. It would still instil some fear in these barbaric minds. Considering the fact that within few days of this barbaric act, there are numerous other cases that are coming into light; we need to have strict laws to have some control on these minds.

It should not be a “prove them guilty” scenario for the victim, rather should be “prove yourself innocent” for the accused. I wonder if amending the law is that difficult a task when the whole nation calls for it. Or is it true that rape is still not considered as serious a crime as corruption, scams or murder.

Someone asked me, why rape is not considered a serious crime. I said, may be because no mother or sister of any politician or policemen happen to go through the torture!

I would not want to bring politics into this, hence moving on with my point of view; I believe that we should raise our voices though whichever way we can. A lot of people consider Facebook activities as a waste, they do boast about their insensitive attitude by mocking at all those putting their views up. I however believe that every bit counts. I would continue to write and share what is there in my mind, it might affect someone else’s thought process. A huge population is feeling helpless and there is no harm in letting it out in whichever way you can. I pity those who are sitting on their computers and mocking others instead of extending their support. It is not just the police and politicians, it’s we society as a whole which need to work consistently towards bring our male child in such a way that they respect women than treating them as a commodity.

Today, I truly wish for this world to come to an end because the humanity and morality has lost its meaning. We have seen the Doomsday!

I demand NO MERCY for the rapists!

Being male is a matter of birth, being a man is a matter of age…but being a gentleman is a matter of choice. I hope parents now focus on bringing up good human beings than just bring up boys and girls.

PS. To all those who can think that they can lighten the atmosphere with their wit and jokes right now, please back off!!!

बीस साल पहले …

पहले शायद हर बीस या तीस साल में एक नयी पीड़ी आती थी, फिर वो समय दस साल में तब्दील हुआ…अब शायद हर पांच साल बाद सोच बदल जाती है, शौक बदल जाते हैं, जीने का अंदाज़ बदल जाता है. बात उस समय की है जब टीवी पे रामायण आया करती थी, रविवार सुबह नौ बजे. उस से पहले ठीक सात बजे रंगोली आता था…गानों का कार्यक्रम. कमाल की बात तो ये है क सुबह नींद बिना अलार्म के खुल जाया करती थी. दिन में सोया करते फिर डीडी-1 पर शाम कोई फिल्म आती तो सारे काम ख़तम कर टीवी के सामने बैठ जाया करते थे.

गर्मियां कम हुआ करती थी और खूब हवा चला करती थी. मम्मी पापा भाई और मैं छत पे टेहेलने जाया करते थे. एक फोल्डिंग होता था और एक कम्बल लेके जाते थे. उस कम्बल को फोल्डिंग पे बिछा कर नाव बनायीं जाती थी और फिर तूफानी समुद्र में एक ध्रुव तारे को देखते हुए रास्ता ढूंडा जाता था. तारे गिने जाते थे, तारो में शक्लें ढूँढी जाती थी, छज्जे पे चढ़ जोर जोर से जन-गन-मन गया जाता था…एक मम्मी की गोद में तोह एक पापा की गोद में जाता था…झूला झुलाया जाता था. जब मौसम जादा अच्छा होता था तो छत पे सोया जाता था.

कभी कभी सोचती हूँ तो लगता है, आज के वक़्त में शायद वोही तारों की चादर में सोते हैं जिनके सर पे छत नहीं होती. एक तोह मौसम की मजबूरी है…दूसरा हैसियत की. वो दिन अछे थे जब हर छत पे टोर्च की रौशनी में कुछ लोग बिछोना लगते नज़र आते थे. पानी के जग में बर्फ डाल के रात के लिए रखा जाता था. चाँद में बुड्ढी माई को ढूंडा जाता था…हर रात चाँद को नापा जाता..की आज कल से छोटा है या नहीं…जब तक मम्मी-पापा में से कोई डांट के सोने को न बोले तब तक बातें की जाती और खूब हंसा जाता था…अगर रात बीच में बारिश आ जाये तोह अपना अपना बोरिया बिस्तरा उठा के नीचे घर की ओर भागा जाता था.

क्या कोई ऐसा है जिसने ये सब जिया हो और कुछ हट के किया हो?