eM: By the way, you must be on leave tomorrow…and I would forget by then. Can you do me a lil favor?

Mi: Sure..tell me.

eM: You would have to take the pain to call me at 12 in the night.

Mi: Why? What happened?

eM: Nothing… just call me up to remind me to wish you at 12 midnight on your Birthday…

Mi: Yeah righttt!!!! 😀

Happy Birthday!!! 😉


PS. When you want someone to know that you remember their Birthday.

During a conversation, out of the blue… 😀 😉 😉

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eM: You should not put that picture of yours on a public forum like this.

Mi: Why?

eM: You might end up in jail.

Mi: But Why?

eM: As they say, “Looks can Kill”. This photo for sure, must have killed many 😉



Mi: Good afternoon 🙂

eM: Morning…just got up and I’m still feeling sleepy 😦

Mi: Of course… morning blues they are 😛

eM: May be *yawn*

Mi: uthh jao ab…dopahar ke 2 baj gaye

eM: trying to get up… just don’t feeling like leaving the Bed

Mi: *sigh* lucky wood 😉

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A conversation on Instant Messenger

Mi: Hie 🙂

eM: Sup?

Mi: nothng much…jus had lunch

eM: Hmmm

Mi: u ate something?

eM: yeah…had Pasta

Mi: Pasta..??? m feelng hungry again 😦

eM: 🙂

Mi: Can I ordr one for myself?

eM: sure. Go ahead. I can wait.

Mi: not the pasta

eM: Then??

Mi: One eM…it shows that he is Available …. but seems out of stock :o/

eM: haha…go ahead…try ur luck lady 😉

PS: This marks my 200th post and a beginning of a new Category called Flirtatious 🙂