Thank you google for the pic!

Thank you google for the pic!

Variety is the spice of life. Wouldn’t life be boring even if you eat your favorite dish every day?

I remember as kids me and my brother relished samosa, to the extent that we could be found at the halwai shop every evening to fetch some hot samosas. This continued for some 2 and a half months, and since that time I haven’t bought a samosa for myself.

Pic courtesy - google again!

Pic courtesy – google again!

Would you like wearing the same color  or same clothes everyday? No, we want change. A break from the monotony. That’s why vacations are favorites. Night outs are that famous. Camping is different from the routine and may be that is why people want to try it once at least.

Try different things, tastes, colors, places, sounds, smells…you will love experimenting. You can’t try it all…but try as many as you can.

I do support variety in relationships too, but with a twist. You must learn variety of ways to express love to the same person, that is how you would help it blossom.

PS. Expressing love to the variety of ‘people’ is betrayal, don’t boast about it. It is a shameful act.

All I Think About Is….FOOD!!!!

Thats true…when people around me are speculating a probability of guy in my life, all I think about is FOOD…instead of a guy!!!

That doesn’t mean I don’t think about a guy at all…when it comes to thoughts we sure can accommodate everything that we want to…so yeah, I do think about them too 😛 ….them in bold cos there is no particular one. The only advantage of being single is that you can dream about anyone you like…and you are free to like N number of who-so-ever at any given point…you know kisi ki aankhein achhi hain, kisi k baal…kisi ki awaaz achhi hai toh kisi ki baatein…Sigh! Too tough competition…

Ok…enough about guys, back to food now… as you all know that I have been following a strict routine of diet to control my fastest growing weight, its been few weeks that I am off it…yeah, I have taken a leave of a month from it and I am loving itt!!! 😀

I can eat everything that I wanted to over these months, I have been making a list of all my sacrifices. It’s a great feeling when you don’t have to thik twice before taking a bite…but, I do have few ‘friends’ to remind me that there are only few days left before going back to the same routine…friends hote kis liye hain, khushiyo me lal mirch ka tadka lagane k liye… With Diwali around I hardly listened to anyone… I seem to have developed a Sweet-tooth suddenly and that of Spicey too and not to forget chatpata…Did I miss out on anything?????

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Stuffed Omelette


2 eggs


Red Chilly Powder


Boiled shredded chicken* – half a cup

1 medium sized finely chopped Onion

1 medium sized finely chopped Tomato

Chopped coriander – 1teaspoon


Stuffing – heat 2teaspoons of oil in a pan and fry chopped onion till it turns golden brown, add tomato and spices according to taste with 1tblspn of water to melt tomatoes. Keep the flame low for 2mins. Add shredded chicken pieces. Mix well and cook for few more minutes.

It’s totally up to you what all experiments you do to make the stuffing spicy. This one is just a basic.

Heat oil in another pan. Beat 2eggs in a bowl with coriander and spices (keeping in mind the quantity that you have added in the stuffing). Pour the batter in the pan and even it out. Make sure that the flame is low. Cover the pan with a lid. We would be cooking the omelette from one side and this will make sure that it is cooked from the top as well with the help of heat only. Once the omelette is half cooked and the consistency is no longer (semi)-liquid put the stuffing on half part of the omelette and cover it with the other half. Cover the pan with the lid again (low flame) for about 2mins. Flip it to the other side and allow it to cook for another 2mins.

A yummy delicious stuffed omelette is ready for your treat. Eat it with plain parantha instead of bread for the heavenly pleasure ;o)

Try it out and let me know if you face any problem … All The Best 🙂

 Here you get some interesting details about omelette

*Chicken can be replaced by paneer or patato.

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Criss Cross

A, B , C & D were in the office cafeteria for lunch. It was decided to check out new counters in the area and every one zeroed down to the Pasta treat.

So they stood there in front of the counter trying to figure out what they want (as if there were much choices).

A (to the person at the counter say P): One non-veg pasta for me in white sauce. (to B, C & D now) actually I should try the red sauce this time. (to P again) ummm… yeah, make it in the red sauce.

P: You can take your time to decide madam…

A: Yeah, its decided. One non-veg pasta in Red sauce

A and B were done with this. Both were non-vegetarians.

C (to D): Which one should we go for .. red sauce or white sauce??

D: No idea… I would be eating pasta for the first time

B: Go for the white sauce..its good. (to A) isn’t it?

A: yeah it is…in fact I am again confused between the red one and the white one (trying to convey the thought that the white sauce is delicious)

B: See I am fine with both…

P (stops and stare at A with a question mark expression on the face): White sauce then???

A: No… I have given you the order…carry on with that. (to B, C & D) cant we talk among ourselves…huh?

In the meanwhile C orders for a veg pasta in white sauce.

Now even C &D were done as they both were strictly vegetarians


After about 20 mins they got the pastas…

A (putting some chilly flakes in the red sauce pasta): I love the flavor of chilly flakes.

While B is busy tasting it.

C (sprinkling & mixing some [chilly flakes] on her white sauce pasta): Me too. 🙂 . (to D): Here… taste the pasta of your life now.

B (to C & D): Give me that one to taste now.

C: Hey….keep your fork off this dish… you have eaten non-veg with that.

B: You believe I’ll leave some bits n piece of non-veg on the fork??

C: 😛

B: 😛

A (gets up): Let me check with P….where’s the non-veg…it seems plain

B (trying to scare C & D): Let me check if this one is veg or not (hehehahaha!!!)

B (looking at C & D’s faces): nah naahh…I am kidding. (still shuffling the pasta) …. Shit!!! This is non-veg pasta.

A (came running): Guys… that one is non-veg.

B: Yeah…just discovered. See here are the pieces.

D ran to the washroom to puke. C was pretty chilled out as she knew that there were no pieces of non-veg in those few bites that they had.

Though it must be difficult for C & D for coping up with this fact…there was one thing that B kept laughing about “keep your fork off this dish… you have eaten non-veg with that” …it was said for the non-veg dish 😛

I celebrated with myself

Yesterday was different from everyday. And I made it a point that I do something different too, to remember it for a long time.

I planned leave as I thought of giving some company to Shivani who had her Birthday yesterday. As the day came closer we realized that her family had made some plans too. I thought that we can share a movie and a popcorn on another weekend instead of this special day when her family wants to celebrate.

I was not very keen to come to the office, neither I was willing to stay at home. So I thought of going for a movie…Alone. In my life, I once dared to go for a movie alone; it was Pirates of the Caribbean 3rd part that time but unfortunately the tickets were sold out. I was determined this time (seems like completing a task?? It was a task for me!!!). This time I chose the movie carefully, to make sure I get the tickets. It was the one hanging around in the theatres for a very long time….Hangover. Once I got the tickets I thought of chilling out with some cold coffee and chocolate donut (yeah…Chocolate 🙂 ) Spent around an hour and a half at Coffee with myself 😛 and with a book. Once I entered the movie hall I was surprised to see that many people turned up, in spite of the fact that it was released long back. A group of guys sitting in the row in front of me must be watching it for the Nth time as they prompted before every ‘scene’ and repeated all the ‘dialogues’ among each other before their laughing spree. I dint mind it yesterday 🙂

Then it was much awaited pasta treat that I have been waiting for since Sunday (the day I had the doomed pasta at Dominos). I liked the Pizza Hut pasta me and Shivani ate at Green Park. I tried to order for the same. It came, it looked like that but it was with mushrooms…chicken was no where to be seen 😦 … I dint feel like complaining about it as I dint mind it either 🙂 by the way, I left all mushrooms

Then I went to Ansal Plaza to meet Shivani…

It was nice… the first in my life.

Thursday Treat

It was an awesome treat. I remember mentioning in my earlier posts that I love Kadi-chawal. So that was what I brought for lunch (home-made food). Initially we used to eat in our floor pantry, but recently we started going to the office cafeteria. So while we were about to go on the lunch break I was imagining about South Indian food being served in the Cafeteria (Yes…I imagine about food too), and was wondering how confused I would be…but the thought itself was so fulfilling. So when we reached at the Cafeteria it was amusing to see Idli-Sambhar being served. And when we chose the seats to sit (which apparently were near to the served food so that the empty plates can be filled as frequently as possible) I got to know that Shivani has brought Baingan ka bharta … so it wasn’t a double feast, it was a triple feast for me…and with triple feast came triple confusion…of what to eat and what not. Of course I couldn’t manage to leave even a single thing as I am fond of all the three things so much that I would have felt guilty if I would have ignored any of the three. As a result I over ate and thought of skipping the dinner. But if you think that was it….wait till I tell you what was waiting for me at the dinner table. Fried Fish… the moment I heard about it, I was hungry again as I would deprive the oceans off the fishes.

Sometimes food helps to eradicate the mid-week blues that I go through quite frequently 😀

A Jugadu Birthday

It was more than a week back on Jan 11th when Chunmun celebrated her Birthday. Well… her name is Divya but as her nick name is Chunmun. We always heard her mom and Karan (Divya’s Brother) calling her as ‘Chunmun’, we also started referring her as Chunmun. The association with her is more than a decade and a half now. I remember visiting her college during the college fest and referring her as Chunmun in front of all her college friends, she was pissed. In spite of her constant reminders I couldn’t help calling her Chunmun and thus her friends got a reason to pull her leg.


So it was this girl who was celebrating her birthday just exactly 5months before mine. Surprisingly she slept on time on 10th as she dint answer my call at 12 midnight. Never-the-less I called her up in the morning, even before wishing good morning to my parents. That was a busy day and we were struggling to spare some time to visit her place, though we were sure that we would be there at least for half an hour if not more than that. But events happened in such a way that we couldn’t get free before 9 PM and our dinner was due at Chunmun’s place. So we picked up Sameer at 9:30 and reached at her place after 2 more minutes.


All the preparations were done, her room was cleaned, music was on, there was a sitting arrangement on the floor and the delicious thing was the kababs that were cooked at home by her dad on the occasion. After eating those kababs I was wondering if uncle has done Hotel Management too. They were yummy. And soon the dinner followed. While we were eating, the 3 ‘Heroes’ of our group made a planning to eat some ‘Ice-cream’ after the dinner. Being at home, they couldn’t use any word which directly or indirectly would relate to alcohol (Thanks to the incident that happened on the New Years Party 😛 ) they thought of referring it as Ice-cream, so that no one would doubt.


Soon we realized that there was no cake…and how can a birthday be over without cutting a cake? Sunny and Shivani (my bhai n bhabhi) thought of going to an in&out store to buy one, as by the time all bakeries were closed. But they got a NO from Chun’s mom as it was too late. Thus, all hopes of Ice-cream consumption were shattered as the plan was to get the ‘stock’ after buying a cake. So we settled down for the gud (jaggery) which was brought in the room to taste. So we forced chun to cut jaggery thinking that it’s a cake and we all sang ‘Happy Badday to you” for her.


We clicked some pics, asked…sorry…forced Chunmun to sing, forced Sameer to make that funny face, pulled each others leg but all this while 3 people were constantly thinking of Ice-cream. When 2 of them settled down saying that the plan should be postponed to some other time, Sameer was adamant saying that ‘Today is the occasion’ … the rescue plan came into existence. As their parents were asleep, Sunny, Shivani and Sameer went out and came back after half an hour. I could see that wait was more of a pain for Karan as he was wondering they might ‘eat’ the Ice-cream on the way.


It was 10minutes to 12 when they came, with the bottles, glasses, kurkure and a Cake….YES…the cake finally arrived. We wanted to wrap it up before 12. When everybody was busy arranging for knife candle etc. Sameer was found busy distributing the portion of Ice-cream in glasses…we wasted sometime in laughing on him. We couldn’t find a candle, so we used the matchstick for the purpose. We wasted many before setting the right equation of lightening it up and then blowing it off. Finally it was over with the proper cake cutting ceremony just on time.


It was Great Fun. Next is Sunny’s Birthday. Looking for a bon-fire this time if winter continues till March 🙂