Art Attack – Good For Health :)

Ok…so by now all those who are there on my Facebook Friend’s List are aware of this new exciting thing that I have done this weekend. No no…. not the bungee jumping that I have been dreaming about since childhood!!! It’s something related to what I have been doing since childhood… this one is few levels up from that.

When I was in school, during the class inspection days when we were suppose to decorate the class; my drawings were the maximum in numbers to be put on the board. I still remember… there was this one particular chart that I made… inspired by The Jungle Book print on my brother’s T-shirt which collated a lot of applause… there was one other, in 10th class I think; about the Feudal System in India (subject was History, which I hated the most). I admired this particular drawing very much… I was proud to be able to make that whole sketch. And when I had an argument with few classmates, they knew my weakest point and put that chart off the wall :angry: I of course was fuming at that gesture 😛

Few months ago I wanted to do something more towards this interest of mine, so I took up painting. Digged down the classified section of the newspaper to search for an institute which would suit me and Rana to attend classes.

Now, after few months I have realized that till the time you pursue something as hobby there are chances that you would work towards it, but as soon as you add some degree, certificate or diploma to it…suddenly all thoughts are absorbed by the black hole in your mind and you stand nowhere.

As it must be clear by this statement that I used to make sketches quite often before starting off with this course, but now I don’t find anything to start with. May be that’s the reason I am running behind the batch, apart from the one that I joined a little late 😦

But we also have heard something about ‘better late than never’…so following this thought I finally initiated. I made something on the blank canvas that I bought few weeks back. And this is what I came up with:


 Copied from a painting…this one is finished with Acrylic Colors on a Canvas

Don’t ask me to put the original one here, I don’t want my painting to look worst 😳

Any guesses about whose face is this???

What Happens When You Have Some Time To Kill??


If I am at home I would rather sleep and meet The Prince Charming in some sweet dreams 😉

If I can’t sleep…I would surf through different channels and listen to their blabber

Once I get bored of that I would play WWE on my PS2 😀

If I am out…willingly or unwillingly I spend that time in window shopping which eventually turns out to be SHOPPING!! :@

I might force myself to sit at CCD for some extra calories too..but that’s very rare…be-intehaa majbooori ho toh…

Usually I am not alone when I am out…but as they say the chances of ‘once in a blue moon’ are always there

And when I am in office… NO I don’t go on a Moral Policing spree…like some ‘utterly responsible’ citizens of our country  😆  …. I rather spend time with my blog…checking the stats and wondering why is this that the number of visits shoot up like the temperature in Delhi these days but the comments section is as sookha as the Sahara Desert  🙄

I spend most of my time in reading different blogs…I just LOVE to read what others have to say and get connected to them in this unique, different and yet special way… 🙂

I also spend time on redesigning my blog…as in trying out new themes and finding myself in a fix …’which one to choose?’ … though there are very few which suits my requirements 😛

I do spend some time in thinking about what to write about… I fail to implement most of the thoughts (I hate to admit this but yess… I sometimes could be utterly butterly lazy 😛 )

And yeah….when I am tired of all the above mentioned activities I try to talk to the filthy rat that someone has kept on my desk…now (after a month) we have started tolerating each other…this makes me believe that if you leave 2 enemies in a room with no options there are chances for them to become friends 🙂

Here is the pic of my deskmate for you guys to admire…

And in rest of the free time I do this…


and this…


and this…


and …. this… 😉


… decorate my Workstation like this 🙂

Anf of course ….. I don’t want all you guys to develop a headache and accuse me of the same 😈

So… here is a better one that I made a year back for someone :mrgreen:

Hope you like itt!!! 😀

An eventful Saturday

…which otherwise was so boring.

I woke up at 12 in the afternoon..had aaloo-n-gobhi-da-parantha for brunch with adrak wali chai…this combination happened after a long time in my life and was served hot *slurrpp*
I was at home all day…thought of making Rajma-chawal but then dropped the idea as washing some clothes was taking rounds in my mind. I cooked stuffed omlette for dinner by the way, with aaloo-da-bharta.
Anyway, the star of Satur-day was Joey, who made the day wonderful. And of course Chunmun and Samir who brought him home for a while…was meeting both of them together after a long time. I dont even remember when I met Samir the last time, may be that’s why his grown up hair was looking so prominent; to which he kept on asking “achhe lag rahe hain na?”. Chunmun and me met a week ago in the evening when we tried to take Joey for a walk…he is one lazy fella..gave us a really hard time. So yesterday all four of us were together laughing all the way to glory remembering old days and making new plans 😀

Lansdowne in stills – 1


The Welcome View – This is what we got to see while we were going to Lansdowne in a cab from Kotdwar


A stream of water making its way through the rocks


Desi F1 track 😉


A routine view of mountains from our Hotel


Trees were so symmetrically beautiful and it was a perfect scene with the clouds in the background


Cluster of homes in Lansdowne


A cute Dog taking a nap on the busy market streets of Lansdowne


They say something about the Dark Clouds and the Silver Lining… does it hold true here??


Sun…glancing through the Tree


A sharp turn…


Tall it stands…


Moon…taking a walk in the sky before dawn


Yet another view


The Anil Kapoor Tree… does it need more explanation?? 😛


St.John’s Church…which only opens whenever someone visits the place. This is what someone told us when we reached there and found it to be closed.




Different Angle


Clouds and their Shadows




Hum Chaar


Would you call it illiteracy or madness?? well… I call it a ‘Deadly Mixture of both’ :-/


Snake road




A tree falling on the Lake


Kinaaraa of a jheel


The Jheel itself..


Kachcha raasta100_1351

Foggie evening

There are some more pics to come… cos of the time constraint I could post only these. Coming week would see quite a few posts in terms of pics and text… a lot of things waiting to get out of my system right now.. I just wish that we could have 48 hours a day …just for today 😀

Till then…apna khayal rakhna 🙂