2015 to 2016



Dear 2015,

You gifted me the most difficult battle of my life so far. I wish it could end as a victory with you, but alas! Seems that I do have some lessons to learn.  I never knew that I could be a SuperWoman, you made me one. When I get up ‘early’ in the morning, the next instance that I will get to lie down is a question. I have a lot of reasons to mark you as one of the most important ones. You made me realize a lot of things, following are the few:

  • First and foremost, the importance of having a Family – life is too long to spend alone and too short to not celebrate with someone else.
  • How it feels to love (and here I am NOT referring to the ‘romantic’ love) – love makes you a better person.
  • I got to know a few who will ‘jump the fence’ for me – the most helpless moments were supported by some friends and some relatives. Some extended their helping hand unexpectedly.
  • I know the meaning of the phrase ‘challenge your limits’ – I admit that I am physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted, BUT I refuse to give up. When I stand up in front of adversities, I give strength to those who are looking up to me.
  • You happened in my life because I created you in my previous years, I am now ‘knowingly’ creating my 2016, 2017, 2018 and so forth. Coming years are going to be beautifully happy and healthy.
  • Out of sight, out of mind does not necessarily happen if the hearts are connected – I am lucky to have some friends who keep checking with me, irrespective of the fact that most of the times I fail to reply.
  • The most beautiful and overwhelming feeling is when your struggle reflects in someone else’s eyes as moisture. There is no other pure form to feel connected.
  • There is a lot of goodness in this world we just got to focus on seeing goodness around.
  • Life never goes as planned, a fraction of second can change your life forever – acknowledge your feelings, share them with those who need to know them, move on if your feelings are not respected but don’t stop yourself from feeling the emotions. Be humane, be vulnerable.
  • My father once said to me, “Though you are my daughter, but you have also played the role of a Son and now you are filling the space of a Mother”. Daughters are beyond just girls.

Thank you, as I still have hope to make things better in 2016. The motto I carry forward to next year is a line from my favorite ad “himmat sirf tab nahi dikhayi jati jab dikhana asaan ho”.




Sometimes the concept of time fails. Like today.

Life in school wasn’t the same from beginning till the end, it was an entire life in its own with ups and downs. Fancy college life interrupts a lot of school tales if they do not go hand in hand, by the time one starts working there are new associations and new connections one look forward too. Then life just goes on with promotions, job change, marriage, in-laws, kids etc. In short we keep getting busier with the marathon of life, making new friends and forgetting the old ones…sometimes by chance and sometimes by choice. There is one good thing that happens too along with time and apart from growing old – we grow up! We learn about sweet little pleasures of life which no amount of money could buy, we learn that those we hated when were kids in fact were precious that those who pretend to like us, with time we realize that life is way beyond little egos which become big with time.
Another day spent reaffirming the fact that laughing at your past stupidities with an old friend is one of the best things that can happen to you in life.

Met a school friend of mine after 15 years. And a meeting of few hours made me revisit my childhood to say “Hi” to that little tomboy girl called Garima…Who was so short tempered that the speed of light was more than the rate at which she would get angry. I just waved at her with a smile; assuring her that one day she would become a woman, looking at whom people would wonder if she ever got angry. What did she say?? Well, the angry tomboy looked at me in disbelief and ignored 😛

If you haven’t tried this therapy yet, boy you are missing something!!!!!


Life is a wonderful journey, there are various twists and turns, some roads reach a dead end and you take a U turn to find a new turn, you meet some who make the journey worthwhile, some makes you run faster to avoid them, some will make you run towards your dream and with some you’d just want to walk…as slowly as possible.

And out of this lot, from time to time; you meet people who make you look back in time to reflect and realize how life has changed. Something similar happened to me today.

When in school, I was a nerd….a geek (without the specs)!! Though I knew who all were in my class, but I seldom was a part of whatever they did. I hardly spoke to guys and whenever I did, it usually ended up in an argument with no conclusion…thus, putting a question mark to the next conversation. In the midst of those pretty girls who would get the roses, cards and chocolates on various occasions, I was a tomboy…whose tongue would paralyse when she had to talk to a guy. Moreover, these KJo sagas were not my cup of tea I believed.

In the meanwhile, in my mid teens I developed a huge crush on someone. When I recall all those stupid things that I did just to have a glimpse of him, I still smile. The tomboy girl began transforming into a feminine at heart. Those were the special years, every song would make me smile, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai actually pumped the heart a little faster and made me cry too! Those were the most innocent days of life. Remember that feeling when your heart skip some beats when someone comes in the frame of your sight??


Believe it or not, these things make you smile till eternity.

Today, I got a pleasant surprise. I don’t know how I would have reacted if I got to know about this earlier. But with time things change and I, for sure; have changed. I was talking to a class mate after ages and he confessed that he had a huge crush on me in school.


That was my first reaction. It was difficult to digest this new found thing about myself, that I was rather ‘cute’ for someone in school where I believe to have ‘portrayed’ a strong serious image. I wonder how these two images go hand-in-hand? We kept laughing for a while. I still am smiling and nodding my head in disbelief. He confessed a little too early in fact, I told him he could have taken some more time…should have waited till his daughter’s marriage, we could have talked in peace after that.

Jokes apart, it is a nice feeling to know that there is someone out there who would be smiling every time he would think about his childhood and one out the many reasons would be Me!

Coming back to what I said at the beginning, life has come a full circle….from someone who carried the burden of a huge inferiority complex to someone who is her favourite, life surely have changed. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone would tell me after few years that they had a crush on me 😛

….but then, why wait? 😉

It is better to have a life full of “Oh, Well…” instead if “Oh, I wish…”

Well Spent Ten Crores!



From now on there should be a new chapter for marketing students to learn about the benefits of mass marketing. No matter how many times it was denied, but wasn’t it pretty evident? Every newspaper, every channel (not just news channels, entertainment channels too), every radio station carried out ‘advertisements’ and not to forget, the live campaigning across the nation. Sometimes I think that Ten Crores is way too less.

Now that the results are out, I wish to ask those on Facebook…if they got their dues?

It was a clean sweep I agree, but I still doubt the intentions of the party. On the other hand I wonder what else people could do if they are supposed to choose less harmful amongst the deceits?

BJP stands as a true example of teamwork today. With the over confident party now, which is going to come into action after a decade, that too with a monopoly; what do you think is going to happen?

1)      NaMo might feel overwhelmed with all the love and trust that this country has shown for him (and not exactly for the party) and works towards delivering what he has been promising for over a year and a half now.

2)      Like any other party, now that the team has got the opportunity they would start working towards filling their pockets, trying not to cross the limits set by Congress in the past decades.

Like any other citizen of India, I too want the best for my nation and for the common people residing within its boundaries and across. If the first happens, there is not going to be any looking back then. India is all set to see the new era of development and uplifting of those below poverty line (and I hope there would now be realistic facts). I look forward to see the minimization of the gap between the poor and the rich.

In case of second, which most probably is going to be the case as we have chosen the less harmful and not ‘absolutely harmless’ (as there were none). I feel that if such cases of dishonesty are reported the party (read NaMo) should take strict action against it. If NaMo (read BJP) goes on the parallel path of Congress with an intention to fool the nation, we know who would be the next butt of jokes.

It is not about being an AAPtard or NaMoNian, we must at least look at the fact that we all want a secure Govt. Some could see the fulfilment of those requirements in AAP and many others saw them in NaMo. At least respect the fact that the other person is trying to think of the best for the country.

It sure is the time to rejoice for NaMo (read BJP), but I hope he understands that “with great power comes great responsibilities”. Each Indian is ready with the checklist of all the promises made by him so far (except those who worship him), there is no time for him to rest now.

And I am not that bad either, to not acknowledge the victory of the history – Congratulation to you and to your team; but do remember – We Are Watching You from NOW ON!!!

All the Best and do give us the opportunity to say “har baar Modi sarkar” by doing good for our country.

PS. A new category names Politics created with this post, and I do not give the credit to BJP (read Modi).

PPS. The repeated and interchanging reference of Modi and BJP is for obvious reasons. Modi = BJP.


Chronicle of an Uninterruptedly Romantic Writer’s Soul


I often get surprised when my friends ask me if I am in Love. To this I say, “I am always in Love”. This answer is not sufficient for them and they keep waiting for a ‘name‘. It sometimes is difficult to tell them that there is no name.

That is the most difficult part of being a writer. Either everyone takes you so seriously that they believe whatever you write to be your own story, OR they don’t believe you at all. The latter is mostly seen in serious personal matters, where a writer would try to justify his/her deepest of feelings through words and others would say, “huh, that’s the job of a writer…decorate everything with words. Who knows if it’s true.

So what should we do? Does anyone have an answer?

Friends on Facebook read my updates where I sometimes romance with words, and that makes them feel what they believe.

I can’t help falling in love with everything in my environment, from the sound of this keyboard while I type to the delicious smell of chicken cooked at home, from the tic-toc of wall clock to the soft hustle of leaves outside my window, the Moon mesmerizes me every night and I long to see the bright Sun rising up in the East, I love the patterns of thunder lightening in the sky and falling drops of rain on my skin makes my soul dance with joy, I smile at the chuckle of a sleeping baby, my eyes shine brighter when I sense the excitement in the tales of someone else, I love each smiling face and adore each struggling soul.

How can I not be in Love?

To hear a name, they will have to wait a little longer I guess! 😉

#8 – Coming Back!!!



Met a dear friend after many wordless years. Wordless because we decided not to speak as we had spoken alot of words which shouldn’t have been spoken.

As years pass by, you realize that there are many other serious reasons to be mute for to a person. And then when you realize the void and acknowledge the fact that you are missing that dear friend, sometimes hesitation, sometimes guilt and most of the times ego takes over and you put down the phone which you had picked up to text or call. And then sometimes situations play a role, like this one; where you want to but then you can’t get in touch with the other person as that person has suddenly gone into hibernation and no one has absolutely no clue about him/her. Situation becomes tricky when you have been meeting this person in your dreams or rather nightmares, leaving you worried till the memories of nightmare last.

So, you ofcourse would feel elated when all of a sudden you get a message from an unknown number and you make a right guess about who it is! Wouldn’t you immediately want to meet that person, well…I had to wait till the next day.

It was a pleasure to come face to face again to someone who was considered as a reflection once, simply because you two were inseparable. We kept talking, I don’t remember even one moment of silence. Though it sometimes felt as if I was dreaming.

Our lives have completely changed from what they were, but the good thing is that nothing felt unusual. It was the same old feeling, the same warmth that we once shared.

After this episode I firmly believe that friends are the necessity of life, you can’t live without them even if you try for once. But then, why to try something which is no fun?

So, if you have that one friend to which you have stopped talking for some stupid reason…please take a step forward, they need you as much as you need them.

Here I Fall….Just Like A Shooting Star


Only to rise again…for a Brand New Start !!!

Monday is just a day away…

This time Monday Blues would have a new meaning. I would have some butterflies in stomach, while I would be joining a new office.

So far, it seemed like a break…but now Monday is just there.

And this time, there won’t be any coaches to crib about, no old faces, no discussions with friends about breakfast n lunch, no team, no manager…nothing!

Everything would be new and different.

Yes, I had my last day at Hewitt last Friday. Thus, a 7 year journey comes to a halt…only to resume from a different platform. A better one InshaAlah!

Back then in 2004 my decision to work was probably immature. Yes, I do believe that cos I could have done something better in terms of my education. But this feeling of being independent was something that I surrendered to. Apart from this, I just loved spending on my family and friends.

That’s how I continued with this decision. I was in a voice process where I was supposed to answer queries from different callers. It was the Honeymoon period of my career as I was just enjoying the newly introduced feeling of being independent. There were no worries about “What Next???”. I floated with the flow. Loved the bling, all stylish accent=speaking people around. Made many good associations here, many friends are still in my life as strongest ones.

In 2005, I registered myself in an online community where I used to share my poems. Hence, the seed of being a writer was incepted unknowingly. This was something which gave that sense of achievement to me, whenever my new poem was liked and appreciated by many.

Soon there was a need to change and I changed my work from a Customer Service Associate to a Content Editor/ Writer. By the time I shifted to this new job profile, my interest in terms of writing shifted to Blogs from writing Poems. Though Poetry is something that I still am connected to, but wo daur kuchh aur tha (that altogether was a different age). Thanks to a friend who pushed me towards creating a blog. And Thanks to my few initial readers who made me write new posts every now and then.

I was in this profile of supporting Customer Service Clients from Aug 2006 to Dec 2009. Met many good people, some are going to be with me for this journey of life. Some came and left, some were not allowed to enter the arena of my life at all. It always happens right??? No matter where ever you are, some people might be very close…some you would think are close but they would show their true colour with the time…and some simply are not worth sharing anything apart from work. Work…cos you have to…there is no option…but beyond work…yes, you definitely can make a choice. Cos of few very strong lifelong associations, I never thought of moving away from this Team…but then, they had some different plans for me.

I was told about this new Individual Contributor role in a huge and growing team. I couldn’t stop myself from trying and was soon at the other side of the river. This change happened in Jan 2010. When I was moved to a group of 150+ associates. Initially I kept busy cos of work flowing in my direction, but soon this stopped…may be cos the off-shore team was facing high percentage of lay-offs and thus they were not very willing to share their knowledge with us…fearing the loss of job. This fear, made me idle for some time. I was told to utilize this time and soon I found myself taking initiatives for a group of associates who were assigned this responsibility to introducing some team building fun activities among the associates who otherwise were busy with the daily processing. I was investing my time in bringing new things on the table, be it in terms of activities or sending mails regarding them. This team of 7-10 associates was a great source of encouragement to me. First set of people who appreciated the kind of change I brought in. I could feel that sense of belongingness to this team. We all worked every week, only to see smiling faces at the end of every activity. I tried to learn through each one of them and tried to share knowledge that I had. Together we brought into picture some highly successful activities. My contribution towards this highlighted me amongst 150 odd associates and gave me an identity of being ‘creative’. And yes, it’s only because of the support of each member of the team that this group became successful and hence, my contributions were noticed by fellow associates. I still remember the instance when I was talking to a friend in the washroom…the moment she took my name the girl standing next to me exclaimed, “You are Garima!!!! I always wondered who this girl is…who sends all these nice mail”. Boy….I was at cloud # 9. I couldn’t have got a better reward than this. There were folks in Chennai who would contact me to learn about how I add animations and backgrounds in the mail… I believe that I was one name which was easily approachable by all…and I liked it that way, I never wanted anyone to think twice before asking for help!

Later, I got the opportunity to handle the Leanovation Team, where the sole target of this team was to generate ideas. And what better way than creating the sense of competition. I did the same by rolling out the numbers of each team every day. As a result, my group had the maximum number of ideas amongst other groups in the same line of business. There was one more thing that I did being a part of Leanovation committee…I got the chance to create different award categories, making sure that we acknowledge maximum number of people in different categories. Though this plan never actually got the green signal, but this was something interesting.

As a writer, I got ample opportunities to experiment with my writing. I remember writing for different communications to be sent out to the whole organization mainly in India, one of my articles was included in HR Bulletin and recently the News Letter for my group in India…these are few of the many things I got an opportunity to write about. Though I know that my name hardly would have reflected against my piece of writing, but I was still satisfied with the fact that I was getting to ‘write’…something I love…and something for which I decided to take that move of movement. I Thank all those people who delegated their work of writing to me, may be cos them I have finally got the opportunity to atleast be able to give direction to my career.

A true example of “Blessing in disguise” for me 😀

Then came my very own SunCoach. A series of interactive sessions to improve the communication skills. The name SunCoach was based upon the Hindi word “Sankoch”…but was spelt differently to depict that “Sankoch can be eradicated to shine like a Sun through some Coaching”. I would like to appreciate all the support that I have got through the participants of SunCoach. You guys don’t know how each one of you encouraged me in life. I felt valued each time I interacted with you. I might have lacked certain things as an instructor of SunCoach, mainly cos of the experience…I’m sure next batches would have been terrific if they were allowed to happen. How can I forget mentioning all those people here who were keen to be a part of forthcoming batches? Every time I heard the queries about the next batch from all of you, I was overwhelmed. It was great to see you excited for SunCoach…mainly cos I considered it as an appreciation for SunCoach. Thank You!

Last but not the least, the last few months….I did get an opportunity to be a part of a Team….or you can say…a fraction of a bigger team that I have been talking about in this post. 150 associates were divided in 6-7 Teams and I later was aligned to one of them. The most highlighted one. With a lil bit of struggle, I enjoyed working with you as a Team. Along with my work as a Content Writer, my sole motive was to make sure that work is aligned to you without any wastage of time. There were some delays and I did seek that understanding from all of you, as everything was new to me. Though some could show that understanding, some still expected me to be perfect…well, I am…no doubts in that…but with what I was hired for. I think all other things just overshadowed the fact, that I was hired as a Content Writer who then was asked to help in other activities with minimum supervision and training. I managed pretty well I guess…and seriously, no one would be able to comprehend right away…maybe they just need to be at the other side of the shore to taste the salt. However, I just wish a smooth sailing for all of you in future. I sure would miss the dynamic atmosphere of this team, my name being called out from every direction for task alignment, many breakfasts and lunches on my desk…Thanks for sponsoring the Chai many a times 🙂 … Thank You for all the moments that I could capture…Thank You!

Every organization is made of People and it’s success mainly cos of the kind of people it has. Hence, when one leaves the organization…it’s the People who are missed the most.

There were few I could hardly interact to, but even then….when it was my last day in the office, I could feel the connection in their eyes. It was a day of interaction for me, less with words and more with feelings. I could feel the sadness of parting and the happiness for a new opportunity at the same time in many of you. Last day was so overwhelming that I would not disrespect those feelings by framing them into words…..all I would like to say is


And this genuine THANK YOU…goes ONLY to those who deserve it and those who do….know it !!!!

Thank You for making my Hewitt experience a lovely and memorable one….I do wish to keep in touch with you!!!