It’s like a dream come true!

An experience worth sharing. Though it would fail the purpose of being anonymous but this is something that I would definitely want my readers to know. We should keep making efforts to keep our lives interesting. The post was written on Friday, 23rd Nov early hours.

I always found the job of a Radio Jockey pretty exciting. I wished to be one considering my love to be in conversation always. New people new experiences and all you need to do is – Talk!

I remember going for a walk-in audition in 2005 for Radio Mirchi. I wasn’t too impressive, but my friend who accompanied me did try to boost my morale. “You at least were better than me”, just like Farhan and Raju encouraged each other in 3-idiots. My second stint with being an RJ was lil dramatic. A friend of mine found an apple for his eyes on Orkut. Some girl he had added and was chatting with. He wanted to be the first one to wish her on her birthday and there was no contact number. She teased him by saying, “let’s see if you are smart enough to find this yourself”. The only clue was her online Orkut boyfriend. Luckily he had made his number public. Bad for him though, poor guy didn’t know what was coming up. I played a Radio Jockey, telling him that he was the lucky one whose number was selected. He was made to believe that he just got an opportunity to send across a message to anyone in India. As expected, he shared the number of that girl with a birthday message and a song dedication too. Wishes were delivered well in time; it was just the delivery boy which changed. I hoped that my friend was considerate enough to play the dedicated song at the background while they were talking. They talked through the night, God know about what! While the online boyfriend must have cursed me, the friend of mine must have showered a lot of blessings. He sure did.

A few years back, I heard Anil Srivatsa on a new radio station for the first time. He hosted a show – Between The Sheets, he still does; not on a station anymore but at While every girl complemented him for his voice, I found his wit more appealing. The guy possesses this natural ability to leave you without words, sometimes in embarrassment. While you would love the smile he leaves on your face, at the same time you would not want him to stop talking to you. Unfortunately, the guy is taken already. And is very much a one woman man, but as every man does; even he won’t mind getting dirty on air with you. Married men, unfortunately; are out of my ‘desired-list’ of men. I have been a regular caller on his show since those radio station days. A friend told me about and I was listening to him after ages today.

As the name suggests, Between The Sheets is aimed at sharing your feelings on different topics related to relationships and sex. We as a society are still opening up towards the discussion about Sex. Hence, being a talk show we can make use of it as much as we can. It provides a platform to share opinions, seek advices and learn about the opposite sex to make your relationship better.

I was tuned in today and was disappointed to see that Mr. Host was struggling with a specific caller who was calling in again and again. This girl was not ready to be audible was continuously whispering. It was irritating for the listeners. Being one of the irritated lot, I decided to be the next caller giving Anil a break from that Whispering Aunty. I intended the show to proceed with the discussions, like all other listeners. Unlike earlier times, my call was connected in one go. I could feel a sense of relaxation in the voice at the other end after realizing that it’s an actual caller. Like all other times, I preferred to be anonymous. But it’s easy to relate to a name so we (me and Anil) finalized on one name – Tina. It’s always fun to be on-air. While I shared my views on today’s topic – what is the most fascinating thing about sex and what puts you off; I was asked to co-host the show. I managed to hide my scream when I accepted the offer. “Memorable experiences are not planned”, proved again. With a lil apprehension and tension of “How am I sounding? I hope I am not sounding like a fool” to “Should I talk now or wait for him to start?” to “Whom should I message to listen to me right now?”…and the list was endless, I somehow managed to steal some moments. So, you know all that was going at the back of my mind while I struggled to share the on-air space with Anil. Of course I could not match his charisma. Nevertheless, knowing that there were quite a lot of people who wished to be me at that very moment was exhilarating.

I co-hosted Between The Sheets as Tina for over 45minutes today!!! 3 AM it is and I am still sleepless, one can understand my excitement today. I wanted to capture the feeling by documenting it before I go to sleep. I prayed for the show to not get over ever, but it had too.

Just another day ends, registering itself in the memory lane. It has been a Happy Thanksgiving for me indeed! 🙂

Eternal Bliss … !!!

Past few days have been quite happening….Life seemed good, even if it was for few days.

I had alot of reasons to feel good about….Since Thursday I am in a state of ecstasy .

Reason # 1 – Joey’s Birthday

Details – Joey turned 2 on Thursday. For the benefit of those who are not aware of who Joey is…lemme mention that Joey is a 2 year old Golden Labrador who is an apple of an eye for my childhood friend Chunmun and her brother Karan… me too, cos he reminds me of Dino everytime I meet him. I consider him to be Dino’s twin. He meets me with the same excitement as Dino used to treat me…he sometimes behave the same way too, but I guess all dogs behave in the same way. He has the same sparkling eyes and the same patience level.

So after a long long time…more than 2 years to be precise I went for pet shopping. I was too excited to buy a birthday present for Joey and thankfully he did like what was bought for him. It was wonderful to see him getting used to with his new toy 🙂

Bought the same thing for Cheeku too (Sam’s golden Labrador), but dint get the opportunity to present the same to him…sometime soon may be! 🙂

Reason # 2 – Generic

Details – So while we were celebrating Joey’s birthday, a guest came in. He was none other than a month old black Labrador named Generic. For a while all our attention was diverted to the cute lil fella… but soon we realised that the birthday boy must be feeling jealous. Infact we did tease him a bit 😛 …. once I took Generic in my arms I felt like keeping it forever 😀

Reason # 3 – KFC

Details – Few of you know that I was not eating non-veg for a while. So after almost a year and a half I treated myself with KFC.  It felt amazing… as if I were a feather floating in the air after being dropped from cloud # 9 😛

Next day…Friday…

Reason # 4 – Friday

Details – Wasn’t FRIDAY an enough of reason??? Duh…!!!

Reason # 5 – Meeting with Nea

Details – Nea is one of my very good friends with whom I have a different and unique bond (touchwood!!!), whenever we talk….its transparent, heart to heart…mind to mind. I for sure know that this is one person who would always wish good for me amongst many fake people around. So, I was meeting Nea as she recently gave birth to a baby boy….and it was altogether a different feeling to meet the new addition in the family. I was afraid of taking the baby in my arms as I feared of harming him…he seemed too delicate and is so small…but when I held him once, I dint feel like putting him on bed again. And Mr. Lil Prince was too comfortable sleeping in my lap with a smiling face 🙂

Reason # 6 – Long Drive

Details – well…almost!! Too much of traffic made me believe that to be a long drive…and then KFC again 😀

Next Day…Saturday…

Reason # 7 – Catching up on some sleep

Details – Saturday being the first day of the weekend seems to be a blessing for a person like me to catch up with the lost dreams. This time I slept till 3:30 – 4:00 PM to break all records.

Last day of the weekend….Sunday…

Reason # 8 – Meeting with the dietician

Details – She is one person who usually makes me smile everytime I meet her. Meeting with her involves a tiring journey through metro too, but then it also has an unique charm.

Reason # 9 – Hyde

Details – Met a friend after a long time, someone who has been there on phone all this while when I was most of the times dealing with the blues.

Reason # 10 – Chocolates

Details – Ate some ‘chocolates’ and am feeling quite at ease…naiiice…about everything under this sun 😛 😉

…Wonderful weekend comes to an end…and it has nothing to do with the overrated…overhyped Valentine Week!!!!

Wherever you go, Life remains what it is…

1:11 am

And I am up inspite of the fact that I have to go to office tomorrow. This simply means that there is something that is more important to write about than sleeping 🙂 …to mark the day (12-Dec)

I happened to be a part of a meeting today….a round-table of friends over coffee! They were new…a common friend was the link. As usually happens in such meetings…you feel awkward in the beginning, so did I. I am no different. More over, I dint expect this meeting to be this soon….like with a blink of an eye.

Anyhow, what’s important is that by the time it was time to say goodbye…no one wanted to leave 😀 This is what I felt, if not anyone else. Everytime we said, “let’s move”…something or the other would catch our attention and we would start all over again with discussions and leg-pulling. It was one of those rare occasions when you meet strangers and somehow you like their company in a strange way. I knew that we all were dealing with something or the other in our respective lives… but for those few hours it was just four of us. I almost forgot everything that has been crossing my mind every now n then for all these days…and I hope everyone else felt the same too.

We talked about numerous things…the title of this post for that matter, Title of my Blog – I for an Eye…going beyond the beyond…Army, CCD, Costa etc 😛

The meeting further made me think about a lot of things though….but that I would take up later. Right now it’s just about spending a good weekend after a long time…with the festivity of Christmas around the corner…decorated malls…close friend…deep thinkers…coffee…cold and a quest 😉



This is one of my favorite pictures I came across some forwarded mail about half a decade back. I don’t even recall what it was all about, but I remember admiring this one for a long time. Admire as in…I literally stared at my computers screen with a grin on my face 😀

Isn’t it simply adorable..??

I had a print out of this pic on my workstation when one of my Manager said, ”Arrey…tumne apni pic laga rakhi hai??”. He tried to pull my leg…of course!!!

And I replied, “I wont mind being a baby elephant if I look this cute!!!!”

I lost this pic after some time and wondered if ever I would get it back…but few days back another forwarded mail brought this back to me. …. And with this A Big Grin on my face too 😀 😀

The Sunday Lunch

I went to a friend’s place yesterday for Lunch. I was feeling quite awkward as it was for the first time a friend’s Mom called me up to meet for lunch… A Guy Friend’s Mom. That too, someone whom I dint see for the past half-a-decade, We were in the same organization, then he changed his office and then sometime later went to Canada for further studies and worked there too. A lot happened in our respective lives during this time. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend his marriage too. And then after his marriage we dint talk for almost 4-5 months. But when we did, we started off from where we left. He came back to India for good a month back.

So I went for lunch at his place yesterday and I was feeling uncomfortable….is what I mainly was discussing. It was for the first time I was going at his place, so I wanted to take something along. You know a token of good wishes in a form of some flowers or chocolate. I have always seen my Mom taking something or the other to friends and relatives place whenever we visited them. At my level, I might not take anything when I go and meet my friends; but on an occasion like this I thought I should.

The plan was fixed a week in advance and then after that it happened that we dint get time to talk. On Saturday either I dint hear from him and I was wondering if the plan is still on. In the evening I made a call to him to check the same, but he dint mention anything. And it was quite absurd to ask, “I was suppose to come for Lunch tomorrow…remember??”. So after talking all the crap of around the world we disconnected and I still had no idea whether I should go or not. It was very clear from the call itself that he forgot about it and I dint know what to do!!! It would have been inconvenient for them if I turned up without confirming… and what if I skipped it and they made some preparations?? So I thought of sending a message asking about the plan for next day. And… I dint get a reply… so I watched a movie on my brand new Lappy till 1-ish (a.m.) and then I was on FB making some ‘records’ 😛 . I slept around 2:30 thinking that I would sleep till afternoon. I those dreams of waking up late were shattered when I get a call from him asking “When would you show up??”. I was like… “am I suppose to come??” …he was like “Of course!!!”

Me: “You dint mention anything yesterday so I thought that the plan has been cancelled”.

He: “Why would you think so?”

Me: “Cos you dint mention anything and neither did you reply to my sms”

He: “Yeah…cos I forgot when you called, then went out and forgot my cell at home…I saw your sms today morning. So when are you coming?”

Me: “I would take another hour and a half atleast to leave”

He: “That’s fine… See you then”

And then I found myself getting ready for the sudden change. It took about an hour to catch an auto…Delhi autowalaas are altogether a different topic…to be dealt separately 👿

And then in this entire hotchpotch I forgot to buy something. I had to call him downstairs to take me to the market when I was standing just outside his society. He came… how can he win an argument with me 😛 . We went to a Sweets Shop as the possibility of flowers and chocolates were rejected by him. I specifically asked him if they accept card payment to which he said yes, I was short of real currency. And when we finally decided what to buy, I offered my card for payment to which I got the looks of being an alien. I ended up borrowing money from him to buy sweets for his family…. Ultimate me!!! I knew it would not be an easy task to return the same to him…but as I mentioned earlier how can he win an argument with me?? 😈

I told him that I was feeling a bit uncomfortable but all those ‘uncomfortable feelings” vanished away when I met his Mom and his Wife. All in all I had a very nice time and a nice Lunch of course!!! His Mom made my day and many more yet to come days as she gave me my favorite Mango n Lemon pickle **Slurp**

And yeah….how can I forget about Honey??? Honey is their pampered pet. I am sure the most pampered family member …. just like Dino 😀

I am sure I must have behaved very stupidly yesterday … many a times. When it comes to interacting with my friend’s family (specially the elder ones) I do behave stupidly… but I think I did manage quite well 😛

Yet another day leaves its impressions in the memory lane…

Butter-scotch!!! Not The Ice-cream But The Cake…

I’m very weird when it comes to my Birthday…. I’m always so excited about the birthdays of my family n friends, that I start making tentative plans weeks ahead. But the case with mine is different. I don’t like my Birthday, not cos I feel bad about growing old n less days left on this planet; but I don’t feel pleasant from with in. I don’t find a reason to ‘celebrate’. But I do become over sentimental around this time…no idea why??
I don’t know how to react when people smile n ask me ‘Hey…your birthday is round the corner…isn’t it??’. I end up smiling sheepishly with a nod in agreement. That’s the reason I try not to put that option, which would declare like a Breaking News “its Garima’s Birthday”; to everyone in my friends list. But seems that I couldn’t fix this on FB. Friend’s often complain for not activating such alerts, which would remind them about this ‘special day’ days in advance. I think those who feel happy with the fact that you are a part of their life and cherish you as a friend or a person would make an effort to wish you no matter what, rest would not take the pain even when informed. First group doesn’t need to be reminded as good wishes don’t really need a specific occasion, for the latter I don’t want them to take that burden. I am better off with or without their formalities. There would always be some who would fall in the grey area, they might not be aware about such ‘special’ days, but when ever they get to know they make it a point to send those wishes around. I don’t believe in the word ‘belated’ when it comes to good wishes…well, no matter when they arrive..they are always on time. Anyway…now when I am writing this post let me tell you that this particular ‘special’ day just passed by…yesterday to be precise (this is for those who fall in the grey area, those who are a part of the second group as mention before…please don’t bother!!!). There were certain things that I would like to mention. Why???
Well…there’s no particular reason except that they made me feel so wonderful.

~ There are few of my friends (Nea, Simran n Bharti to be precise) whom I thought would not remember this day…instead they messaged a day or 2 in advance asking about the plans. I felt glad.

~ Some called up at 12 midnight n sounded so excited, gearing up my mood too.

~ Jush made it a point to wish me at different intervals of time during that day, one of her friends wished me through a message too.

~ Rana finally recalled on time n Purba or Shivani were not required to remind her.

~ Marty never forgets this date and I know why….and everytime she reminds Ansh for the same, she makes me grin and knits yet another fond memory. ^_^

~ Vipin wrote something on a wall with a pic of mine with him and I felt like hugging him. I was wondering how many pics he would have searched through to zero down on one…when he knows that I dont like my pics, how could he select the one that I liked… ❤

~ Shalu’s mail and her comment on a certain post a day before made me feel overwhelmed. *Hugs*

~ Last but not the least…. I felt so thrilled when I got a call from my Manager and then heard everybody sing ‘Happy Birthday Song’ in their cheerful voices. Later I got to know that most of the people on the floor were cheering at that time. That was The Moment for me yesterday and I can’t stop but bring this up in every conversation that I am getting into since then. \m/

There were many who forgot the day…some expected and some were not. There were many who turned up…some expected and some were not. The unexpected in the latter category made me smile whereas the former made me wonder.

I had a very nice time yesterday…was busy throughout. Watched Rajneeti with Mom, went out for Dinner with family, special arrangement was made for a cake…Rana was on phone for the cake cutting ceremony singing in her lovely voice which everybody could hear as she was on loudspeaker.

Thank You guys for being their in my life…. You make it worth a celebration!!!

PS. This post might have confused you and you must be wondering what is it that I want exactly…if I like being wished then why I don’t update the alerts n why is it that I don’t like such days… Well, all I have to say is that – What are Geminies for?? To get confused about what they feel and to spread the same confusion around… Welcome to my world of confusion!!! (ooops…you are already a part of itt… 😛 )

UP वाला ठुमका लगाऊ के हीरो जैसे नाच के दिखाऊ

Yeah…I felt the same after hearing this one… कौन से डब्बे में से गाना निकाला है??

But as if, the one sitting adjacent to me has taken a pledge to make me listen to these irritating his favorite songs… that too; in no Udit Narayan or Shaan’s voice… in his own voice coupled with his funny expressions.

So right from the morning I am listening to such his songs and surprisingly I am not getting irritated… I am laughing instead. thinking that how can someone even remember such songs and then sing them too…??

Amidst these songs is a camp….Blood Donation Camp.. There is a bus in the premises with all the recent facilities to suck blood from bodies of the victims. I tried too… I have been trying for half a decade now..but every time I try I fail cos of bloody hemoglobin. And its very less, on the contrary to how I look…plump that is. And people often make fun of me 😦 . And when I tell them that Rana’s HB is more than mine they laugh even more 👿

So while I was away trying to do this awesome job of donating my blood, someone succeeded in stealing my chair. Yeah…right…when I came back to my workstation from the scorching heat I found out that there is no chair. There are 3 types of chair and the one that I feel comfortable in is in scarcity. So everyday I come to office and search for one for myself….and mind you …the idle one. But there are some people who need to be taught about the basic etiquettes. See…there is a chair at a workstation…the screen is locked…isn’t it enough a hint that somebody is already sitting?? Ok…if its not enough… I have a huge bag at my workstation, there was a notepad, my sipper and empty Lunchbox too…even then??? I hate such people…. I mean HATE such people…

Anyways…I found myself a new chair…which is making noises every time I move a muscle…complimenting (as music) to the ‘singer’ sitting next to me….

*Sigh* what an awesome day!!!

By the way…here is the list of songs…you might find them amusing….go ahead and download today!!! 😛

  • मेरी छतरी के नीचे आजा
  • कोई हसीना जब रूठ जाती है तो
  • अ आ ई उ उ ऊ मेरा दिल ना तोड़ो
  • गोविंदा आला रे आला
  • यारा ओ यारा मिलना हमारा
  • छोटी सी उम्र में लग गया रोग कहते हैं लोग मैं मर जाउंगी
  • बाबुल की दुआएं लेती जा
  • लकड़ी की काठी…काठी पे घोडा
  • सलाम-ए-इश्क इश्क इश्क ….सलाम-ए-इश्क
  • धूम ता ना …. (Om shaanti Om)
  • राजू चाचा राजू चाचा come come come…. आये गए कितने ही मौसम

…and of course the one in the title is included… isn’t this an awesome list???? 😛

Edit: I forgot to add one more thing that I did yesterday. There was one elevator which had no lights. Yeah, it was working fine except the lights were out of order and as we are most of the times in a hurry to reach to the desired ‘destination’ on time we are not bothered about the lights as our cellphones have enough of it in the form of mini torch. So, while going for my stint with Blood donation I was accompanied by Rana and fortunately/unfortunately the same ‘defected’ elevator stopped and we hopped in. From 3rd floor to 1st…I had enough time to scare Rana as it was all dark the only light was of my cellphone torch which I placed at my chin… try it out once and you would know how to scare people during power failures (this used to be my favorite timepass as kid during power cuts, I used to scare the hell out of my brother). The devilish laughter complimented the prank. Though she dint get a heart attack, she did get a laughter attack once we were out of the elevator. While coming back it was the same elevator, but this time there were few people in the lift. So, Rana might have thought that I would behave this time…. Thus, she didn’t hesitated in stepping in. But, to her disappointment I don’t care about others 😛