2015 to 2016



Dear 2015,

You gifted me the most difficult battle of my life so far. I wish it could end as a victory with you, but alas! Seems that I do have some lessons to learn.  I never knew that I could be a SuperWoman, you made me one. When I get up ‘early’ in the morning, the next instance that I will get to lie down is a question. I have a lot of reasons to mark you as one of the most important ones. You made me realize a lot of things, following are the few:

  • First and foremost, the importance of having a Family – life is too long to spend alone and too short to not celebrate with someone else.
  • How it feels to love (and here I am NOT referring to the ‘romantic’ love) – love makes you a better person.
  • I got to know a few who will ‘jump the fence’ for me – the most helpless moments were supported by some friends and some relatives. Some extended their helping hand unexpectedly.
  • I know the meaning of the phrase ‘challenge your limits’ – I admit that I am physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted, BUT I refuse to give up. When I stand up in front of adversities, I give strength to those who are looking up to me.
  • You happened in my life because I created you in my previous years, I am now ‘knowingly’ creating my 2016, 2017, 2018 and so forth. Coming years are going to be beautifully happy and healthy.
  • Out of sight, out of mind does not necessarily happen if the hearts are connected – I am lucky to have some friends who keep checking with me, irrespective of the fact that most of the times I fail to reply.
  • The most beautiful and overwhelming feeling is when your struggle reflects in someone else’s eyes as moisture. There is no other pure form to feel connected.
  • There is a lot of goodness in this world we just got to focus on seeing goodness around.
  • Life never goes as planned, a fraction of second can change your life forever – acknowledge your feelings, share them with those who need to know them, move on if your feelings are not respected but don’t stop yourself from feeling the emotions. Be humane, be vulnerable.
  • My father once said to me, “Though you are my daughter, but you have also played the role of a Son and now you are filling the space of a Mother”. Daughters are beyond just girls.

Thank you, as I still have hope to make things better in 2016. The motto I carry forward to next year is a line from my favorite ad “himmat sirf tab nahi dikhayi jati jab dikhana asaan ho”.


The Small Lil Things of Life!!!


Way back in 2009, when it was a sudden vacuum in my life that I was dealing with. That was the time when I was ‘floating’ in life. I knew that the life curve was heading downward, but I let it happen. No questions, no struggle. I surrendered in aggression to Something out there which was up for some revenge with me. I had left the idea of God far behind in December of 2008.
Something strange happened that day; I was in the cab going for my afternoon shift to Gurgaon through NH8. I was listening to the song Tu Aashiqui Hai from the movie #JhankarBeats. There was this line in the song “Tera chehra roshini hai”, at exactly… Wait a minute and mark it again…at EXACTLY that moment I looked out of my window to the left and saw the Shiv Murti at NH8. And what still give me goosebumps is the fact that it was getting painted in bronze again AND it was just the face…JUST THE FACE, which was done till that point. I felt like it was some sort of message that was given to me in that nano second of my life….a message to just hang on and “believe” in His existence.

Things changed, life changed and I changed too after that.
A different situation right now, a different vacuum to deal with. But there is this better, strong, wise, witty and beautiful Me who is not going to let the graph go down this time. The stubborn Me is fighting and getting over with obstacles, one at a time. The difficult of battles are not seen and are fought within with oneself. So today, as I take pleasure of a lil victory of getting up on time and taking myself out of the bed to the park for a walk. A lil strange thing happened again after almost six years!
Around 9am, I was running (not literally) in the 40th minute of my walking session. The Sun was pretty harsh by then (did I hear someone say “Welcome -bloody- Summers”!?!?). I was a lil out of breath and was taking it easy. Songs on my phone changed too. I was listening to Tere Bin by Rabbi Shergil and there is this line “Tere bin hor na kisse karni dhoop vich chaa”…which roughly translates to ‘no one else is interested in providing a shade to me in harsh sunlight’. So exactly when I heard this line while walking on the jogging track in the middle of the scorching heat, some clouds gulp the Sun over for a minute. It seemed to be a reassurance that no one else but God is  there to provide Me the shelter. And as they say that the God is in all of us, then that means I am my own rescuer. I shall not wait anyone else to rescue me.

Some of you might laugh at my ability of decoding these two things as a message from that Someone out there, who is keeping an eye on me. But you have no idea about the adrenaline rush it gives me

As I sat down at a bench after the walk to type this down in my phone, the line that played was “Kahani khatm hai ya shuruaat hone ko hai” from the song Aazaadiyaan (Udaan, 2010) was playing.

15th April, 2015

A day of festivals. Bihu, Vishu, Bengali New Year to name a few and I also got to know that World Creativity and Innovation Week start today.

Happy Festivity! Stay Blessed! Stay Positive!





6 years and counting…


Six years, more than half a decade of being a blogger!!!

When I look back; I do feel that yes, things have changed in terms of how I look at my blog. From an emotional blogger who would keep noting down the shift in mood each day on her blog to someone who writes occasionally, about things that she actually wants to share.

So does that mean that there are no emotions or mood swings?

Hell No!!!

That would happen only when I am dead.

Sometimes these emotions are shared on Facebook, sometimes on Whatsapp, few of the times on mails, a few other times here on the blog, many a times on phone with a friend and most of the times with a friend in person.

Blogging has been a blessing in terms of a few good friends that I have met through my blog – directly or indirectly. It was just yesterday, I was telling a friend how I have ‘forced’ a lot of friends into ‘writing’. Not exactly for the blog (to some I did this too) but to write. I consider writing to be a therapy, which helps an individual in a lot of ways. I have mentioned earlier here on this blog that sometimes it has nothing to do with ‘how well you write’, you should just write…for yourself and your sanity.

When Cricket lost The Kohinoor!

Goodbye Cricket....

Goodbye Cricket….


A day of relief for bowlers all over the world – Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar decided to retire from One Day International cricket.


The God of Cricket who is also known as Sachin came in sight on November 15, 1989. Debuted at 16 in a test match in Karachi, Sachin has been the reason for many to watch cricket for the past 23 years. I would miss those curious moments of seeing 99 turn into 100, runs corresponding to his name.

He was a magician on crease!

It is heartbreaking but was suppose to happen one day or the other. If it’s so difficult for the fans, I am wondering how difficult it would be for Him. He secretly revealed His decision through an email. He must be hurt more than His fans.

I would not longer be associated with Cricket, for me it was watching Sachin play than anything else.

Cricket will miss you Sachin, we all will.