Life is a wonderful journey, there are various twists and turns, some roads reach a dead end and you take a U turn to find a new turn, you meet some who make the journey worthwhile, some makes you run faster to avoid them, some will make you run towards your dream and with some you’d just want to walk…as slowly as possible.

And out of this lot, from time to time; you meet people who make you look back in time to reflect and realize how life has changed. Something similar happened to me today.

When in school, I was a nerd….a geek (without the specs)!! Though I knew who all were in my class, but I seldom was a part of whatever they did. I hardly spoke to guys and whenever I did, it usually ended up in an argument with no conclusion…thus, putting a question mark to the next conversation. In the midst of those pretty girls who would get the roses, cards and chocolates on various occasions, I was a tomboy…whose tongue would paralyse when she had to talk to a guy. Moreover, these KJo sagas were not my cup of tea I believed.

In the meanwhile, in my mid teens I developed a huge crush on someone. When I recall all those stupid things that I did just to have a glimpse of him, I still smile. The tomboy girl began transforming into a feminine at heart. Those were the special years, every song would make me smile, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai actually pumped the heart a little faster and made me cry too! Those were the most innocent days of life. Remember that feeling when your heart skip some beats when someone comes in the frame of your sight??


Believe it or not, these things make you smile till eternity.

Today, I got a pleasant surprise. I don’t know how I would have reacted if I got to know about this earlier. But with time things change and I, for sure; have changed. I was talking to a class mate after ages and he confessed that he had a huge crush on me in school.


That was my first reaction. It was difficult to digest this new found thing about myself, that I was rather ‘cute’ for someone in school where I believe to have ‘portrayed’ a strong serious image. I wonder how these two images go hand-in-hand? We kept laughing for a while. I still am smiling and nodding my head in disbelief. He confessed a little too early in fact, I told him he could have taken some more time…should have waited till his daughter’s marriage, we could have talked in peace after that.

Jokes apart, it is a nice feeling to know that there is someone out there who would be smiling every time he would think about his childhood and one out the many reasons would be Me!

Coming back to what I said at the beginning, life has come a full circle….from someone who carried the burden of a huge inferiority complex to someone who is her favourite, life surely have changed. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone would tell me after few years that they had a crush on me 😛

….but then, why wait? 😉

It is better to have a life full of “Oh, Well…” instead if “Oh, I wish…”

Oops! I missed the Sunday off…..#atozchallenge

Smiley taken from google search

  Smiley taken from google search


I should rather be happy…isn’t it?

That I have got into this ‘form’ of posting everyday that I forgot it was a Sunday and posted a post on Sunday too. Thus, making myself a letter ahead of others. I am glad that this happened, it is making me feel positive about the post April Challenge phase.

To catch up with the rest I will take an off tomorrow!

Smile…Your Everlasting Smile !!!


A Smile is a pleasant arc that usually forms itself on differently shaped faces after a delightful event. It is said to be a curve which sets everything straight. It’s also very famous to mislead people by smiling, making them think about things you are upto 😉 . We often like to see faces with such a view. A smile is a communicable ‘disease’ which cures most of the others. One automatically tends to smile after seeing a smiling face. In fact, I bet that even reading the word SMILE can make you smile. You don’t believe me??? Check those lips…I’m sure the corners are pointing upwards as you have been reading about Smile for quite a few seconds now 🙂

Smile is a cheapest way to increase your face value…why to go for face lifting and all then?? 😛 When you smile, you bless your body…a happy body responds to the energy in this world in very positive way. Hence, absorbing the positive elements quickly. One should try to spend atleast 5 minutes a day with oneself and just smile, even if it’s a forced one at the beginning after a while you won’t have to make efforts.

When you are happy you take better decisions. Better decisions result in better life. There is no specific rule to feel happy, different things work for different people. But one thing is for sure, you first have to take the decision of being happy in all the situations. When there is willingness, you would automatically find out ways to smile and eventually feel better in any situation. For the first few times you might have to instruct your mind to divert itself from thinking about a particular unpleasant situation…do it!!! Please make this a habit that it’s not just for a click, you should often be seen saying “Cheese” 😀 Attach a smile with any of the activity that you often do in a day. May be while thinking or cooking or may be while washing dishes …..this would just spice it up a lil bit and the same activity would have a different meaning. When you are happy…happy thoughts strike you, happy memories come back to multiply the smile. Listen to happy songs, read happy stuff…reading the word SMILE again n again would solve the purpose too (remember the above exercise??). 😛

Smile….not ‘cos its free of cost, but ‘cos its the second best thing you can do with your lips and you sure wanna make full use of it right???? 😉

…’twaz a stange day

05-Oct-2010, Tuesday
1:45 am (approx.)

STATUTORY WARNING: This post is not supposed to be taken seriously. It’s a light Satire on the mixture of feelings that I’ve been through today.

Few days back I sent an sms to some of my friends and to some whom I would love to be friends with 😉

Those who know me since IGT (Indian Guitar Tabs) days kept asking if I wrote those lines and those who are pretty new on the road to get introduced to me were sure that ‘twaz a forward. I wondered at this contrast. And of course, how could I miss the chance of boasting about my ‘ex-poetry-writing-skills’ to those who were never ‘tortured’ with my talent! Good, bad, ugly or whatever…I am happy that once I was able to give that rhyming effect to my thoughts, which was well appreciated by few.

I came across this fact that there are mostly 3 type of people who write poems – those who are heartbroken (sad romantic poems), those who are in Love and are not able to express (utterly romantic ones) and those who have been through some problems in childhood or have seen life in depth (dark poems). After giving it a thought, I found it to be true. And to add on to it, I think there are few who always have better and positive things to share about the world around in the form of their poetry (poems written for a cause)

For me, poets have this ability to exaggerate things. When you tell something face to face it gives an exact picture of what you want to say (your facial expressions do help to an extent), but when you write for someone to read…you tend to make it 150% of the actual, then only reader is able to draw a near-to-100%-correct picture of what you want to convey. Makes sense? If it doesn’t, never mind… I anyways have been doing senseless things off lately. So, this is no new to me

Coming back to the story now…

When I was busy boasting about my ‘poetic skills’, I heard someone was interested in listening to what I write (or should I say ‘used to’??) You know….nice people tend to say that when they hear you boasting about self so convincingly. You know….just like that, to make you feel heard. You are not suppose to take it seriously (just smile, say “sure” and run away from the scene), unless and until; you have been ‘almost’ a professional in whatever you were boasting about. Or if you are dying to show off your piece of work…choose very very carefully. Select the one which got the maximum hits or maximum ‘good’ comments from ‘almost professional’ readers/listeners. Though it would not guarantee your success in proving yourself a ‘legend’, but it’s 80% safe a bet. Don’t even think of passing on the url of your work.
Why???????? Reputation my friend….’reputation’. It’ll always be at stake.

BREAKING NEWS: The only reason this incidence is made public, is to make you learn from it.

I went ahead and sent the link of my blog/poems to 2 people on the contrary to the statement mentioned above. After sending the link, I just thought of refreshing some memories by reading these poems once again. With every poem I read, my expressions changed from “calm down..its ok!” to “what made me write this??” to “ewww” to “ohh shit!”. Frankly speaking I dint like the 80% of what I posted in poem’s section, to be read by my those who know me generally in personal life . I found most of them stupid, some were/are utterly-butterly romantic and some had no sense…as usual. One, they have never seen this kind of Me…two, blog is toooooo much an information for them about me. And then you always have the
possibility of them making fun of you anytime and in front of anyone 😥  (~ they’ve got the Power~). But now there’s hardly anything that you could do to revert what you did. Now you would have to live under the ‘threat’ even if you don’t want to…

PS. Though the chances are dim but IF You have read through this…I’ve seen bheja fry at least 3-4 times and I do understand when people flaunt their ‘Sense of Humour’. Well…most of the times, thodi si ‘intelligent’ toh hu main 😛 😉

UP वाला ठुमका लगाऊ के हीरो जैसे नाच के दिखाऊ

Yeah…I felt the same after hearing this one… कौन से डब्बे में से गाना निकाला है??

But as if, the one sitting adjacent to me has taken a pledge to make me listen to these irritating his favorite songs… that too; in no Udit Narayan or Shaan’s voice… in his own voice coupled with his funny expressions.

So right from the morning I am listening to such his songs and surprisingly I am not getting irritated… I am laughing instead. thinking that how can someone even remember such songs and then sing them too…??

Amidst these songs is a camp….Blood Donation Camp.. There is a bus in the premises with all the recent facilities to suck blood from bodies of the victims. I tried too… I have been trying for half a decade now..but every time I try I fail cos of bloody hemoglobin. And its very less, on the contrary to how I look…plump that is. And people often make fun of me 😦 . And when I tell them that Rana’s HB is more than mine they laugh even more 👿

So while I was away trying to do this awesome job of donating my blood, someone succeeded in stealing my chair. Yeah…right…when I came back to my workstation from the scorching heat I found out that there is no chair. There are 3 types of chair and the one that I feel comfortable in is in scarcity. So everyday I come to office and search for one for myself….and mind you …the idle one. But there are some people who need to be taught about the basic etiquettes. See…there is a chair at a workstation…the screen is locked…isn’t it enough a hint that somebody is already sitting?? Ok…if its not enough… I have a huge bag at my workstation, there was a notepad, my sipper and empty Lunchbox too…even then??? I hate such people…. I mean HATE such people…

Anyways…I found myself a new chair…which is making noises every time I move a muscle…complimenting (as music) to the ‘singer’ sitting next to me….

*Sigh* what an awesome day!!!

By the way…here is the list of songs…you might find them amusing….go ahead and download today!!! 😛

  • मेरी छतरी के नीचे आजा
  • कोई हसीना जब रूठ जाती है तो
  • अ आ ई उ उ ऊ मेरा दिल ना तोड़ो
  • गोविंदा आला रे आला
  • यारा ओ यारा मिलना हमारा
  • छोटी सी उम्र में लग गया रोग कहते हैं लोग मैं मर जाउंगी
  • बाबुल की दुआएं लेती जा
  • लकड़ी की काठी…काठी पे घोडा
  • सलाम-ए-इश्क इश्क इश्क ….सलाम-ए-इश्क
  • धूम ता ना …. (Om shaanti Om)
  • राजू चाचा राजू चाचा come come come…. आये गए कितने ही मौसम

…and of course the one in the title is included… isn’t this an awesome list???? 😛

Edit: I forgot to add one more thing that I did yesterday. There was one elevator which had no lights. Yeah, it was working fine except the lights were out of order and as we are most of the times in a hurry to reach to the desired ‘destination’ on time we are not bothered about the lights as our cellphones have enough of it in the form of mini torch. So, while going for my stint with Blood donation I was accompanied by Rana and fortunately/unfortunately the same ‘defected’ elevator stopped and we hopped in. From 3rd floor to 1st…I had enough time to scare Rana as it was all dark the only light was of my cellphone torch which I placed at my chin… try it out once and you would know how to scare people during power failures (this used to be my favorite timepass as kid during power cuts, I used to scare the hell out of my brother). The devilish laughter complimented the prank. Though she dint get a heart attack, she did get a laughter attack once we were out of the elevator. While coming back it was the same elevator, but this time there were few people in the lift. So, Rana might have thought that I would behave this time…. Thus, she didn’t hesitated in stepping in. But, to her disappointment I don’t care about others 😛

What Happens When You Have Some Time To Kill??


If I am at home I would rather sleep and meet The Prince Charming in some sweet dreams 😉

If I can’t sleep…I would surf through different channels and listen to their blabber

Once I get bored of that I would play WWE on my PS2 😀

If I am out…willingly or unwillingly I spend that time in window shopping which eventually turns out to be SHOPPING!! :@

I might force myself to sit at CCD for some extra calories too..but that’s very rare…be-intehaa majbooori ho toh…

Usually I am not alone when I am out…but as they say the chances of ‘once in a blue moon’ are always there

And when I am in office… NO I don’t go on a Moral Policing spree…like some ‘utterly responsible’ citizens of our country  😆  …. I rather spend time with my blog…checking the stats and wondering why is this that the number of visits shoot up like the temperature in Delhi these days but the comments section is as sookha as the Sahara Desert  🙄

I spend most of my time in reading different blogs…I just LOVE to read what others have to say and get connected to them in this unique, different and yet special way… 🙂

I also spend time on redesigning my blog…as in trying out new themes and finding myself in a fix …’which one to choose?’ … though there are very few which suits my requirements 😛

I do spend some time in thinking about what to write about… I fail to implement most of the thoughts (I hate to admit this but yess… I sometimes could be utterly butterly lazy 😛 )

And yeah….when I am tired of all the above mentioned activities I try to talk to the filthy rat that someone has kept on my desk…now (after a month) we have started tolerating each other…this makes me believe that if you leave 2 enemies in a room with no options there are chances for them to become friends 🙂

Here is the pic of my deskmate for you guys to admire…

And in rest of the free time I do this…


and this…


and this…


and …. this… 😉


… decorate my Workstation like this 🙂

Anf of course ….. I don’t want all you guys to develop a headache and accuse me of the same 😈

So… here is a better one that I made a year back for someone :mrgreen:

Hope you like itt!!! 😀