Ajnabi/अजनबी – A to Z Challenge Day 1


The letter A. The first one in the list. And I wanted to start with Hindi as I did last time too. Initiating the A to Z Challenge with Hindi as a token of respect to the language which is the basis of all the learning that I could accumulate so far and would continue to imbibe in the future.

Thank you Google Search for the image

Thank you Google Search for the image


अजनबी/Ajnabi in English means ‘a Stranger’

है तो अजनबी
पर अपना सा लगता है
कड़कती धूप सी ज़िंदगी मे
एक सुहाना सपना सा लगता है
आ जाए गर सामने
तो क्या पहचानूँगी मैं उसे
आ जाए गर सामने
तो क्या पहचानूँगी मैं उसे
दिल पर कोई तो दस्तक होगी
शायद ऐसा लगता है
है तो अजनबी
पर पता नहीं क्यूँ अपना सा लगता है


सोचती हूँ अक्सर उसके बारे में
लोगों की भीड़ में
तन्हाई के सन्नाटे में
सुकून देता है उसका ख़याल
जैसे एक घने जंगल में
किसी चिड़िया की हो आवाज़
जैसे एक नाव
आ गयी हो अपने साहिल के पास
जैसे रात के अंधेरे में
मुस्कुराता हुआ चाँद


है तो अजनबी
पर अपना साया सा लगता है
दिसंबर की सर्दी में
चाय का गरम प्याला सा लगता है
हुए गर हम रु-बा-रु
तो क्या पहचानेगा वो मुझे
हुए गर हम रु-बा-रु
तो क्या पहचानेगा वो मुझे
दिल सुनेगा वो धीमी सी आहट
शायद ऐसा लगता है
है तो अजनबी
पर पता नहीं क्यूँ अपना ही साया लगता है

English Translation:

Though he is a stranger,
But seems like my own.
Pleasant as a soothing dream,
Of a journey in scorching sun.
Will I recognize him,
If he happen to cross my way?
There will be a knock on the doors of heart,
This is what I believe.
Though he is a stranger,
But I don’t know why he seems to be my own.

I think about him often,
Be it a midst the crowd
Or in the silence of my loneliness.
Even his thought soothes my soul,
Like the sound of a bird
In otherwise calm forest.
Like a boat
Which just met its shore.
Like a shining moon
During the darkest of night.

Though he is a stranger,
But seem as close as my shadow.
Warm as a cup of tea,
In the winters of December.
Will we recognize each other,
If we come face to face?
The heart will hear the sounds of steps,
Is something I believe.
Though he is a stranger
But I don’t know why he seems as close as my shadow.

PS. I wish that the translation in English could rhyme too, but I hope my English readers were able to get the gist of what I tried to say in Hindi. Thank you for reading!


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Chronicle of an Uninterruptedly Romantic Writer’s Soul


I often get surprised when my friends ask me if I am in Love. To this I say, “I am always in Love”. This answer is not sufficient for them and they keep waiting for a ‘name‘. It sometimes is difficult to tell them that there is no name.

That is the most difficult part of being a writer. Either everyone takes you so seriously that they believe whatever you write to be your own story, OR they don’t believe you at all. The latter is mostly seen in serious personal matters, where a writer would try to justify his/her deepest of feelings through words and others would say, “huh, that’s the job of a writer…decorate everything with words. Who knows if it’s true.

So what should we do? Does anyone have an answer?

Friends on Facebook read my updates where I sometimes romance with words, and that makes them feel what they believe.

I can’t help falling in love with everything in my environment, from the sound of this keyboard while I type to the delicious smell of chicken cooked at home, from the tic-toc of wall clock to the soft hustle of leaves outside my window, the Moon mesmerizes me every night and I long to see the bright Sun rising up in the East, I love the patterns of thunder lightening in the sky and falling drops of rain on my skin makes my soul dance with joy, I smile at the chuckle of a sleeping baby, my eyes shine brighter when I sense the excitement in the tales of someone else, I love each smiling face and adore each struggling soul.

How can I not be in Love?

To hear a name, they will have to wait a little longer I guess! 😉

“Look into my eyes…you’ll see, what you mean to me!”


Learning salsa has been his dream even since he saw Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing. He was thirteen when he watched this movie during one of school’s summer vacation. TV was not allowed to him and his elder sister as books were emphasised more by parents, but when everyone in the class was taking about this movie; how could eM stand a step back! Ever since then he knew that he would learn Salsa when he would fall in love with someone. Over the years, his passion for dance increased, but he did not take a step forward for dance. He still was waiting to find The One in his life. Few more years passed by and he still was in search for the lady of his dreams for whom he has been writing his love songs, inspiration behind his efforts towards being a poet was still stuck in the maze, he was waiting to hear the rhythm of the beating of that heart which has been with him and yet was missing.

He decided to join dance classes but not salsa. eM was sure that he’ll dance salsa with that one only. Classes began with all fun and sweat, eM loved learning new steps with all those in the batch. While rehearsing he realised that music is his better buddy than dance as there were few difficult steps which were hard to get.

And then came Valentine’s Day, he was not aware of what was coming on his way. He was on time as usual and at the beginning of the class everybody got the news that it would be a special class on the occasion of V-Day. Excitement suddenly filled the hall as everyone was waiting for ‘what’s next?’. And then the instructor announce, “Find a partner guys, we are going to learn Salsa today!!!” While everyone in the class was busy searching for a partner, eM was stunned by the sudden announcement. It took a while for him to come back and look around for a partner, by that time most pretty girls in the class were already asked for being a partner by other guys. eM slowly walked across the room to see if there is a girl or else he would be dancing with a guy. Just across few smiling faces he found out a slightly tensed face of a girl. eM walked towards her, she looked at him and smiled in apprehension agreeing to his intensions of being a partner.

He asked for her name while trying to kill the ice between them. She was Lucy, people in the batch hardly knew her. A low profile student in the class who always was struggling to match-up with the pace of the batch. eM knew that before beginning with any step he first have to make her at ease. He cracked few jokes to make her smile and with few more attempts she was comfortable. Beginning steps were taught and then music went live for the students to portray the same steps. Lucy fumbled with few steps, initially eM thought of letting her take her own time but soon realised that he would have to help her. Now from the basic steps they moved to next level. From hands now its waist and shoulders. Lucy was hesitant of putting her hands on his shoulders, eM made it a lil easy by lowering down his shoulder…eventually making her smile. eM was careful while placing his hand on her waist. “She should not feel awkward” he thought, to figure that out he looked into her eyes and there he saw something else. There was sadness in her eyes, something eM was not expecting to see. Lucy looked at him and then looked away, probably was trying to avoid the inspection through his eyes. By now they were up-to-the-mark with the batch. The next step was a ‘lift’. Guys were supposed to lift girls. While the batch was trying to replicate the instructors, Lucy said no to eM as she was sure conscious about her heavy weight. eM insisted and so she agreed, they tried but couldn’t complete the step. This left Lucy in splits at eM’s overconfidence. She kept laughing for minutes, to eM’s surprise all he could listen was her laugh in spite of the fact that the hall was echoing with the song at high volume. He stood there, smiling at her. They completed the small act on a piece of song gracefully with the batch before the class ended.

eM experienced some difficulty while writing a poem later that day, it was supposed to be included in a play by some serious theatre artists. All he remembered was Lucy’s laughter during the class. Before he could even realise, he was falling for her. It was difficult for him to wait for the next class; thankfully it was the very next day.

eM was at the venue much before the class timing in the anticipation to meet Lucy. She did not turn up even when the class started. eM was not able to concentrate on the steps that were taught in the class as he was busy recalling the laughter yesterday and kept wondering about her absence in the class. While he kept standing staring at the instructor trying to understand the step but actually finding out the reason for which she couldn’t make it to the class, suddenly the door of the audi opened and she entered with hesitation. A smile adorned his face as she came into sight. Now he was waiting for the class to get over as conversation during the class was not an option. His attention in the class was mostly towards her and less towards the steps that were taught. Once the class was over, he looked for an opportunity to talk to her.

eM: Hi Lucy!!! How are you?

Lucy (hesitatingly): ohh Hi! I am fine thanks!

eM: How come you were late in the class today?

Lucy: Slept late last night so couldn’t get up.

eM: Insomnia is a common disease these day…hahaha

Lucy however just smiled and took a leave.

eM: Lucy…wait!!

Lucy: yeah?

eM: Would you be coming in the next class??

Lucy: yes..

eM: Great!! Can I have your number?? I might not be able to attend the class next week, so would get the updates from you.

Lucy: ammm…. okay…it’s 9871****70

eM: Thanks! Wish you a nice week ahead

Lucy: Thanks and same to you

eM saw her disappear while he kept standing there. He felt a sense of accomplishment with the phone number he just bagged.

Rest of the day he kept dealing with the desperation to bring the phone number in use. “No…this would make things too obvious, I’ll wait”


In a day full of Sun’s harsh rays

I found you… showing me the way

During the times, showers were falling bad

I found you…making me smile than being sad

On the road, full of leaves in fall

I found you, sapling of hope…

…protecting me like a wall

While it snowed making everything seem white

You came as an angel…

…with your laughter you made my life bright

eM was writing all mushy stuff, that too when he was suppose to write for a separation scene. He was not able to understand this chemical reaction inside him… when he had no control over his thoughts. They again and again were going in the direction of Lucy.

Week passed by and his wait was over to see Lucy again. Though he had told her that he might not come for the class but that was just to get her number. He was at the venue, waiting for her. She did not turn up like last time. Half an hour gone, one hour…two and now the class was over. The wait was still not over and he decided to finally call her to know if everything is alright. While walking down the road towards his house he dialled the number. A faint voice answered the call, he knew that it was her and that straight line turned into a curve called smile!!

eM: Hey…you took me seriously eh?

Lucy: Excuse me? Who do you want to talk to?

eM: Oh…I am sorry! Lucy this is eM…how are you?

Lucy: Hi…I am good…how are you?

eM: yeah…better now! All well? You dint turn up today?

Lucy: eh yeah…I would not be able to join back…

eM stood at a point…he certainly was not expecting this…

eM: Whatt??? Why??? Are you alright???

Lucy: Oh yes, I’m alright…it’s just that my fiancé doesn’t approve of dancing alone…so I might join back the next batch with him.

eM: Oh…ohkay…! That’s nice and romantic (eM tried to be normal)…wh…when…when did you get engaged??

Lucy: Last weekend…remember I told the day I was late..?? There was a small function in the evening..

eM: I see….

Lucy: yeah…!

eM:  So I won’t see you around anymore in the class?

Lucy: Yea…probably till the next batch..

eM: Well…I surely did not expect to hear this…but good to know that you are settling down…take care and all the best for the new beginning…will miss you in the class…

Lucy: Thank you so much eM…I do need good wishes…Thank You! Bye and take care..

eM: Yeah…you too!

eM heard her disconnect the call, he still was not able to comprehend what he just heard. “Is that it??” he thought, “Was this I was waiting for…all these years?”. He had no answers, he thought that getting back home and chasing away all the thought by sleeping was a good idea. But even that dint help. He couldn’t sleep. Going back to the class next day was unbearable, but he had to.

He continued with the batch and completed the same with a rocking performance. The batch was terrific; the only missing element was Lucy. But it wasn’t anybody’s fault.

eM came back to his routine life for next couple of month. And then he got the news of a new batch, a new session. He was curious to join; he wanted to see Lucy’s fiancé. He got himself enrolled and to his surprise, he found out that Lucy did not join the batch. Calling her up again for this was not a great idea. He deleted her number that day to console himself that she is not around him anymore in any way.

The very next day all were suppose to find a partner for the dance. This time his partner found him. A girl next to him smiled at him asking for being a partner and he smiled back faintly. The very next moment they were partners. Memories of last batch filled his mind all over again, when he fell in Love with someone in just one class. Suddenly sadness could be seen in his eyes. Mi kept wondering as sadness was least expected.

Mi: I am sorry I couldn’t recall your name..

eM: That’s fine…there’s nothing fancy in it to remember anyways… it’s eM.

Mi: My name is Mi and I was wondering how would you look with a lil smile on your face while dancing?

A faint smile came on his face again hearing that statement…

Mi: Here you go…see…much better than the serious face 🙂

eM reciprocated with a smile…

Mi was better than eM while dancing. She was picking up steps quickly, or may be eM was still tied up with the memories.

Mi helped eM learn a few difficult steps to make them come up to the mark with the batch. eM could see her eyes on him, but he was afraid to look into her eyes now. “I don’t want the same to be repeated” he kept on repeating the same in his mind while deliberately looking at a different direction.

The act was funny as it was based on Bollywood Masala. As a gimmick, girls were suppose to lift guys in the section. eM was hesitant but Mi was confident. Mi said, “Don’t worry I won’t drop you, you anyways looked lighter than me.” Mi tried to melt the ice to bring that comfort level. They performed the lift and none of the girls could complete the same. Instructors waited for the next class to confirm if they would incorporate the lift in the act or not.

A week passes by and this time eM did not want to continue with the class but sitting at home during weekends was more depressing. He went to the session again where Mi was waiting to greet him with a smile. He did not smile back; he was busy calculating in his mind whether or not he should smile back at her. Mi was disappointed at the beginning of the class with the behaviour, however considered it to be his bad day for his bad mood.

Everybody rehearsed for the lift again. And to everybody’s surprise only Mi could complete the same, though with slightly bad finishing and transition. “This is something we can work upon, so decided Mi and eM would come in the centre for the lift and rest of you would continue with general steps” announced the instructor. eM was happy to be able to make to the centre stage. It was difficult for Mi to complete the lift and then continue with the dance till the end. But even she dint want to miss the opportunity to be at the centre of the stage. Both of them were working towards better finishing and transition as their main step was the highlight of the song. There were extra practice sessions to ensure better performance as this performance was open for public. Parents, siblings, friends and relatives could be invited.

eM was excited with the piece of performance and Mi was happy to see him excited. It was the last class of the batch before the final performance. eM still was looking away throughout the performance, when Mi finally asked him “Why?? This does trouble me. Why can’t you be normal and look at me while dancing. Everyone around us is doing the same.”

eM: Sorry, I have decided not to.

Mi: Being your partner may I know why?

eM: No…! it would be better if you just concentrate on your part than questioning me.

Mi was silent with such rude words and couldn’t stop her eyes to moist. eM did notice them but ignored.

eM wasn’t too happy with the transition in himself. He felt bad with what he did to Mi. “The girl is trying hard for both of us to perform well and look at the way I behaved with her. But then, do I want to get back to the same vicious circle?? No…” eM was evaluating his behaviour with Mi. And he hardly cared what she thought.

eM was not aware as he never noticed Mi’s eyes. They had the same affection for him as his had for Lucy. He dint realise the way she had made him feel comfortable, something similar to what he did. He ignored the change in smile and the curiosity to talk. eM was too busy with his unsuccessful past to pay attention to what was ahead on the road of life. Only if he had the eye to see those eyes, he would have realised what Love is…

On the day of performance everyone was suppose to reach the venue half an hour before the mentioned time. eM was late, the moment he entered he saw Mi running towards him. “Where have you been?? We all were so worried…”

eM just smiled and replied, “insomnia is a common cause of getting up late”. Both shared a smile and went ahead. Mi knew that eM would never look towards her while dancing and she had to deal with it anyways.

Their turn…everyone was on the stage. Lights were off, few moments of silence.

“All the best eM…our time to rock the stage…it won’t be possible without your support”

eM heard the words and smiled, for the first time someone accredited him even before the results. He never was important  to anybody…so he was amused to listen to Mi’s words. He was looking at Mi in the dark when suddenly lights went on with the music. He continued to smile and he continued to look at her face and yes, he did see that contentment in her eyes. As for the first time their eyes met, with the smiling faces.

Performance begun with hooting and claps. The lift was fantastically performed and gathered a lot of whistles from the audience which made all grin ear to ear. Their piece of act came to an end, but there was no end to the applause. “Once more” echoed the auditorium when everybody bowed and went off stage to let the emcee sooth the demanding audience.

Back stage it was all happiness with a feeling of achievement. People congratulated Mi and eM as they were the highlights of the performance, instructors came and congratulated…at last it was time for both of them to congratulate each other. They kept looking at each other, they kept smiling…none of them knew what to say…all eM could do was…open his arms for Mi to sink in.

They shared a hug to congratulate each other for a rocking end and for a new beginning!!!!


An Email

Something strange happened today…I suddenly felt so damn lonely that I dint even realise when a tear rolled out of my eye. And then there was a queue…one waiting after another it seemed. And reason?????

Well nothing…absolutely nothing…!!!

While I was trying to comprehend the reason behind this untimely flood, I don’t know why … but I wanted to talk to you. Though I could see you online, I know that you would not revert back. Hence, I dropped the idea to ping you on chat. I see that busy status of yours which mainly is for people to keep away while you are busy playing games online. I don’t understand what’s the point of even logging in then.

Anyway, that’s not the reason I am writing this email to you…the reason is that I am surprised with the fact that I want to talk to YOU right now…out of all those people in my phone contact list…my FB friends list…it’s the thought of talking to YOU which came in my mind when I wanted to do something to ease my disturbed mind.

Not sure if I should be sending this email to you or not… I’m sure you would think that I have misplaced some nuts n bolts of my mind. That precisely is one reason why I always stop myself from reaching out to you. The image that you proudly portray of a mean selfish guy…is something that makes me stop to discuss anything apart from common friends. Though I know, behind that mean n selfish veil resides a sensitive person. BUT the catch is…he is sensitive ONLY to those whom he wants to be sensitive towards.

Ok now my mood is alright…and I’m sure you must be fed-up of reading by now.

Good night for now…will continue eating your head tomorrow 😛

Mi kept thinking for 2 minutes and then added eM’s email id to the recipient address…she now wondered what to keep the subject as…she was not able to think of anything appropriate to justify the content of the mail, so she kept it blank. “So what, there are emails without subject also”, she tried to relax herself further. Now everything was set, her feelings were just a click away…..she kept hovering the mouse on the send button. This time she could clearly hear the voice of her 2 minds…one kept asking her to click, other kept denying the same. She took a deep breath closed her eyes…..another tear dropped. Moved the cursor to discard and clicked yes. She switched off the PC instead of shutting it down with due respect and went on to sleep with high music bursting her ear drums.

Rest I guess was a ‘good’ night for her, cos when in winters our skin becomes dry her eyes were moist.

An End To A Quest


“To hell with this traffic”, Mi talked to herself while she tried to get a comfortable place to cross the busy road in Delhi. Mi, a simple yet ambitious girl; has just come to the metro city to accomplish her dreams. Mi has never been out of her native place Jharkhand, since childhood. Whenever her friends discussed about their vacation trips, she would recall the only time she went out of Jharkhand – Kolkata. She was 10 year old when family had gone to attend the funeral of her grandmother to a town near Kolkata. She hardly knew what was happening around her, what her father must be going through…she was too immature to understand the matter of life & death. While travelling through Kolkata roads (the only time they spent in the city), she just knew that one day she would be in a big city like Kolkata. Now with the responsibility of her mother and 2 young sisters after her father’s death, her time has come to realise this dream.

It’s her first month in Delhi. With the help of her father’s second cousin sister and her family she was able to get a job as a sales girl in a big showroom of one of the huge malls in Delhi. It was her turn to travel on her own after being given the instruction for a week now.

As she stands at one side of the road, looking for an opportunity to cross; she recalls how safe she felt in Kolkata with her father around. While some old memories stuck her mind, the bunch of people standing next to her started crossing the road and just to be in the middle of this small crowd to cross the road; she stepped ahead slightly late. Though she tried to match the pace with others who are used to this daily routine, she fell back. Now she was there….in the middle of the road, in front of the cars pulling the breaks with that screeching sound. She managed to gather some will to get up, but could not move ahead when she saw few heads peeping out of the car in anger …shouting at her. “Where have I come??? Why am I here? What if someone had ran over me? Who would have informed my mother?”….Why, where, what, who, where, what, why…all these words were now playing crossword in her mind as she was standing there in the middle of the road just like a statue at Madame Tussauds’ Museum. A small tiny tear fell out of her eye, she tried to catch hold of her racing heart but it only made tears come out more frequently now…from both eyes. People were shouting at her to move aside, some were moving their cars to make a way for themselves from the sides. This made Mi stand where she was cos traffic started moving ahead. In the middle of this mess, a hand held hers and pulled her forward to cross the road. She followed the hand till the time she was at the other side of the road. Soon a face appeared too…or rather, soon she noticed the face too, which was shouting at her. “Are you mad or what? Don’t you know how to cross the road? Which school did you go to?? Or were you up for a suicide?”. These questions were falling on her ear drums and were just making her more restless, her tears were now stronger and cry even more louder. eM felt embarrassed as people who crossed by were staring at him. “No one is stopping by to help me shut this girl up, why the hell did I stop”, eM was questioning himself. He tried to calm her down, as he was getting late for work too.

eM was born in this mean city of Delhi. He never liked Delhi, he always asked his father to move in a different city and he always used to assure him that they would. But he got late or maybe it was too early for him to depart leaving his son alone at the age of 15 and taking his mother along with him for the final journey. eM moved with his Uncle after the accident and spent almost a decade in a small district of Himachal, a place where he always asked his father to shift to. Now that he is 25, he chose to come back to work in Delhi. This is the place that he never liked and this is the place he came back to. Delhi reminded him of his parents, being here made him feel the presence of his childhood and thus, his parents too. He started a couple of years back as a sales agent, but now is an executive in small set up of manufacturing business. To save some money he travels by metro. He was always too shy to make friends and here he was, standing with a stranger…shouting at her…in a way trying to make her realise that she need to say a “Thank You” to him for pulling her out of the mess.

eM didn’t know what to say to a crying girl to stop her from crying. He neither wanted to leave her crying like this. He just thought to move away from the scene, to give her some break and to give those staring eyes some break. Without saying anything, he just moved away. Mi when realised that he is not standing there, started looking around like a small kid who has lost her way back home. “I couldn’t even thank him”…disappointed with herself she turned around to move on. And there he was…eM was standing there with candy floss in his hand. Before Mi could say anything, he extended that towards her …which finally brought some smile on her lips. He smiled back, “Take care and be safe. Hope not to see you again in this kind of a situation. Good Bye!”. Mi, with candy floss in her hand watched him turn his back and fade away from her sight.

Candy floss has always been her favourite. Her father would sometimes give her some pocket money, enough to buy candy floss for few days. This was for the first time after his death, she had had candy floss. Mi kept on thinking about the incident that happened in the morning the whole day. She kept regretting the fact that she could not say Thank You to the stranger.

She felt connected to him in a strange way, as he somehow made her feel secure. After years she felt that feeling of being safe with someone. She calculated every possibility of their meeting again and failed every time. Delhi is big enough a city where 2 strangers might not ever meet again, unless and until God wants them to. She kept on praying to Him silently, though somewhere in her heart she knew that life has never given her another chance to be happy.

eM was busy too…with her thoughts playing hide & seek in his mind. He had a tough day at office. Boss never missed an opportunity to pin point even a minutes’ delay and today this minute was multiplied by 40. “How could he let this meaty opportunity go?”…eM thought mincing his teeth when he entered the office gate in the morning. As expected, boss shouted…eM decided not to say anything as it might have come out to be a cooked-up story to save himself. With every comment throughout the day by his boss, he recalled the smile on Mi’s face. This made him smile in return as he was satisfied to have made a crying soul smile. eM kept on wondering about that feeling of being protective towards her which made him shout at her at the beginning. He had never felt this for anyone in years. He might have felt like that towards his parents if they were alive, but it was awkward that she didn’t seem to be a stranger to him. He kept on recalling that moment when he held her hand and it gave him a fresh smile every time. This boy who could not make friends cos of being too shy was now shying cos of a girl!!!! He was laughing on himself more than anything else, as he wished to meet her again…this wish to him was impractical. But wishes are impractical most of the times….aren’t they??

Mi didn’t know the time eM would leave from his office…or if he would be there outside the same metro station. eM kept wondering if she had come to work to the place they met or was she going somewhere else? They didn’t know where they would find the other one…if they ever would be able to find the other one…how would they find the other one…they didn’t even know the name of the other one….but both of them kept wishing the same….that they get to meet the other one…today…tomorrow or whenever…but at least once in this lifetime.

It was 7 in the evening of April, eM kept waiting for about 15min at the same place where he handed over that candy floss to her but she did not turn up. “May be we are not suppose to meet again”…he consoled himself and moved on. A sudden feeling of being alone surrounded him and he decided to go to the Rajpath. The same road where he had enjoyed numerous scooter rides with his parents. They would often come down to this road for a nice scooter ride after dinner and of course, ice-cream was always an attraction. eM marvelled at how things change…the latter has always been a reason to come with his parents and now it’s the road which fetches a lot of memories…the reason for him to come down and have a walk on the busy road….alone! In the middle of these thoughts he asked the auto driver to stop. Auto rides were usually a luxury to him. He paid the bill and started walking towards the direction of the traffic. He wanted to face the high beam lights of the moving traffic…something that always gave him the energy to fight back.

Mi was on her way back home and was even more restless as the day was about to end. It was difficult for her to divert her mind; she forced herself to think about anything else. Staring out of the window of the bus, she thought of keeping a track of all those vehicles which bus would overtake. She was amused to see how some cars just zapped through the traffic like a bullet, overtaking this huge vehicle. Amongst all the vehicles, Mi felt that the bus just crossed by a man…who was moving in an opposite direction…she sensed that feeling of being secured again, which gave her the courage to get up in the crowded bus to shout to stop the bus in the middle of the road without any signal. Mi wasn’t sure if it was him…but she didn’t want to miss even an ounce of an opportunity to meet him again. After slight discontentment, conductor did ask the driver to stop the bus at a side for a minute to get this girl out of the bus.

Mi was out of the bus, trying to figure out how far she had come. Without thinking much she started moving towards the traffic too. After a while she could feel a shadow of someone at a far end of the road…she walked even faster…with the thought that he might get into a bus or an auto, she started running towards this shadow…she was curious to know if her heart was pounding for the right reason. She wanted to shout to check if it was him….but didn’t know his name…even though she shouted “Hellow….excuse me??”, he could not hear the same cos of the distance and of course traffic contributed too. It was a matter of a couple of minutes and few more steps to solve the puzzle for her….as she came closer to the shadow…which now was a man walking few steps ahead of her, she stopped and took a deep breath. She smiled to herself as she recalled the blue striped shirt and black trousers she met in the morning. She kept walking behind him for sometime…thanking God silently. She noticed his hand…which was waiting for hers. She moved forward a few quick steps to be next to him…with a lot of thought she moved her hand to hold his.

eM got scared a bit when he felt that someone had held his hand. But the moment he noticed that it’s none other than the one he has been thinking of all day long…a beautiful smile appeared on his face…which reflected on her face too. At that moment…Mi didn’t feel the need to say “Thank You” in particular…their smiles conveyed a lot of unspoken feelings that they were struggling with throughout the day. It was time to take a walk…on a busy road…not alone anymore….

“It takes long to search for that one soul out of billions…but it just takes a moment to fall in love with”

– Garima