The Fault in Our Stars

Googled for posters

Googled for posters

All of you must have experienced this I am sure – you never like the movie, when you have already read the book. I knew nothing about this bestseller unless it was recommended as a movie by someone. As I could not catch the movie on the theatre, I borrowed the pirated print from a friend.

I am sure that the book is beautiful. But I was thanking my stars that I did not decide to go for the book (okk, don’t kill me for saying this), I am less of a book person and more of a movie person. I was again thanking my stars for not being able to catch the movie on a theatre; I would have been a social embarrassment. When I had started believing that I have become an emotionless, there came a movie which made me cry with bucket full of tears. I couldn’t watch the movie in one go. I was watching the movie on the laptop…alone and was choking to breathe.

Yes, the movie is about cancer but it focuses on life and love than the terrible disease. It was magical; how Gus would just look at Hazel and without saying a word, just with his breath he would convey his love for her. Teen age love…Sigh! I thought I grew over it, but I guess I over estimated myself.

Another friend watched it on my recommendation and the next day she brought up a point for my opinion.

What is more unfortunate – finding the love of your life and not being able to spend your life with him/her OR not being able to find that someone in your entire life?

To me, though both the situations are sad; the former is more unfortunate.

What do you think? And why?

PS. Though I believe that at the end of the day one should not wait for someone else to make him/her feel loved or better, but after watching this movie I wish each one of us must meet the Augustus Waters of our lives. Even if it is for one day, cos I know that that one day would be enough to survive through the remaining days of life.

Google again!

Google again!

The Mid-night Shower

…is always recommended when you have it all messed in the head that it’s about to fume.

I loved the timing of the rains today. I was in conversation with The One up there while taking a stroll on the terrace and when He was short of answers He sent the rains. Nevertheless, He must not have expected that I would love even that. Anyways, that’s between me and Him; I would not bore you with this in this once in a blue moon post.

I watched Barfi today. Loved it to the core…..Every bit of it. From the plot to the music to the locations to the simplicity of the movie to Priyanka Chopra to Ranbir Kapoor AND to the message it wanted to give. We often calculate too much in the matter of heart. One can fall in love for the second time but the one who truly love you would not walk into your life again…even they have this second chance probability.

Movie is about Murphy and how he becomes Burfi. How he falls in Love-at-first-sight and how he walks out of her life to meet his Jhilmil life partner. How she stuck to her kidnapper. And how they realized their love for each other. A sea-deep emotion and yet doesn’t lose its charm when shared in slightest of gestures. How he lost her and how he found her. AND how they lived happily ever after.

A very charming movie with excellent star-cast, heartfelt performances, an accurate mix of humour and emotions, and a very high feel good factor once who come out of the theatre after watching the movie.


Movies, Songs and 2009

2009 has been a Goodyear for Movies, as far as I am concerned.

NewYear started off with Oye Lucky Lucky Oye…and then week on week I was watching some movie on the other.

When I started thinking about the movies that I saw last year I could only come up with 26, I am sure there were some more that I was not able to catch hold of in the lane of memory.

Here are few that I managed to gather (alphabetically):

3 Idiots – The last one of the last year and the first and the second one of this year. Have already watched it thrice. First time I watched it with my college friend Jush. And then with family. I loved all the characters of the movie and showered some extra ‘love’ to Ali Fazal who played a very small role of Joy Lobo in the movie. I found him very cute. Though the punches in the movie were old, but I loved them anyway. Songs that I pick from this one are Give me some sunshine, Jaane nahi denge tujhe and Behti hawa sa tha wo.

Aloo Chaat – First time I watched the last show of a movie. One time watch. Enjoyed watching even this. Song – Aloo chaat, it has awesome beats which I noticed when a guy from SDIPA gave a short instant performance on this. He was A W E S O M E as far as his dance moves are concerned 😉

All The Best – One of those movies which were released around Diwali time. And of all the three this was worth watching. Had some awesome punches. I don’t really remember this one for songs.

Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani – Even after making a week long plan for this one I missed out on the first half an hour of the movie. Though I later realized that it wasn’t worth watching either. But the remaining movie was awesome. And I love Ranbir Kapoor, in spite of the fact that he looks like his mom. I love the way he portrays his characters on screen. This one had many songs that I liked … almost each and every song actually giving special preference to Tu jaane na (I loved the picturization and the color combinations) and Tera hone laga hoon

Billu Barber – We had absolutely no option to watch a movie on Valentine’s Day so we watched this one (me and Sim after our dance classes). A simple movie. Also, we had special interest in watching the flick as we were to perform on Mar Jani in that batch 😛 . Though I dint like this song, I like both the versions of Khudaya Khair.

Blue – Was a disaster that we went to watch from office. The only thing good about the movie was the under water sequences and their picturization. I liked the song Chiggy Wiggy and I think Akshay Kumar spoiled the feel of such a sexy number. 🙄

 Chandni Chowk To China – Yet another disaster which we watched laughing throughout. Though the movie was a super flop, I enjoyed watching this as well 😛 . I liked the song Tere Naina and Chak de fatte version. 🙄

De Dana Dan – Yet another D I S A S T E R of the year. It was stretched unnecessarily. Over acting by Akshay made it even worse to tolerate. There were some moments of smiles, but no laughter. Two songs that I remember – paisa paisa karti hai and the Rahat Fateh Ali khan song. First one I somehow remember belongs to this movie the latter was good to listen to. 🙄

Delhi 6 – I liked this movie which had a message. The Movie which I saw 3 times in first 3 days of its release. Though the kala Bandar thingie was an over-do, but it was adapted in the movie nicely. A R Rehman rocked again. Ye delhi hai mere yaar was my anthem for a long time, Rehna Tu was the Goa Anthem… I wanted my life to get stuck at that place 😉 . Dil gira dafatan .. a soothing number that I love for different reasons. Arziyaan used to make me cry (dunno why??) so I stopped listening to it 😛 . Noor is The Ultimate Poem that I try to follow. Masakali.. Mohit Chauhan’s can I not like it?? 😉

Dev D – I am not sure if actually liked this one or hated it. Certain things in the movie that I loved, certain that I hated and few that I don’t want to comment on. Over all I think it was ok. An experiment with different sort of cinema, which happens very rarely. I liked how the novel was adapted to this Gen Y situations. But I am sure the author of Devdas would die all over again if he would see these adaptations (movies from recent past included). I loved the music of this movie. Be it pardesi, nayan tarse, paayaliya or rock version of emosional atyachar.

Kaminey – I loved this movie. I loved Shahid in this movie. I loved everything about this movie. I loved Dhan te nan, the desire to dance on this number is still unfulfilled. It again had a Mohit Chauhan number, pehli baar mohabbat ki hai which I was about to sing for someone but stopped myself from the disaster at the last moment 😛 .

Kurbaan – A better version of New York, with a tadka of Saif-Kareena chemistry (which I don’t know helped to what extent). I liked the climax of the movie so much that I decided not to watch it again. I loved the title track of the movie – Kurbaan hua

London Dreams – Again an experimental film I would say. Where almost every hit movie is a love story or is based on a popular book or is based on terrorism, its difficult to take a decision to make one for Music Bands. I loved Ajay Devgan in the movie, specially in the scene where he hits himself with belt. He has maintained his 6 packs quite well. I liked the way he was styled in the movie. His clothes and the way he carried himself. Ranvijay of course was a treat too. Khaababadosh is the song from this one.

Love Aaj Kal – I loved this one too. A story of a confused lover which makes his very sure girlfriend confuse too. Who in turn takes a decision to marry someone else and just after marriage realizes the mistake and then rona-dhona, sacrifices, hunting, questioning and all that drama. I like such typical movies 😛 . I loved the songs of this one, in spite of the fact that they might be copied from somewhere (see I trust Pritam so much!!) Dooriyaan being my all time favorite, aahun aahun is the one that I listen to on my evening walks.

Luck By Chance – Dijastar is the word. I don’t know why I watched this movie… may be cos I like to see Farhan Akhtar?? 🙄

Main aur Mrs. Khanna – A Doomed one again. Why I watched it?? Mom dad wanted to watch a movie, all others were already seen, we were late for All The Best… so thought of spending bucks on this disaster. Mere paise….dooob gye!!!! 😦

New York – 4 things worth watching were – Katrina, John, Neil and New York. They could have done a great work with the topic that they chose. But they decided to unleash the potential of good looking actors by putting in more songs and love triangle. I liked the songs though – mere sang toh chal zara & tune jo na kaha (of course!!)

Paa – A cute movie. I loved Vidya Balan’s look in the movie and the way she carried her character. In fact, everybody in the movie did a great job. Be it Amitabh, Abhishek, Paresh Rawal or Bum 😛 . Music was ok… had a south Indian touch.

Raaz – The Mystery Continues – It came at the beginning of the year. I liked the idea behind the story. We often do something and don’t realize if it would even harm anyone. This one clearly portrayed the relationship between our actions/thoughts and the effect on someone else. Two songs that I liked – Mahi and Soniyo (the one sung by Rahat) is my ultimate favorite.

Rocket Singh (Salesman of the Year) – Ranbir looked cute in this new avtar. Nice movie with some realistic situations (that we often face in offices) but the solution that they came up with works only in movies. I haven’t really come across with someone who thinks otherwise. I don’t remember this movie for the songs.

Slumdog Millionaire – It came and it swept the audience off their feet. Jai Ho was one song which I listened to almost 50 times continuously when I got that on my cell.

Straight – Cute funny movie. Vinay Pathak at his best. Portrays the confusion of a guy who never actually connects with a girl and then finally starts believing that he is a gay. I liked the song Saanso ka rukna hai mar jana

Tum Mile – Based on Mumbai rains. It was ok. I like the song Tum mile though…all versions

Wake Up Sid – Ranbir Kapoor again. I liked the chemistry between Konkona and Ranbir. It was a pleasant watch. And the songs were nice specially Ek tara

Wanted – I watched it pretty late and I loved it. Typical bollywood masala movie where the lead actor is a Hero in disguise. Till the end he seems to be a tapori and sudden ‘breaking news’ proves him to be an under cover cop. He is a One Man Army and kills the whole squad of villains single handedly. I like the song Yo momma says you loue me 😛

What’s Your Rashee?? – Is spite of all odds I liked this one. It was lengthy but what kept me hooked up was the curiosity how a particular rashee has been portrayed. I do believe that a person from a particular zodiac behaves differently from the person of the other. Though there are traits which are common too… but in some some traits are very strong and in others they are week. Later I found out that it dint come out the way I was expecting it to be, but whatever it was… it was ok. I liked 2 songs Jao na and Bikhri bikhri

X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Watched this one with the Team as my Birthday treat to them. Half of the Team was not in favor of watching this action flick but majority wins. At the end of it we all liked it.

Paranormal Activity – This one was much hyped and was recommended by my center-of-affection 2010 way back. First half of the movie was normal, as if we were watching A Haunting (Discovery Channel) and I was wondering if this is what I spent my money for. But last 30minutes were worth all the money and costly popcorns. Shivani hardly watched it. And I finally screamed in the very last scene. I wasn’t embarrassed as everyone else in the hall did the same.

This was a different year for the movies…almost every movie got a mixed response from the audience. If some thought it was a great effort some declared it to be crap.

Anyway, when it comes to movies my friends say that I am the worst critic as I like every movie that I watch. Later may be I categorize them differently, but instant reaction to every movie is not that bad (there is an exception too).

My Top 10 favorite songs of the year are:

  • Soniyo (From the Heart) – Raaz 2
  • Ye dooriyaan – Love Aaj Kal
  • Tu jaane na – Ajab Prem ki Gajab Kahani
  • Jaane nahi denge tujhe – 3 Idiots
  • Dhan te nan – Kaminey/ Guloan me rang bhare – Sikandar
  • Pardesi – Dev D
  • Give me some sunshine – 3 Idiots
  • Mere sang toh chal zara – New York
  • Rehna Tu – Delhi 6
  • Ye Delhi hai mere yaar – Delhi 6

Edit: How can I Miss To mention Hangover????? The First movie which I watched alone, when I celebrated with myself. This one was HILLARIOUS….awesome one.

Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani

If you think that Ranbir and Katrina are looking Hot as a couple then let me tell you it’s not true….they are SIZZLING…they are looking super-duper HOT. The movie is cute, stylish, romantic and HILARIOUS. Music and songs are beautiful…you would want to sing along with every song like I did. Movie theatres are a bliss to singers like me who are afraid to be heard by anyone.
If you try to connect the movie to real life, you might get disappointed. In that case go for Jail, I have heard that it’s nice…but depressing. Won’t say much about APKGK, I liked it.

First Day Third Show

Since the day I started working First Day First Shows (FDFS) are a far fetched dreams as no company is generous enough to agree for an extended weekend for an associate. Ab Bhagwan ne mujhe itni fursat me bhi nahi banaya k mujhe special treatment mile (that’s another topic of discussion which will be discussed later). So coming back to FDFS…one has to feel contented with First Day ANY Show…that’s what I try to do. But ab Bhagwan ko ye bhi kahan manzoor hai…
I leave office at 4:20 in the evening and reach home by 5:00. Me and Shivani (who is on leave today) planned for Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani today as we always wanted to see the FDFS of this one (which is not possible as mentioned earlier). We decided for 4:50 show at DT Vasant Kunj, after a lot of calculations I came to the conclusion that I would be able to reach Vasant Kunj by that time. And Shivani got the tickets too…half an hour before the show.
Now starts the panauti….everyday my cab is usually among the first few cabs in the line, BUT was out of the line which means we would get to leave at the end…F***!!! I could see my 200 bucks going down the drain. I asked the driver how much time would it take to reach there, he said that we’ll reach there by 4:50 or 4:55. I was like pheww, I would only miss the ads. The moment we hit the MG Road I could see a cluster of vehicles not moving at all (F***!! F***!!)…we had no option but to join them. I realised that it was moving slowly…but the crowd of cars dint seem to end.

Well I missed first half an hour of the movie…will have to watch it again.

I think I am a pure example of someone whose luck is all screwed up…waht teh ef???

Dhan Te Nan


Thif movie waf releafed laft Friday and I waf too keen to go for the Firft Day Firft Fhow, but fomehow couldn’t. Got to watch it on Wednefday. Thif if one of the movief which haf got a really weird feedback. If we go by the Newfpaperf thif movie if juft half a ftar away from Five Ftarf. It got 4 and a half. But if you afk the people around you, there would be a mifed refponfe. Fome of them faid that it waf awefome and fome of them thought it waf pathetic, fome didn’t underftand it for firft half an hour and fome didn’t underftand it at all, there are two eftremef nobody if faying that it’f “ok”. Fo, you Love it or you Hate it but you can’t ignore it and can’t keep it in general Time-paff movief.

I am among the lot who Loved it. It’f a muft watch af per me for the following reafonf:

  • Dhan Te Nan – I juft LOVE thif fong. I wifh there were difco lightf and I could have danfed to the tune. A crazy freaky danfe number.
  • Vifhal Bhardwaj – The guy makef movief which are the moft talked about onef in the tinfel town, in fpite of the fact that they are leff glamorouf. Minimal make-up, normal people with normal livef and normal clothef (unlike tube topf and bikinif) though the coftume defigner makef fure that he do hif job of cutting down on the confumption of clothef to hif beft
  • Mohit Chauhan – No he if not an actor. He if a finger and haf fung a beautiful fong in the movie, though it comef at the end. Though I think they wafted the fong but at the fame time it feemf that it’f beft to keep a romantic nife flow fong at the end of a movie which haf a feriouf look and topic.
  • Fhahid Kapoor – Hif beft performanfe fo far. He very well portrayed the 2 characterf, making both efplifitly different. I loved hif tanned long haired look and a cute unadulterated look (not actually unadulterated though).
  • Performanfes – And apart from Fhahid Kapoor everyone elfe acted well, Amol Gupte defervef a fpecial mention.
  • Fhahid running with the horfef fene apart from fome nifely ftructured fenef like the one where guddu fingf while being interrogated
  • The Fa ko Fa wala confept – we were laughing even in the feriouf fenef. There if one fene where Charlie pufhef Guddu and fhoutf “manhoof”… a feriouf one with laughing effectf from audienfe

All in all it’f a movie where a lot of effortf have been put in and the hard work if vifible.

If you are wondering what kid of hard work.. then read further..

This movie was released last Friday and I was too keen to go for the First Day First Show, but somehow couldn’t. Got to watch it on Wednesday. This is one of the movies which has got a really weird feedback. If we go by the Newspapers this movie is just half a star away from Five Stars. It got 4 and a half. But if you ask the people around you, there would be a mixed response. Some of them said that it was awesome and some of them thought it was pathetic, some didn’t understand it for first half an hour and some didn’t understand it at all, there are two extremes.. nobody is saying that it’s “ok”. So, you Love it or you Hate it but you can’t ignore it and can’t keep it in general Time-pass movies category.

I am among the lot who Loved it. It’s a must watch as per me for the following reasons:

  • Dhan Te Nan – I just LOVE this song. I wish there were disco lights and I could have danced to the tune. A crazy freaky dance number.
  • Vishal Bhardwaj – The guy makes movies which are the most talked about ones in the tinsel town, in spite of the fact that they are less glamorous. Minimal make-up, normal people with normal lives and normal clothes (unlike tube tops and bikinis) though the costume designer makes sure that he do his job of cutting down on the consumption of clothes to his best
  • Mohit Chauhan – No he if not an actor. He is a singer and has sung a beautiful song in the movie, which comes at the end. Though I think they wasted the song but at the same time it seems that it’s best to keep a romantic slow song at the end of a movie which has a serious look and topic.
  • Shahid Kapoor – His best performance so far. He very well portrayed the 2 characters, making both explicitly different. I loved his tanned long haired look and a cute unadulterated look (not actually unadulterated though).
  • Performance – And apart from Shahid Kapoor everyone else acted well, Amol Gupte deserves a special mention.
  • Shahid running with the horses scene apart from some nicely structured scenes like the one where Guddu sings while being interrogated.
  • The Fa ko Fa wala concept – we were laughing even in the serious scenes. There is one scene where Charlie pushes Guddu and shouts “manhoof”… a serious one with laughing effects from audience

All in all it’s a movie where a lot of efforts have been put in and the hard work if visible.

Do you agree now?? It was difficult to write every ‘s’ as ‘f’ and I am sure it must have been even more difficult to talk like this.

Do Watch It!!!

Ye delhi hai mere yaar…


Zarre zarre mein usi ka noor hai

Jhak khud mein woh na tujhse door hai

Ishq hai usse to sab se ishq kar

Ishq hai usse…

Tu sab se ishq kar

Is ibadat ka yehi dastoor hai

Is mein us mein aur us mein hai wohi

Is mein us mein aur us mein hai wohi

Yaar mera har taraf bharpur hai ..


This was the first for me. 3 days 3 shows …same movie. First day first show…second day second show … third day third show….

I haven’t met a person yet who have followed this routine. Nahh…It’s not that I’m crazy about the flick but yeah we were crazy for its FDFS…we bole toh me and Shivani. Office bunk karke we went for the movie. We liked it. I thought of getting the tickets booked for Mom & Dad, Saturday was with them…and Sunday was the day for old school friends who apparently made the plan for the same movie… I dint say no as I was the only one with 2 shows up…so ‘never mind’ I thought.


So that was a short tale about why it would be The Movie in my life as I don’t think I’ll be watching the same movie for 3 consecutive days again…


The movie starts with the short poem mentioned above. I liked the movie. It does give a message of loving everyone despite the color, caste, religion etc.. The kala Bandar in the movie was amusing. Abhishek Bachchan was able to pull of the character with an ease but sometimes his accent was way too much. At some points I did feel that if it was A Shahrukh Khan or An Amir Khan playing that role the charisma of the character would have been much better, specially during the intense scenes. Otherwise he was successful in portraying the innocence & subtle excitement of a youth coming to India for the first time and how everything seemed so amusing for him. Sonam Kapoor on the other hand dint get much of a chance to speak. She was ok in whatever she did. I loved the way she smiles. Somewhere I found Rama Bua prettier than Sonam, I loved massakali too…not the song but the dove.. Dilli was portrayed to the point to an extent… I liked the mamdu ki acting…when he mimicked the policewala…I like the police wala himself for being able to portray his evil side too well… I loved Jalebi for the fact that she maintained the dignity of her character even when she was so infamous… I loved the point Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra wanted to put across.


There are some flaws too in the movie… they started off with something but dint end it. The kala Bandar thingie was exaggerated to connect it to the jhagde in Delhi 6… though the ending was happy they could have made it happier…Sonam Kapoor’s Indian Idol dream etc..


I loved the lines of the song Arziyan:

Arziyan saari Main , chehre pe likh ke Laaya hoon

Tumse kya maangoon main, tum khud hi samajh lo..Maula… 

This was enough a reason for making me go for the movie and liking it…