So, it was Friday…and this itself was a reason good enough to feel happy about.

I decided to add songs to Ipod without looking at them, so when I hear them on shuffle every song is a surprise to me.

Here is the list of few lucky ones which were played in full with my fav lines from each one of them. Let see if anyone can guess the actual song for these lines

“Yahi ishq di marzi hai…yahi Rabb di marzi hai,

Tere bin jeena kaisa…kya khudgarzi hai”

“Tumhe koi aur dekhe, toh jalta hai dil

Badi mushkilo se phir sambhalta hai dil

Kya kya jatan krte hain tumhe kya pata”

“Bajai pyar ki shabnam mere gulistaan me

Baraste rehte hain harsind maut k saye

Syahiyon se ulajh padti hain meri aankhein

Koi nahi…koi bhi nahi jo batlaye mai kitni der ujalo ki raah dekhu”

“I may not always know whats right, but I know I want to hear tonight

Gonna make this moment last for all your life

This is love and it really mean so much…I can tell from every touch

No no no…cant get enough…”

“Ujde se lamho ko aas teri, zakhmi dilo ko hai pyaas teri

Har dhadkan ko talaash teri…tera milta nahi hai pata”

‎”Tu aa gya yun nazar me, jaise subah dopahar me

Madhoshi yun hi nahi dil pe chhaayi, niyat ne li angdayi”

‎”when everything feels like the movies…yeah you bleed just to know your alive”


…’twaz a stange day

05-Oct-2010, Tuesday
1:45 am (approx.)

STATUTORY WARNING: This post is not supposed to be taken seriously. It’s a light Satire on the mixture of feelings that I’ve been through today.

Few days back I sent an sms to some of my friends and to some whom I would love to be friends with 😉

Those who know me since IGT (Indian Guitar Tabs) days kept asking if I wrote those lines and those who are pretty new on the road to get introduced to me were sure that ‘twaz a forward. I wondered at this contrast. And of course, how could I miss the chance of boasting about my ‘ex-poetry-writing-skills’ to those who were never ‘tortured’ with my talent! Good, bad, ugly or whatever…I am happy that once I was able to give that rhyming effect to my thoughts, which was well appreciated by few.

I came across this fact that there are mostly 3 type of people who write poems – those who are heartbroken (sad romantic poems), those who are in Love and are not able to express (utterly romantic ones) and those who have been through some problems in childhood or have seen life in depth (dark poems). After giving it a thought, I found it to be true. And to add on to it, I think there are few who always have better and positive things to share about the world around in the form of their poetry (poems written for a cause)

For me, poets have this ability to exaggerate things. When you tell something face to face it gives an exact picture of what you want to say (your facial expressions do help to an extent), but when you write for someone to read…you tend to make it 150% of the actual, then only reader is able to draw a near-to-100%-correct picture of what you want to convey. Makes sense? If it doesn’t, never mind… I anyways have been doing senseless things off lately. So, this is no new to me

Coming back to the story now…

When I was busy boasting about my ‘poetic skills’, I heard someone was interested in listening to what I write (or should I say ‘used to’??) You know….nice people tend to say that when they hear you boasting about self so convincingly. You know….just like that, to make you feel heard. You are not suppose to take it seriously (just smile, say “sure” and run away from the scene), unless and until; you have been ‘almost’ a professional in whatever you were boasting about. Or if you are dying to show off your piece of work…choose very very carefully. Select the one which got the maximum hits or maximum ‘good’ comments from ‘almost professional’ readers/listeners. Though it would not guarantee your success in proving yourself a ‘legend’, but it’s 80% safe a bet. Don’t even think of passing on the url of your work.
Why???????? Reputation my friend….’reputation’. It’ll always be at stake.

BREAKING NEWS: The only reason this incidence is made public, is to make you learn from it.

I went ahead and sent the link of my blog/poems to 2 people on the contrary to the statement mentioned above. After sending the link, I just thought of refreshing some memories by reading these poems once again. With every poem I read, my expressions changed from “calm down..its ok!” to “what made me write this??” to “ewww” to “ohh shit!”. Frankly speaking I dint like the 80% of what I posted in poem’s section, to be read by my those who know me generally in personal life . I found most of them stupid, some were/are utterly-butterly romantic and some had no sense…as usual. One, they have never seen this kind of Me…two, blog is toooooo much an information for them about me. And then you always have the
possibility of them making fun of you anytime and in front of anyone 😥  (~ they’ve got the Power~). But now there’s hardly anything that you could do to revert what you did. Now you would have to live under the ‘threat’ even if you don’t want to…

PS. Though the chances are dim but IF You have read through this…I’ve seen bheja fry at least 3-4 times and I do understand when people flaunt their ‘Sense of Humour’. Well…most of the times, thodi si ‘intelligent’ toh hu main 😛 😉

Quite A Rest…

…after a very hectic schedule. As I mentioned in my last post that there are a lot of things happening in my life right now… one among them is my Fine Arts course which is coming to an end. As a result there were quite a few submissions and at least 2 paintings for the final exhibition which got over this Sunday.

Just like school…I hardly did anything during the year. I often missed my Sunday classes…though in winters it was purely due to laziness, some Sundays were actually busy cos of family commitments. I hardly practiced for the things which were taught in the class. Parents and friends often pointed this out…they never miss an opportunity 😉

About a month and a half back we were asked to think about the Theme of our paintings which were to be put in the exhibition. Our Sir told us to pick the topic up which is close to our heart….either one is very fond of it or is struggling with it…to feel connected to the painting. I knew what I want to go ahead with.

There is something that I am trying to deal with for quite sometime now. Few of my posts indicated that… I did talk to some of you about the same…but it was not public. During this time of discussion about themes… I had to make it public and I found myself accepting this fact that “Yes, I am losing my faith in God”

So far there was no one thinking about anything near my Theme. I started off with a thought which quite a lot of people appreciated…but couldn’t go further. The idea that I generated needed a lot of skills in terms of shading and mixing of colors to give that realistic look to the painting and I lacked that cos of insufficient practice. I scrapped that idea and was willing to go ahead with something else. Thankfully I was suggested a concept by our Sir which was very well related to my theme and involved flat brush strokes… no shading and mixing required.

I was way beyond the deadline…and then I wanted to add one more painting to it….which seemed impossible. Exhibition was to start on 24th of May and all the paintings were supposed to be there by 22nd…there were a few exceptions though; they brought their work directly to the Gallery on 23rd. So, Till Sunday the 16th I had no painting structured… I scrapped my previous idea the very day and got the new one. I started working on it in the night and was up till 4am to complete it. We were asked to mail the pics of the painting as the catalog was under construction and the pic was to be a part of it. I desperately wanted my painting to be a part of the catalog, but has life ever turned the way I wanted?? As the pic wasn’t clear it was not added to the catalog 😥 . On Thursday, I thought of working on another one. Again I woke up till 3am to complete it as by Friday evening I was suppose to submit both of them.

Last bit of idea was again given by our Sir…and they were all set.

I was happy for the fact that 2 of my paintings were included in the exhibition. So what if they were one-fourth of the regular size of the paintings by others? So what if they did not match the level of fineness portrayed by others? I was happy…

On the day of inauguration.. The Chief Guest commented on everybody’s painting except mine and I dint mind it. But this below poverty line confidence came up to the middle class level when I got to know that one of my paintings was sold of…yes it did!!! Yesterday I confirmed it. And as they say “All’s well that ends well”… this one ended in such a stylish way for me that I can’t even express in words. I still can’t believe that it happened for real…

And btw… someone commented on me being Lucky…LOL!!! Yeah, now I do feel that my ‘luck’ has played an important role in it… otherwise I wouldn’t be the only one in my batch who experienced this kind of happiness…

But then…mai kab se ‘lucky’ ho gyi???

Attaching some pics for you guys…

1) This picture has an image of God, some petals pouring from a pair of hands and butterflies.

Depicts that sometimes we do reach at a stage where we direct our thoughts to God but due to some reasons, somewhere in between they divert. Petals represent our thoughts and butterflies represents those diverted thoughts. Most people think that an atheist is not a good person, but these butterflies try to depict that thought the thoughts are going away from the path of God but they are still beautiful. Its not necessary that all those thoughts on a different path than that of God’s are evil.

 The first incomplete one…

2) As I could not complete the above painting, we tried to collate the essence of that in this one. So here would see the same things… like an eye – just like the third eye of God, Trishul, a crescent, Shivling..a female face, a hand, some petals and butterflies. Everything put together in a different concept altogether.

I woke up till 4 am for this one…

3) In continuation to the above thought this painting depicts that God and Devil is not something to looking or search for in the outer world… whenever we do anything good its God and whenever we do something bad/wrong its Devil…

And  this is that one…

So…any idea what these 3 frames depict??

Art Attack – Good For Health :)

Ok…so by now all those who are there on my Facebook Friend’s List are aware of this new exciting thing that I have done this weekend. No no…. not the bungee jumping that I have been dreaming about since childhood!!! It’s something related to what I have been doing since childhood… this one is few levels up from that.

When I was in school, during the class inspection days when we were suppose to decorate the class; my drawings were the maximum in numbers to be put on the board. I still remember… there was this one particular chart that I made… inspired by The Jungle Book print on my brother’s T-shirt which collated a lot of applause… there was one other, in 10th class I think; about the Feudal System in India (subject was History, which I hated the most). I admired this particular drawing very much… I was proud to be able to make that whole sketch. And when I had an argument with few classmates, they knew my weakest point and put that chart off the wall :angry: I of course was fuming at that gesture 😛

Few months ago I wanted to do something more towards this interest of mine, so I took up painting. Digged down the classified section of the newspaper to search for an institute which would suit me and Rana to attend classes.

Now, after few months I have realized that till the time you pursue something as hobby there are chances that you would work towards it, but as soon as you add some degree, certificate or diploma to it…suddenly all thoughts are absorbed by the black hole in your mind and you stand nowhere.

As it must be clear by this statement that I used to make sketches quite often before starting off with this course, but now I don’t find anything to start with. May be that’s the reason I am running behind the batch, apart from the one that I joined a little late 😦

But we also have heard something about ‘better late than never’…so following this thought I finally initiated. I made something on the blank canvas that I bought few weeks back. And this is what I came up with:


 Copied from a painting…this one is finished with Acrylic Colors on a Canvas

Don’t ask me to put the original one here, I don’t want my painting to look worst 😳

Any guesses about whose face is this???

TV, Movies and Books


Off lately, I have been thinking about how serials were so addictive when I was a kid. I would do anything to make sure that I see my favorite ones religiously… irrespective of exams, test, fever etc.

I’m sure your eyes would still sparkle with the thought of ‘Dekh Bhai Dekh’, ‘Zabaan Sambhaal Ke’, ‘Byomkesh Bakshi’, ‘Tehkikaat’ … I am sure there were many and I would write them down as and when the names would strike me up. These were the servings of DD-1 and DD Metro. When concept of cable TV came there were shows like ‘Filmy Chakkar’, ‘Sailaab’, ‘Saans’, ‘Hum Paanch’.. I remember ‘I Dream Of Jennie’ used to be aired on Sony at 7:30 in the evening. I was always back home by 7:15 to get ready for it. There was ‘Small Wonder’, ‘Bewitched’ also.

I was very regular with ‘Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai’ recently (not that recently though). I was wondering if I would still like the show if Rohsesh would be played by someone else, what if Maya is changed, would someone else as Monisha leave the same impact, would other Indravadhan be as funny or who else would fit into Saahil’s character? In short, I can’t imagine someone else playing these characters. Same goes with other shows that I have mentioned here. They have become so real and close to heart just because of the actors who have portrayed the characters the way no one else could.



I recently watched The Kite Runner. I loved the book and Radhika loved the movie. She wanted to read the book after watching the movie and I wanted to watch the movie after hearing about it from Radhika. She was so enthusiastic when she talked about it. So I bought the DVD the other day, wondering if I am wasting my money. I saw it the same day, I couldn’t wait for it to rest in the shelf. It was nice but not as nice as the book. A lot of details were missed, but it’s not Director’s fault. It’s difficult to chose one instance from the other as everything in the novel seems so important for the story and you would realize it only when you have read the novel.



 As by now you know that I have read The Kite Runner and loved it, so I don’t have to mention that it dint take much to convince me to buy a copy of The Thousand Splendid Suns. And yes, I did complete it; at a winning pace. And yes, I found it lovely. This was a story about two women, their struggling lives and how they manage to garnish their lives so beautifully with whatever little they had. It’s a story of hope and ever lasting courage. The next read is The Devil Wears Prada. Yes I know, there’s a movie too; but I haven’t seen it yet (yeah!!) so I am hoping that it will be a nice read.

I Do Have Some Interest In Books Too!!!

I have never ever been so in to reading…apart from the course books which I was forced to read…Thanks to the school teachers and to my parents that I am now able to read books, write blogs, read other’s blog, watch an English movie and understand that too 🙂

When I was over with school days I read my first novel (yeah…finally!!). There were no Mills&Boons for me, I started with Sidney Sheldons. They were interesting….damn interesting at that time 😉 . And they were thick books too. So I used to take months to finish them up. I did read 5-6 of them before going back to my ‘books are NOT for me’ phase. After some years Aditi gifted me The Alchemist. I gave her weird looks to convey ‘What The Ef?’ kind of feelings but she ignored them and told me that it’s a lovely book and I’ll enjoy reading it. I did enjoy the book and completed it after an year, and before completing it; I must have left it half read numerous times. But once I read it, I publicized about it everywhere I could fit the experience in. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is one book which I have heard all praises about. I bought it and have read it around 6-7 times till page 40 or 50. It’s been there on the shelf for 3-4 years now and it did bring some change in my life….really it did… but somehow I just cant complete it.

Anyway, off lately I have been thinking about writing a book… few people have been telling me that I should give it a try *blushes* So what… if they just want to make me feel good about the blog which just has few reader and very very few to comment on?? I have been thinking about it, keeping aside how realistic it is for me. Then I thought that I should first read some books and there I was with The Kite Runner. I heard about the book a lot… so when I decided to read some I started with that. And it was one amazing book that I couldn’t keep down after finishing half of it. Though I took one month to complete it, but as per my records it’s an award winning pace for me. I loved the twists and the turns and the suspense in the story. I avoid reading heavy stuff as I easily get into the sad mode. So I plan to read some light hearted stories which would have something to laugh/smile at too. Hence, I borrowed a book from Shivani. It was Of Course I Love You…Till I Find Someone Better. A story about an engineering student and his flings. Though I wont recommend the book to anyone but it was like a nice evening snack to me after a heavy lunch in the form of The Kite Runner. Then I bought another of Khaled HosseiniThe Thousand Splendid Suns. It seemed like a heavy dinner again. And as it was not even 2 week of completing The Kite Runner, I thought of giving it a break. So I stopped reading it after few chapters and bought a new book. I got to know that this girl who has a very popular blog – The Compulsive Confessor, has written a book. Spent half a day reading about its review and finding out more about the Author.. got to know that she is a LSRian too. Bas…that was enough for me to give this book a try – You Are Here by Meenakshi Reddy Madhvan. In spite of the mixed review, I like the book. May be I am biased… cos of those three letters L, S and R…cos I like everything related to that place as it brings some very fond memories along with huge smiles which later turn into grins. I am half done with the book and I am curious to know what happens next.

And all this has happened in just few months. If you know me, you would know that it is an achievement for me. And I am sure Aditi would rather take a sigh of relief after reading this… as she would know that I wont ask her again and again ‘How can you be so glued to those thick books???’ …cos I know the answer now 🙂