Two minus One

The pic was googled.

The pic was googled.

I have spent quite a few years at my current accommodation. A few steps down the lane, there is a small set up of one of the oldest couple (for their age) I came across. The wife would collect the clothes to be ironed from the neighborhood and the husband would iron the clothes. Sometimes vice-verse. The lady once told me the name of the place in Delhi where they lived with their family. It was quite far from the area that I live in, 2 hours approximately by bus. I often wondered why they traveled such a long distance just to iron clothes of 8-10 households. I could never find the reason.

Anyway, the reason of this post is not this. I just wanted to share about this couple who must be in their 80s, commuting for 4 hours everyday on an average, the money they must have earned wasn’t too great but enough for the two of them, who were still together and who still cared for each other. I sometimes speculated if theirs was a love marriage or an arranged one. The lady seemed the pampered one, a brat and often was too straight forward in conversation that it would surprise one. She talked a lot, while the man was quite shy and spoke less. They were seen sharing a beedi many a times. The sight was rather amusing; they looked less like husband and wife, and more like partners in crime.

They stopped working a few months back and their son took over. Got to know that the husband wasn’t keeping well and hence, they were advised to stay at home during harsh winters. Their son came to work after a week or so. My maid often handed over the bundle of our to-be-ironed clothes to him and hence knew him. This afternoon she told me that while generally inquiring about his absence he shared that his mother passed away. The news made me recall this couple and this lady who was quite bold for her era. May her soul find peace and her husband, the strength to survive in her absence. Amen!


When I became a Bua…

For long I wanted to write about a lot of things that have taken place of late…some good, some not so good…

For long I wanted to write to sort out the clutter in mind …some fixable, some not so fixable…

For long I wanted to write, just to write and let it out

For long I waited … write!

Though technically there shouldn’t be any waiting, but with the kind of schedule that I have…I couldn’t help but wait. So the good news is that a soul has emerged on this earth in a form of a baby boy who would lovingly be calling me Bua once he will start talking!

This is such an overwhelming feeling to witness how your careless, irresponsible sibling goes through phenomenal changes. We call the little one Veer and yes I am sure, he will be a step ahead of my brother in terms of braveness and fearlessness.

When I look at my bhai bhabhi, and a few more couple friends who chose to marry the ones they wanted to spend their lives with; I couldn’t stop thinking what if they were ‘influenced’ to marry someone their parents wanted them to marry?

That’s when I pity all those people who surrender to the emotional blackmail of xyz to agree to marry within their religion, caste, community etc. I feel like telling them that they are the ones who are stopping the growth of this world…they are the culprits. It is sad how two people perfect for each other, cannot be together because of parents, family, relatives, society, media, politicians, Obama, Mt. Everest, the cat, the dog, the letter box…so on and so forth. Are you getting my point? The point is that they will listen to any significant or insignificant person but would not listen to the most significant thing – their own heart!

By this I am not saying that we always make the right decisions, but if our decisions are proven wrong just because it involves a certain person who belongs to a certain ‘category’ (by birth)….then it sure is the right decision irrespective of how many times or by how many people you are being told it’s wrong. Those who are afraid to stand by their own decisions or even worst, are afraid to take decisions cos of the opposition … are the ones closing the door of better mindset for the coming generations.

As it was said in Mahabharata; (in my own words) the war did not happen because of those who were bad, but because of those who did not raise their voices and let it happen.

“…with great Power, comes great Responsibility!”

We do have the power to nourish our future generation by being an example, are we taking the responsibility seriously?

The day Veer was born; I could say with surety that he will be raised with the right values. He will be taught about equality and not to judge someone on the basis of their birth. He will be brought up with compassion, with the freedom to choose his path and will be guided well. I can foresee that tomorrow Veer will open the door for the betterment of human mindset just because he will be raised with an open mindset and with utter positivity.

Let the ‘Veer’ in you wake up!

The Wait

Give time some time.. Pic Source: A click by me.

Give time some time..
Pic Source: A click by me.

Some are waiting for the fire to end,
Some are waiting for the spark to light.

Some are waiting for the dawn to break,
Some are waiting for the night to fall.

Some are waiting for the moment to pass,
Some are waiting for the life to start.

Some are waiting for the winters to end,
Some are waiting for the clouds to bend.

Some are waiting for the pain to stop,
Some are waiting for the spell to break.

Some are waiting to fall out, while
Some are waiting to fall in.

Sometimes there is no substitution of “wait”.
Just remember one thing while you do so…
“This too shall pass”

~ G ~


Well Spent Ten Crores!



From now on there should be a new chapter for marketing students to learn about the benefits of mass marketing. No matter how many times it was denied, but wasn’t it pretty evident? Every newspaper, every channel (not just news channels, entertainment channels too), every radio station carried out ‘advertisements’ and not to forget, the live campaigning across the nation. Sometimes I think that Ten Crores is way too less.

Now that the results are out, I wish to ask those on Facebook…if they got their dues?

It was a clean sweep I agree, but I still doubt the intentions of the party. On the other hand I wonder what else people could do if they are supposed to choose less harmful amongst the deceits?

BJP stands as a true example of teamwork today. With the over confident party now, which is going to come into action after a decade, that too with a monopoly; what do you think is going to happen?

1)      NaMo might feel overwhelmed with all the love and trust that this country has shown for him (and not exactly for the party) and works towards delivering what he has been promising for over a year and a half now.

2)      Like any other party, now that the team has got the opportunity they would start working towards filling their pockets, trying not to cross the limits set by Congress in the past decades.

Like any other citizen of India, I too want the best for my nation and for the common people residing within its boundaries and across. If the first happens, there is not going to be any looking back then. India is all set to see the new era of development and uplifting of those below poverty line (and I hope there would now be realistic facts). I look forward to see the minimization of the gap between the poor and the rich.

In case of second, which most probably is going to be the case as we have chosen the less harmful and not ‘absolutely harmless’ (as there were none). I feel that if such cases of dishonesty are reported the party (read NaMo) should take strict action against it. If NaMo (read BJP) goes on the parallel path of Congress with an intention to fool the nation, we know who would be the next butt of jokes.

It is not about being an AAPtard or NaMoNian, we must at least look at the fact that we all want a secure Govt. Some could see the fulfilment of those requirements in AAP and many others saw them in NaMo. At least respect the fact that the other person is trying to think of the best for the country.

It sure is the time to rejoice for NaMo (read BJP), but I hope he understands that “with great power comes great responsibilities”. Each Indian is ready with the checklist of all the promises made by him so far (except those who worship him), there is no time for him to rest now.

And I am not that bad either, to not acknowledge the victory of the history – Congratulation to you and to your team; but do remember – We Are Watching You from NOW ON!!!

All the Best and do give us the opportunity to say “har baar Modi sarkar” by doing good for our country.

PS. A new category names Politics created with this post, and I do not give the credit to BJP (read Modi).

PPS. The repeated and interchanging reference of Modi and BJP is for obvious reasons. Modi = BJP.


Would you STOP stealing????

This is going to be a very direct status update for some BUT I think it is time to draw a line.

There is a difference between ‘getting inspired’ by something and ‘stealing’.

Yes, you read it right …S.T.E.A.L.I.N.G!!!

What else would you call it, if you claim something to be yours which is ‘originally’ someone else’s?


An artist puts his/her emotions, intellect, experience, time, effort and courage to ‘create’ something…be it anything, this status update for example; I am trying to be direct to some and yet be polite and it’s 15 minutes of thinking already…and if you are not a writer you would not know the difference. For you it is just a cluster of some words. Similarly, if you are not a photographer you’d not know why there are some pictures which suddenly connect to you…the thought behind clicking them…the technique etc. A painting take days, weeks, and months to complete and so does some piece of writing or any other form of creativity. Every artist is close to his/her work and then it could be the smallest of things which you would feel is worthless…remember every stroke of painting involves precision.

And then there are some who COPY and PASTE these emotions, thoughts, experiences, time and effort on their ‘timeline’ with their names…as their ‘product’.


I am not Rumi I agree, or Saint Kabir or Shakespeare or J. K. Rowling, basically I am nobody…BUT what is mine, is MINE. I would be very polite in reminding you that you have stolen what is mine, but I would surely put the point across even if it is an ounce of my creativity.

It is nice to see that your work is appreciated but it equally hurts when people forget to tell their friends that it’s not their piece of work. Personally, I lose respect for such people.


Guys please, if you are really inspired by something then at least give the credit to the one who made you think/like something…it is nothing but the appreciation that suffices to such people…it will encourage them to come up with better things for you.


And if it’s that difficult then at least be honest to yourself!!!

Please don’t steal, you may ‘act/think’ as if you have been ‘promoting’ them but then there are some ethics involved there also…

At the end, I would like to quote Khaled Hosseini in his masterpiece The Kite Runner,

“…there is only one sin, only one. And that is theft. Every other sin is a variation of theft. When you kill a man, you steal a life… you steal his wife’s right to a husband, rob his children of a ather. When you tell a lie, you steal someone’s right to the truth. When you cheat, you steal the right to fairness… there is no act more wretched than stealing.”

~ I hope that makes sense, THANK YOU for understanding us ~

PS. Some of you can imagine how pissed I must be to eventually add a ‘status’ update of FB as a ‘post’ on my blog…that too, at this hour!

PPS. It took me more than an hour and a half to be straight forward/direct in putting my anger across and yet follow my Values by not ‘crossing the line’

Read between the lines

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When it comes to theory everyone prefers to be ‘direct’. Oh yes, its The Flashy word these days; an ornament that people believe to ‘wear’ to be ‘in fashion’. On the contrary the reality is still the same, people still talk behind your back. This is not new; I have been meeting such people every now and then. We all do, isn’t it? So what makes me write this post today?

Well….this is my ‘enough is enough’ post. You may want to skip it if you think that you would feel ‘offended’ with the introduction of my darker shade.

I am usually a patient person; there already is so much happening in my life leaving no time to dissect somebody else’s. Neither am I interested. You are good to me, I am good to you – is what I try to follow. In fact, at times I have given so much benefit of doubt to certain people that I ended up getting hurt. There of course are few that I came across, who I simply don’t want around, basically the fake ones. You know, there always are few attention seekers and the ones who are extra sugary to you in front and are bitchy for sure at the back. I find it better to keep distance from such people. It might be a regular practice for them to fake smile and concern, but I can’t do it; unless it’s professionally required. Being a professional we often are forced to be nice to people we can’t stand even for a minute. I ensure not to drag the ‘formality’ to my personal life. I feel sad to realize that life has become a business; we fake our concerns too much in professional life that we become bound by it. I know people who back stab those so called ‘close friends’ who adorned them in their profile pictures. And then they preach about how essential it is to be amiable with them for professional health (even on Facebook??).

We often fail to judge people, I do too. I have a track record suggesting not to trust anyone further, but then I think of not punishing everyone because of one.

The recent stint was strange. I never met such kind of person before. Someone I knew for over a year. She has been through a lot of ups and downs in her personal life. And at the same time has been a gossip stock for many. I preferred not to be a part of gossips and not to judge her on the basis of them. She was nice to me and beyond that it’s her life and her decisions. I wonder if she ever came across anything wrong said by me for her. But do such people consider that? Now I know that they don’t.

So this girl introduced me to a friend and later asked me if I liked him. Suggestions to meet him further were made too. “Teri baat chalau?” is something so often used by people that it makes me wonder why aren’t they getting into match-making? Anyways, my answer of course was a NO. Moreover, it wasn’t difficult for me to judge from his smile that he liked this girl.

Days went by and he was mentioned at some occasion in conversations. I added the guy on FB after few conversations through her. I have been a part of community sites and blogging world for over a decade now. And I have met numerous people online, some turned out to be great friends in real life, both male and female. I got to learn from the rest. Hence, nothing to hype it for me. Sometime back when I got the chance to interact with the girl, she told me that she was proposed by this guy. I reminded her of my words few months back. Now, I doubt if she was correct.

Later, I got to know that I was being accused of adding this guy on FB and was in fact portrayed as someone who tried to hit on him. “What the fuck?” was of course my first reaction.

I found it amusing how easy it must have been for her to say such things for me, that too when she has been the one provoking me. A girl who kept telling me how everyone talked behind her back and what all they talked about; there were words spoken against her in front of her too. And of all the people, I was being blamed by her.

Some people are so clever, there are few I know who have been making me ‘famous’ with their versions of stories just because I am not there to share the reality. And I pity those who trust them even after knowing the situations.

I was furious, of course. And I expressed it through a status update on FB. I often do this. Technology sometimes is such a boon. In FB era, one doesn’t have to keep it inside. Share it with the world; even Facebook wants to know everything that bothers you. I love this part about myself. Once someone plays a game with me and succeed, I don’t let them repeat it. Then it’s “Shut the fuck up!” stage.

Few things I want to make very clear to such people:

1)     I have the very right to kick you out of my life without giving explanations. I am very sure who I want to be associated with, and my life functions fantastic without you.

2)     If you feel offended by my status updates and think that I am too direct

  1. That’s what I call a guilty conscious, I neither mentioned you nor tagged you. I just expressed my feelings in words.
  2. Thank my decency that I don’t believe in taking names on such forums. But if the limits are crossed, I might forget this too.

3)     If you think you have the liberty to cook stories and lie about me behind my back, then I DO have the very right to express myself.

4)     I don’t need to talk to you again or ‘try’ to resolve it because I don’t want to resolve it.

5)     I won’t delete you from my friend’s list, I would rather make you read my future status updates (posted for you).

This one is especially for those who are not single and think that my single status is a threat to their relationships

1)     I have absolutely NO interest in ‘stealing’ your boyfriend or husband or whatever.

2)     I do have a spine to follow my principles.

3)     I do have a class and conscious, AND you are rather a threat to it.


SO…Just back off and think before you speak crap about someone who was harmless or else be ready for the standing ovation of middle finger!!!!

The End of an Era


The last man standing in my grands’ generation called it off yesterday. My mom lost his father to a heart attack. Though we were not very frequent to our Naanke, there still are memories to cherish. I met him last year at my cousin’s marriage and that was after years. He looked weak, but still was no less than destiny’s favourite brat.

It was Lohri yesterday and we had some friends who came over for dinner. While helping my sister-in-law in the kitchen with chapattis, I heard mom calling out my name. And as in usual days we all do, I asked her to wait for a minute. She called again in rage, I was a little embarrassed of this behaviour as my friends were listening too. Blabbering in a rude tone, I came in the room where she was sitting. I saw her eyes filled with tears as she managed to inform me about her father’s death. I felt as if I have been hit by a rock. Suddenly I was too ashamed and shocked to say anything. All I could do was to hold her hand.

They had to leave early morning to see him off this mortal world. Mom, dad and brother left at 7 am along with masiji, mausaji and cousins following in their vehicle. They escaped the lethal fog at Yamuna express highway, when the car in front of ours banged into another one. It was a narrow escape. Later I heard the news on TV that there were 25 cars rammed into one another injuring over 12 people. It was the carelessness of one family because of which 25 others paid.

While Nanaji would continue to live in memories and albums, his Legacy is surely going to live long.

We never give it a thought but come what may, nothing in this world can replace parents AND nothing in this world can replace children. While elderly give us a feeling of being secured, children would continue to remain the purpose of living for parents. We may or may not be able to connect with our parents, due to distance in kilometres or in generations; but there mere presence in this world is enough to make us feel that we are not alone.

While I pray for my Nanaji to have peace, I wish that we realise on time that family would always be more important than egos, generation gaps, arguments and may we overcome them to cherish the sweetness of this wonderful bond called Family.