Would you STOP stealing????

This is going to be a very direct status update for some BUT I think it is time to draw a line.

There is a difference between ‘getting inspired’ by something and ‘stealing’.

Yes, you read it right …S.T.E.A.L.I.N.G!!!

What else would you call it, if you claim something to be yours which is ‘originally’ someone else’s?


An artist puts his/her emotions, intellect, experience, time, effort and courage to ‘create’ something…be it anything, this status update for example; I am trying to be direct to some and yet be polite and it’s 15 minutes of thinking already…and if you are not a writer you would not know the difference. For you it is just a cluster of some words. Similarly, if you are not a photographer you’d not know why there are some pictures which suddenly connect to you…the thought behind clicking them…the technique etc. A painting take days, weeks, and months to complete and so does some piece of writing or any other form of creativity. Every artist is close to his/her work and then it could be the smallest of things which you would feel is worthless…remember every stroke of painting involves precision.

And then there are some who COPY and PASTE these emotions, thoughts, experiences, time and effort on their ‘timeline’ with their names…as their ‘product’.


I am not Rumi I agree, or Saint Kabir or Shakespeare or J. K. Rowling, basically I am nobody…BUT what is mine, is MINE. I would be very polite in reminding you that you have stolen what is mine, but I would surely put the point across even if it is an ounce of my creativity.

It is nice to see that your work is appreciated but it equally hurts when people forget to tell their friends that it’s not their piece of work. Personally, I lose respect for such people.


Guys please, if you are really inspired by something then at least give the credit to the one who made you think/like something…it is nothing but the appreciation that suffices to such people…it will encourage them to come up with better things for you.


And if it’s that difficult then at least be honest to yourself!!!

Please don’t steal, you may ‘act/think’ as if you have been ‘promoting’ them but then there are some ethics involved there also…

At the end, I would like to quote Khaled Hosseini in his masterpiece The Kite Runner,

“…there is only one sin, only one. And that is theft. Every other sin is a variation of theft. When you kill a man, you steal a life… you steal his wife’s right to a husband, rob his children of a ather. When you tell a lie, you steal someone’s right to the truth. When you cheat, you steal the right to fairness… there is no act more wretched than stealing.”

~ I hope that makes sense, THANK YOU for understanding us ~

PS. Some of you can imagine how pissed I must be to eventually add a ‘status’ update of FB as a ‘post’ on my blog…that too, at this hour!

PPS. It took me more than an hour and a half to be straight forward/direct in putting my anger across and yet follow my Values by not ‘crossing the line’

Stay Happy or Stay Hungry???

“You should not be happy…you should be hungry”

This is what I heard when I was enjoying the moment of contentment for a moment after doing something better than what I did before…but that of course was not upto the mark as per the experts. And this statement triggered the churning machine fixed in mind.

People often draft a characteristic of someone else based on their observations and then they go to any extent to prove that they are right. The same thing happened to me when I was silently praising myself for doing a fairly good job of making a round shape chapatti than crafting yet another map of an unknown location.

I have always been a competitor…but only with myself! Competing with someone else makes me feel inferior. Every individual is different, they have their own limitations, their own will power and determination… and all this doesn’t belong to just one parameter there are numerous things involved in making one what they are. If I compare myself with someone else, I disrespect my individuality and restrict my horizons as per that other ‘ideal’ person. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari said that greatness lies in excelling yourself, what you were a minute ago…there is no superiority in competing with someone else (in my own words). Its horses which run in the race and compete.

 It’s a competitive world and there are others who compete. I would let them compete…and if ever I get to realise that there is someone competing with me, I feel elated with the fact that they consider me superior to themselves. I am indifferent to the result of their competition as I am always involved in being superior of myself every other minute.

I would rather enjoy the moment of accomplishment before proceeding to exceed the same rather than worrying about something that I am yet to achieve. Hunger is rather a negative word, which makes the feel-good feeling vanish. Achieving the desired result is recommendable, it becomes the success when you enjoy the procedure of achieving the result…otherwise there won’t be any difference between humans and machinery…isn’t it?


Born To Be Free, Sensibly…


Every year we wish each other A Very Happy Independence Day…. with a hope to make India better, are we contributing our bit?????

Today, I would like to take up something different. I did mention before that I wish we could have a border-less world…where we all are a big country. I would like to continue on the same lines on a very controversial and yet sensitive topic. Yesterday a friend updated the following status on his FB account and I liked it, cos I believe it:

“Apna Independence Day celebrate karna hai karo. Padosi desh ki buraai kar ke kya prove kar liya?? They are also civilians suffering from a inept corrupt tyrannical government. They are men and women with families and children hoping to make a living, live life safely and securely and finding small joys in daily life. Why does one need to feel great only by making others feel small. Pathetic Fanaticism. Disgusted beyond limit”

[These quoted lines are specifically for those who are often found abusing other rival country. Independence Day is one occasion when everyone feel the high pressure of patriotism in blood and its often mistaken. People think that their hatred for rival country would prove their love for own.

No one stops you to celebrate the occasion of Independence Day of your country. What does one trying to prove by abusing the other?]

Once as a child I watched it on some show/serial/soap on TV – someone was asked to reduce the length of an already drew line, by not touching it. How can you do it?????? He/She just drew another line…lengthier than the previous one. Thus, making that line look shorter.

Since then, it has always been one of the principles I try to live by.

You should always make yourself rise so high in life that everything that doesn’t matter seems small

We and our neighbors have fought the same battle of freedom….together. Our history books would almost have the same content. Our ancestors were same. We both originated from the same land. In this era of hatred can’t we give peace a chance?????

People often say that its ‘cos of people with the above mentioned thinking terrorists in India are still safe and living life king-size in prison. I would here like to say that even with the above thinking, I believe that justice should be done and the culprit should be Hanged till death. It’s not about just one life or two…. it’s about countless people who died and who are still living with fear.

And at the same time, every citizen out there is NOT a terrorist…cos of few psycho minds we CANNOT refer any community as terrorists.

And, before pointing fingers at others we should first keep our hands clean. Are we clean as a Nation??? Ok, let’s just talk about an individual first…Are you clean as a citizen of India????  We all have faults…we still have… let’s first heal ourselves before we make our mission to abuse someone else.

You are free to Speak…BUT it’s a responsibility of each and everyone to THINK BEFORE SPEAKING !!!!!

What Do You Prefer…Being Fake or Being Original???

 So here is a lil conversation between 2 people. 3 characters involved in total. X, Y and Z. Z has a special appearance for one dialogue, just like SRK’s in Om Shanti Om (he had a role to say one word ‘dialogue’…”bhaago”…remember???)

Some background for you…Y and Z are best of friends. Y accepted X’s friend request on Facebook by mistake and since then X has been commenting and expressing his views on Y’s wall and status very regularly. Now by ‘very’ in mean VERY

Y recently changed her profile pic, which was appreciated and ‘liked’ by most of the population.

But X posted on her Wall saying….

X: Photo change karo ………. :-O

To which Y replied…


After that there was no reply from X….for xyz reasons…

Z visited Y’s Wall and saw the post. Z wondered what’s wrong with X…he is asking Y to change such an awesome pic (a pic which was clicked by Z and everyone loved that new pic)

Z: Kyu Bhai kya problem hai photo me??

X: Specs wali achhi hai…intelligent lagti hai…

Z: unki har pic achhi hai…. And intelligent ‘lagney’ ki kya zaroorat ho jab intelligent ho….right??

X: I know that…..but lagni bhi to chahiye……….

Z: thts not something intelligent people are worried about…

“Dikhave pen a jao, apni akal lagao”  😛

Y: LOL!!!

X: 🙂

After this something went on in X’s mind and he decided to send a msg to Z….with the subject line “Don’t you think it’s time?” …below are the conversations through msgs…

X: Show off is the need of time….

Z was puzzled at this guy. He once was at ‘sending-friend’s-request spree to everyone in her circle of friends. And every one ignored for a simple reason of not knowing him. Poor Y who accepted it cos there were few common friends.

Z: no…ABSOLUTELY NO !!!! I hate to be fake ….and I HATE fake people… I respect originality….”

X: Don’t be fake….show off originally….

Z: well Mr. X….pls continue showing off your originality in showing off, the way you do…and pls stop giving me advices on something that I don’t believe in…. I wont understand what you are saying cos I don’t want to and you wont understand what I am saying cos you cant…


X: I am not giving any advice to you Ms. Z and m not at all trying to convince anybody…m living the way I live… moreover I was in conversation with Y and it was you who started in between… I don’t care wat you believe in…

Z: … your msgs again and you wud realize wat it was if not n advice…thr wsnt any need of ths communicatn anyway. And if u dint care thn u shudnt hv initiated ths… rahi baat beech me padne ki… Y is my best frnd and I do hv the right to tk a stand fr her…thr wsnt anything wrong in wat I asked, cos u probably r d only one asking her to chnge that pic…or rather ordering the same…

And btw…has anyone evr gvn u a feedbk abt your display pic??? Time to change tht too….something wch wud probably mk u luk a lil intelligent…!!!


He dint msg since thn…

Now this makes me think why people believe in ‘showing off’??

PS. I HATE such people…..

15th August

Should we celebrate 15th August???

There isn’t any harm. Yes we can and we should. But in this
celebration we should also keep aside some time to think about ‘if we are actually free??’

Zindgi me har cheez k mayene waqt k sath badalte hain… (everything in life changes the meaning along with time)

Something which we consider as our priority might not remain one after few years. Similarly, I would stop craving for a doll in my teens and would probably ask for a bike. Why am I saying all this?? Well…just to make you think if the meaning of Freedom has change for you. If it did…then what exactly it is?? Freedom doesn’t only mean a country running on its own without being Ruled by foreigners.

This thought has been troubling me for a while now. More so after a short discussion with a friend on a one liner that I created. The thought behind it was simple, I was wishing for all the ‘borders’ to vanish, which exist in this world and within us to ensure there is no obstacle in the flow of love, affection and a helping hand to whoever, whenever, wherever required.

I don’t consider ourselves free till the time we think twice before helping a person…if we ‘decide’ to fall in love with someone…if we find a baby not affectionate enough just cos he is on a lap of a roadside vender…

This means we are prejudiced. And its not actually we…its the memory chip of our mind which has been designed in such a way through the experiences and our up bringing that we become judgmental to everyone and everything around us. Who is the culprit??? WE are the culprits.

That battle for Freedom took many lives, required many efforts…many years and was difficult…near to impossible in the beginning. This one is relatively less difficult, if you want you can start directing your thoughts towards constructive India right from this moment without wasting time, it surely would require a lot of efforts but its not impossible at all…and its just YOU you have to debate with apart from some old rituals which doesn’t hold any relevance in today’s world.

I am not sure if I was able to put my point across or not…but I hope you will give it a thought this Independence Day to make our country grow beyond N number of discriminations and old rituals which are being kept high for no reasons. Our country do need a change and only its people can bring it on.

Happy Independence Day to all of you…help your country by thinking positive and constructive.

United we Stand…Divided we Fall…

Wearable or Unbearable

 One instance that Parv mentioned in his Blog post made me write this.

We have said and heard enough about the ‘desired’ Dresscode policy for girls and sometimes some people initiated to be the moral police for the same. A girl should be allowed to wear what she wants to…I totally…. I mean TOTALLY support that. It’s an individual choice…. What to and what not to wear. I don’t have the right to say anything on that. But what I would like to mention here is…if we consider freedom as one side of the coin… the other one has to be responsibility.

I know that women in NO WAY invites to be raped if she wears 2-piece on a beach… or a mini skirt to a pub… or a spaghetti on a road, but does that mean we can wear anything and everything…anywhere and everywhere?? Do we have a responsibility towards others?? Yes, we do. Why am I even bringing this up…this responsibility quotient?? Well…I consider myself to be a part of society and yes I do have some responsibility towards it. We all are…aren’t we?? Imagine… you are with your family in a park and you find out that at the other end there is a couple having sex. Wouldn’t you feel uncomfortable?? I know this is an extreme example but I couldn’t think of anything else.

When we go for dinner at a relatives’ place, do we dress up like we are going for a party???

All I want to say is that there is an occasion for every dress… no body is stopping you from wearing those tank/tube tops, spaghettis or mini skirts but please re-consider if the occasion calls for it. This is Common Sense…can’t we apply that while dressing up for daily routine?

Some might think that I am trying to harm the ‘right’ of a girl…Right of wearing anything that she wants to… well if you think that way then may be you would never get my point.

Even if a guy walks out of his home in an inner-wear, people would still stare at him. Its not a matter of gender… it’s the matter of how we represent ourselves.

This is 21st Century… we shouldn’t be talking like this… we are modern.., we should be allowed to wear whatever we want to… agreed!!!

Anything that makes you look beautiful is worth it… but one should avoid anything that looks vulgar…and since when clothes have started being the ambassadors of ‘modern thoughts’??

We need to think…

Let’s Get Serious…And Do Something For Them

Have you ever thought of The Jungle Book without the Sher-Khan?? There was one Sher-Khan in Talespin as well…being dubbed by Nana Patekar I guess. Hell No…. they are the very important and strong characters in these stories.

 I always wondered why in most of the stories they have been portrayed as negative characters? Is that a reason why some ‘good’ people are trying to accumulate some ‘good fortune’ by killing these creatures? Some of you might think that it used to happen in the past when Raja-MahaRajaas used to kill animals for the pleasure, but this hunting-and-all doesn’t happen these days. If it doesn’t get reported doesn’t mean that it’s not happening. We might not know who these people are or what exactly is happening but I don’t know how else to justify the rate at which the extinction of this specie is happening.

I have only seen Tigers in zoo … That too hardly one or two times in my lifetime and if they keep on diminishing like this I see the chances of seeing a Tiger walking down the lane of a sanctuary diminishing too. Forget about my children.. they would only hear about them and might get an idea how tigers used to look like through The Jungle Book may be.

The society is getting charged up to save them now, I would like to contribute a small bit to the same by writing about it here on my Blog to start with. I saw the ad a couple of days back on TV and it reminded me of my Dino. And tigers might not be the only specie which we are in a danger of losing, there might be many. But the change should start from somewhere and it being a National Animal should get some preference. I hope this roar gets louder and more ‘n’ more people join in. And I hope this positivity comes for everything that needs attention in this world.

We keep wondering what can we do and feel so small. Every positive change comes with a thought. So even if all you can do is discuss among your friends about these issues apart from the routine gossips, it would help. It’s the awareness that we should spread first. A changed positive thought in one person would light up the thought in someone else.


I just hope that people who kill/harm animals, stop behaving like terrorists.


While writing this, a movie came into my mind. I hated that movie and thought that it was a waste of money. I appreciated the topic of the movie even then, but hated the way it was treated. They could have done much better, don’t know what SRK and KJ spent money for in that one? The movie was Kaal. And the concept was based on the instances where tourists cross their limits and don’t let the poor animals live in peace. And when you live but don’t let the others live….sooner or later it comes back to you.


I just hope that this light is carried forward by some of you in your talks, thoughts, mails or may be blogs.


Let the cubs live to become a Tiger …..

 …and let the Tiger live to play with their cubs.

Aren’t they beautiful?? I wish I could have one cub and name him Dino 😀

PS. You can also visit this site –

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