Inked for Life – Dream accomplished!

So, here it is…

My second in last 5 month and it’s a dream come true!

I have carried this wish in my heart for the last five and a half years, since the day Dino left us. I wanted his name to be tattooed on me. A lot of denials initially and good that there were many. Now when I look back I do realise that it would have been a tattoo of despair, but it is more of a celebration now.

My first tattoo is that of the Buddha. Mainly because the life philosophy of Buddhism has helped me overcome the void that was created by Dino’s absence. Only those who have pets would be able to understand what void I am talking about. I was very finicky about the Buddha face. I had eaten their heads with the description of the face I wanted. I wanted it to be a masculine face as most of the Buddha faces I came across were feminine. I did not want a chubby face on chubby me. And it should be a meditating face (eyes closed) yet smiling and peaceful. Each time someone would look at the tattoo, the same feeling of peace and serenity should flow. We picked up one pic, which was that of a statue. Defying all the myths of first timer, I went alone to get the tattoo. Was brave enough to not scream. I could tolerate the pain by making weird faces though. This tattoo is a masterpiece and whosoever had seen the tattoo was in an awe.

This tattoo has another amusing purpose. This is for all those who like to talk behind my back…well, I now have a Buddha watching over you 😛

© Garima - I for an Eye

© Garima – I for an Eye

When I got this tattoo from a brilliant guy in Chandigarh, I told them that I would comeback for the second one in June. Chandigarh, however; couldn’t happen. I came across another brilliant reference of someone in Delhi itself. For me if an artist can make a portrait tattoo closer to the picture then he can make any tattoo. Both these guys are impeccable in portraits and hence I trusted them for my tattoos. Till 1:00 PM of 06th of June 2015, I thought that I will have to wait till next year for this one. But within a few minutes things fell in place and I was getting ready for my second tattoo.

When I was deciding for my second tattoo, I chose a very simple design of infinity accommodating a heart and paws at each side. A friend who was shown that design just mentioned angel feathers and I ended up filtering the one that I have now. Thank you, I love the tattoo!

I had added this tattoo in my vision board, with the date distinctively attached to it (in my mind/heart). And maybe that is why there was a sudden change in the situation.

Here is my tattoo..

© Garima - I for an Eye

© Garima – I for an Eye

It is on the left hand, because that hand consists of the vein which goes to the heart. It is at the forearm, though I had decided for the bicep. I changed my mind last minute because with this placement, I can hug my tattoo 😀 (it might sound crazy, but what makes you believe in my sanity 😛 ). The tattoo has a dog’s paw at the centre. The tattoo simply says that Dino was an angel of my life who will always remain in my heart. Next is Dino’s name and the date on which he parted.

Needless to say that this one is another masterpiece and is very emotionally attached to me.

So now, a masterpiece by the Master Himself is adorned with two masterpieces for life 😉

More to come; now I know what they mean when they say that getting inked is an addiction. I have already started googling for the next one.

While I was struggling during the day with my own thoughts, something disheartening happened. A friend lost his pet in morning, the one that I enquired about a few days back. I could relate to the pain so much, and I wondered at the unfortunate coincidence…that the day mine was born, his took a step ahead. All I wish to convey to him and all those who have lost someone close is that the more we cry thinking of them, the more trouble we cause to their soul (irrespective of the form it is in) and the more we celebrate them, the more they flourish. This is one thought which made me move on, we would not want our dear ones to be in trouble because of us wherever they are. So for their sake, we need to be happy and we need to smile for them. There is nothing else that will make them happy!

I wish Stanley a very peaceful final journey. May he continue to spread love and happiness wherever he goes next. He would have loved to be your encouraging factor rather than being the one slowing you down in your journey of life. You had a lovely, most loved time of your life with him. And you gave him the best you could according to your knowledge and resources, he will always be thankful to you for that. Wish you the strength to overcome the loss!

Dogs truly are the gift to mankind, wish they could accompany us longer.

PS. My tattoo is my advance birthday gift from my bhai and bhabhi. The best birthday gift I have ever got….Love you both, thank you so very much!!!

Ajnabi/अजनबी – A to Z Challenge Day 1


The letter A. The first one in the list. And I wanted to start with Hindi as I did last time too. Initiating the A to Z Challenge with Hindi as a token of respect to the language which is the basis of all the learning that I could accumulate so far and would continue to imbibe in the future.

Thank you Google Search for the image

Thank you Google Search for the image


अजनबी/Ajnabi in English means ‘a Stranger’

है तो अजनबी
पर अपना सा लगता है
कड़कती धूप सी ज़िंदगी मे
एक सुहाना सपना सा लगता है
आ जाए गर सामने
तो क्या पहचानूँगी मैं उसे
आ जाए गर सामने
तो क्या पहचानूँगी मैं उसे
दिल पर कोई तो दस्तक होगी
शायद ऐसा लगता है
है तो अजनबी
पर पता नहीं क्यूँ अपना सा लगता है


सोचती हूँ अक्सर उसके बारे में
लोगों की भीड़ में
तन्हाई के सन्नाटे में
सुकून देता है उसका ख़याल
जैसे एक घने जंगल में
किसी चिड़िया की हो आवाज़
जैसे एक नाव
आ गयी हो अपने साहिल के पास
जैसे रात के अंधेरे में
मुस्कुराता हुआ चाँद


है तो अजनबी
पर अपना साया सा लगता है
दिसंबर की सर्दी में
चाय का गरम प्याला सा लगता है
हुए गर हम रु-बा-रु
तो क्या पहचानेगा वो मुझे
हुए गर हम रु-बा-रु
तो क्या पहचानेगा वो मुझे
दिल सुनेगा वो धीमी सी आहट
शायद ऐसा लगता है
है तो अजनबी
पर पता नहीं क्यूँ अपना ही साया लगता है

English Translation:

Though he is a stranger,
But seems like my own.
Pleasant as a soothing dream,
Of a journey in scorching sun.
Will I recognize him,
If he happen to cross my way?
There will be a knock on the doors of heart,
This is what I believe.
Though he is a stranger,
But I don’t know why he seems to be my own.

I think about him often,
Be it a midst the crowd
Or in the silence of my loneliness.
Even his thought soothes my soul,
Like the sound of a bird
In otherwise calm forest.
Like a boat
Which just met its shore.
Like a shining moon
During the darkest of night.

Though he is a stranger,
But seem as close as my shadow.
Warm as a cup of tea,
In the winters of December.
Will we recognize each other,
If we come face to face?
The heart will hear the sounds of steps,
Is something I believe.
Though he is a stranger
But I don’t know why he seems as close as my shadow.

PS. I wish that the translation in English could rhyme too, but I hope my English readers were able to get the gist of what I tried to say in Hindi. Thank you for reading!


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Two minus One

The pic was googled.

The pic was googled.

I have spent quite a few years at my current accommodation. A few steps down the lane, there is a small set up of one of the oldest couple (for their age) I came across. The wife would collect the clothes to be ironed from the neighborhood and the husband would iron the clothes. Sometimes vice-verse. The lady once told me the name of the place in Delhi where they lived with their family. It was quite far from the area that I live in, 2 hours approximately by bus. I often wondered why they traveled such a long distance just to iron clothes of 8-10 households. I could never find the reason.

Anyway, the reason of this post is not this. I just wanted to share about this couple who must be in their 80s, commuting for 4 hours everyday on an average, the money they must have earned wasn’t too great but enough for the two of them, who were still together and who still cared for each other. I sometimes speculated if theirs was a love marriage or an arranged one. The lady seemed the pampered one, a brat and often was too straight forward in conversation that it would surprise one. She talked a lot, while the man was quite shy and spoke less. They were seen sharing a beedi many a times. The sight was rather amusing; they looked less like husband and wife, and more like partners in crime.

They stopped working a few months back and their son took over. Got to know that the husband wasn’t keeping well and hence, they were advised to stay at home during harsh winters. Their son came to work after a week or so. My maid often handed over the bundle of our to-be-ironed clothes to him and hence knew him. This afternoon she told me that while generally inquiring about his absence he shared that his mother passed away. The news made me recall this couple and this lady who was quite bold for her era. May her soul find peace and her husband, the strength to survive in her absence. Amen!


The Fault in Our Stars

Googled for posters

Googled for posters

All of you must have experienced this I am sure – you never like the movie, when you have already read the book. I knew nothing about this bestseller unless it was recommended as a movie by someone. As I could not catch the movie on the theatre, I borrowed the pirated print from a friend.

I am sure that the book is beautiful. But I was thanking my stars that I did not decide to go for the book (okk, don’t kill me for saying this), I am less of a book person and more of a movie person. I was again thanking my stars for not being able to catch the movie on a theatre; I would have been a social embarrassment. When I had started believing that I have become an emotionless, there came a movie which made me cry with bucket full of tears. I couldn’t watch the movie in one go. I was watching the movie on the laptop…alone and was choking to breathe.

Yes, the movie is about cancer but it focuses on life and love than the terrible disease. It was magical; how Gus would just look at Hazel and without saying a word, just with his breath he would convey his love for her. Teen age love…Sigh! I thought I grew over it, but I guess I over estimated myself.

Another friend watched it on my recommendation and the next day she brought up a point for my opinion.

What is more unfortunate – finding the love of your life and not being able to spend your life with him/her OR not being able to find that someone in your entire life?

To me, though both the situations are sad; the former is more unfortunate.

What do you think? And why?

PS. Though I believe that at the end of the day one should not wait for someone else to make him/her feel loved or better, but after watching this movie I wish each one of us must meet the Augustus Waters of our lives. Even if it is for one day, cos I know that that one day would be enough to survive through the remaining days of life.

Google again!

Google again!

The End of an Era


The last man standing in my grands’ generation called it off yesterday. My mom lost his father to a heart attack. Though we were not very frequent to our Naanke, there still are memories to cherish. I met him last year at my cousin’s marriage and that was after years. He looked weak, but still was no less than destiny’s favourite brat.

It was Lohri yesterday and we had some friends who came over for dinner. While helping my sister-in-law in the kitchen with chapattis, I heard mom calling out my name. And as in usual days we all do, I asked her to wait for a minute. She called again in rage, I was a little embarrassed of this behaviour as my friends were listening too. Blabbering in a rude tone, I came in the room where she was sitting. I saw her eyes filled with tears as she managed to inform me about her father’s death. I felt as if I have been hit by a rock. Suddenly I was too ashamed and shocked to say anything. All I could do was to hold her hand.

They had to leave early morning to see him off this mortal world. Mom, dad and brother left at 7 am along with masiji, mausaji and cousins following in their vehicle. They escaped the lethal fog at Yamuna express highway, when the car in front of ours banged into another one. It was a narrow escape. Later I heard the news on TV that there were 25 cars rammed into one another injuring over 12 people. It was the carelessness of one family because of which 25 others paid.

While Nanaji would continue to live in memories and albums, his Legacy is surely going to live long.

We never give it a thought but come what may, nothing in this world can replace parents AND nothing in this world can replace children. While elderly give us a feeling of being secured, children would continue to remain the purpose of living for parents. We may or may not be able to connect with our parents, due to distance in kilometres or in generations; but there mere presence in this world is enough to make us feel that we are not alone.

While I pray for my Nanaji to have peace, I wish that we realise on time that family would always be more important than egos, generation gaps, arguments and may we overcome them to cherish the sweetness of this wonderful bond called Family.

बीस साल पहले …

पहले शायद हर बीस या तीस साल में एक नयी पीड़ी आती थी, फिर वो समय दस साल में तब्दील हुआ…अब शायद हर पांच साल बाद सोच बदल जाती है, शौक बदल जाते हैं, जीने का अंदाज़ बदल जाता है. बात उस समय की है जब टीवी पे रामायण आया करती थी, रविवार सुबह नौ बजे. उस से पहले ठीक सात बजे रंगोली आता था…गानों का कार्यक्रम. कमाल की बात तो ये है क सुबह नींद बिना अलार्म के खुल जाया करती थी. दिन में सोया करते फिर डीडी-1 पर शाम कोई फिल्म आती तो सारे काम ख़तम कर टीवी के सामने बैठ जाया करते थे.

गर्मियां कम हुआ करती थी और खूब हवा चला करती थी. मम्मी पापा भाई और मैं छत पे टेहेलने जाया करते थे. एक फोल्डिंग होता था और एक कम्बल लेके जाते थे. उस कम्बल को फोल्डिंग पे बिछा कर नाव बनायीं जाती थी और फिर तूफानी समुद्र में एक ध्रुव तारे को देखते हुए रास्ता ढूंडा जाता था. तारे गिने जाते थे, तारो में शक्लें ढूँढी जाती थी, छज्जे पे चढ़ जोर जोर से जन-गन-मन गया जाता था…एक मम्मी की गोद में तोह एक पापा की गोद में जाता था…झूला झुलाया जाता था. जब मौसम जादा अच्छा होता था तो छत पे सोया जाता था.

कभी कभी सोचती हूँ तो लगता है, आज के वक़्त में शायद वोही तारों की चादर में सोते हैं जिनके सर पे छत नहीं होती. एक तोह मौसम की मजबूरी है…दूसरा हैसियत की. वो दिन अछे थे जब हर छत पे टोर्च की रौशनी में कुछ लोग बिछोना लगते नज़र आते थे. पानी के जग में बर्फ डाल के रात के लिए रखा जाता था. चाँद में बुड्ढी माई को ढूंडा जाता था…हर रात चाँद को नापा जाता..की आज कल से छोटा है या नहीं…जब तक मम्मी-पापा में से कोई डांट के सोने को न बोले तब तक बातें की जाती और खूब हंसा जाता था…अगर रात बीच में बारिश आ जाये तोह अपना अपना बोरिया बिस्तरा उठा के नीचे घर की ओर भागा जाता था.

क्या कोई ऐसा है जिसने ये सब जिया हो और कुछ हट के किया हो?

15th August

Should we celebrate 15th August???

There isn’t any harm. Yes we can and we should. But in this
celebration we should also keep aside some time to think about ‘if we are actually free??’

Zindgi me har cheez k mayene waqt k sath badalte hain… (everything in life changes the meaning along with time)

Something which we consider as our priority might not remain one after few years. Similarly, I would stop craving for a doll in my teens and would probably ask for a bike. Why am I saying all this?? Well…just to make you think if the meaning of Freedom has change for you. If it did…then what exactly it is?? Freedom doesn’t only mean a country running on its own without being Ruled by foreigners.

This thought has been troubling me for a while now. More so after a short discussion with a friend on a one liner that I created. The thought behind it was simple, I was wishing for all the ‘borders’ to vanish, which exist in this world and within us to ensure there is no obstacle in the flow of love, affection and a helping hand to whoever, whenever, wherever required.

I don’t consider ourselves free till the time we think twice before helping a person…if we ‘decide’ to fall in love with someone…if we find a baby not affectionate enough just cos he is on a lap of a roadside vender…

This means we are prejudiced. And its not actually we…its the memory chip of our mind which has been designed in such a way through the experiences and our up bringing that we become judgmental to everyone and everything around us. Who is the culprit??? WE are the culprits.

That battle for Freedom took many lives, required many efforts…many years and was difficult…near to impossible in the beginning. This one is relatively less difficult, if you want you can start directing your thoughts towards constructive India right from this moment without wasting time, it surely would require a lot of efforts but its not impossible at all…and its just YOU you have to debate with apart from some old rituals which doesn’t hold any relevance in today’s world.

I am not sure if I was able to put my point across or not…but I hope you will give it a thought this Independence Day to make our country grow beyond N number of discriminations and old rituals which are being kept high for no reasons. Our country do need a change and only its people can bring it on.

Happy Independence Day to all of you…help your country by thinking positive and constructive.

United we Stand…Divided we Fall…