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Unlike last year when at the end of 2009 I had to create a post of all the movies I watched, I thought of creating a separate page for the same this time. After all, this is something that I spend most of my money on.

I Love watching movies, I am a movie buff. I like to go for the First Day First Shows (FDFS), but aaj ke kalyug me FDFS ke liye time nikaalna thoda kathin hai, so I have to settle down for First Day Third Show or second day some show sometimes. I am a worst critic of movies, I Love most of them. May be this is one category in my life which I show the positivity towards…utter positivity. And that’s the reason I find even the flops interesting. There always is something or the other which would make me say ‘watch-itt’ and this ‘something’ could be anything…be it a song or an actor or the title, the twists or the tales, locations and everything else which couldn’t be categorized in any of the categories mentioned before.

My Best experience so far is Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na and Chak De India! JTYJN was released on 4th of July few years back and it was an off for us. Me and my 3 friends (Anu, Rana & Shivani) made a plan to watch the FDFS. We fortunately got the tickets few minutes before it was declared a House-Full. We found Imran Khan uber-cute and hooted for him non-stop. The hall was full of such people… I mean people like us.. who were shouting and hooting and clapping for every twist in the tale. And apart from all these I had my best companion (for movies) with me – garam-garam Popcorns :D. As far as Chak De is concerned we watched it as a Team. A group of around 15 people filled some 15 odd seats of a theater in Sahara Mall, Gurgaon. And were behaving like crazy…hooting for every other dialogue or song or scene. They heard people saying,”Lagta hai pehli baar hall me movie dekhne aaye hain. We might have hurt the sentiments of fellow movie-buffs in the hall. You know those were the days when you hardly care about anyone…and thus, we dint care about the remarks; we hooted even more and we ENJOYED!!! And yeah…all this was done when I had watched the same movie a day back… it wasn’t even 24hours 😛

Off lately, movie goers have become utter-sophisticated… it seems so awkward to hoot while everyone else seems dead. Hence, I’m sorry to say that I have left this habit of hooting while watching movies 😦 . I know some people must be very happy a) those who hate when others hoot in a theater and b) some of my friends who felt like hiding their faces when uncles and aunties sitting in front of us used to turn back and look at us. But anyways … I will be back!!! Someday …. Sometime in my old Avartar 🙂

Chanakya was my favorite theater when we were in school. There were very few movies that I saw on a theater in my school days and most of them were experienced there…along with family. While in college, Paras and Sapna were frequently visited. They were the most approachable. We could go and check if we get the tickets, in case of unavailability we would easily come back and attend the classes (though it never happened as far as I remember … we would aptly change our directions to Lajpat Nagar Market). Then came PVR Priya and 3C’s. These days it DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj. The hall is beautiful. PVR Select Citywalk for that matter, is also in competition.

The only bad trend in these multiplexes is the everyday hike in the prices. Though they provide a good movie experience, but at a very high cost. There are people who can afford it, but there are some for whom these places are inaccessible. For example, when I watched Ishqiya at Promenade the ticket was for 210 bucks (on Fridays & weekends) and when recently I got the tickets for My Name Is Khan the price was up by 40. I got them for 250 per ticket. Is it fair?? I don’t think it is… to charge exorbitant prices on the name of Entertainment. Last time when we order for a popcorn tub it was Rs.20 extra than the usual and the tub was smaller in size. I don’t forget to pin-point this to the staff to let them know that people are not that blind, they do notice the ‘trick’ that has been played.

Someone who is not an avid movie watcher might not get effected…but the pockets of people like me who can be seen in a movie theater every Friday do get tortured. I could spend that extra money on something else dude…!!!

And boy….how can I forget The Piracy thingie??

They say ‘Stop Piracy’… I do support them.

They say ‘Experience of watching a movie in a theater is different’… I agree.

They say ‘Supporting Piracy is like supporting terrorism’ …. Ummm…whatever…might be.

But before making these statements someone should ask them… “Do they leave a choice for the common audience??” If they get 4 movies in Rs. 30…why the hell would someone spend a 1,000 bucks or so???

Well…there are some nuts like me

*looks up at The Heavens to pray for herself*


1) Pyaar Impossible

3 things that I liked in the movie in chronological order are the title track (I just love the style of singing), Priyanka Chopra & her kiddo in the movie. Uday Chopra at some places was cute. The story of the movie resembles a phase of my life when I was crazy about a moron for about a decade. 😐  Of course roles were reversed I played Uday Chopra and he played Priyanka 😳 ….unlike Priyanka he was a moron….the movie had a happy ending but I ended up believing that he was a jerk 😛 . And mind it… the story was exactly like the geek’s… in my case he got to know after 7 years that I like him….Oh Jeez!!! 🙄

I like flop movies too  :mrgreen:


2) Chance Pe Dance

The only thing worth looking in this one was Shahid Kapoor. I thought it would have some more of dance moves and less of his struggle & love story. I mean it was okay the other two…but something that was missing was Dance. Being a Shiamak student and a very capable dancer, Shahid was not exploited to his limits. He could have done much much better of what he was made to do in the movie. Genelia was ok, looked cute…that’s itt.


3) Ishqiya

Ohkay so here we come to this one… First much awaited movie of the year. All those which has the name Vishal Bhardwaj associated with them are the center of curiosity automatically. Curiosity of being taught about new hindi swear words through the means of cinema. Somehow the flick was not upto my expectations. I have very high expectation from Mr. Bhardwaj, specially after Kaminey. Any haven’t watched any of his previous works, but know that they were well made. In Omkara I found language barrier, I was not able to understand the typical UPia bhasha and asking Mom to translate in simple hindi was out of question. I loved everyone in the movie. Circuit in his new avtar, Vidya Balan as typical gaon ki ladki yet very powerful and sexy and of course khaalu-jaan 😛

The climax was a turn off… that is a major contributor to my disappointment.


4) My Name Is Khan

Shahrukh has done it again. Though was not able to watch the First Show I had to settle down with the First Day Third Show. I Loved the movie. I have come across people who have succeeded in finding faults in itt. Kudos to them!! I fail to understand why people invest so much of energy in finding faults?

Anyway, the movie tries to spread a thought and to reiterate the fact that it’s wrong to associate a religion to terrorism. Infact, it talks about a bigger religion called Humanity.

The Music was awesome.. SEL rocked again. Noor-e-Khuda is The Ultimate Song.

I have watched it twice and won’t say no if I get a chance to watch it again.


5) Click

Even I don’t kow why I watched this one?? May be cos it was a Friday and there was no other option…and I so wanted to watch a movie… may be..??

A ditto copy of an English movie Shutter…which we knew scene by scene… Thanks to a friend who watched the English version and obliged us with the story as she did find it worth watching…

I couldn’t find anything good in the movie (yeah!!! This is new from me….right??), Shreyas was a mis-match for this role. We were waiting for him to crack a joke….


6) Karthik Calling Karthik

This one was good… 🙂

The story was depicted in such a way that it kept the secret till the end. And it was kind of freaky to imagine someone calling himself up and screwing ones own life. Certain scenes were hilarious. Music was awesome….Farhan acted well but was looking old at some places. At some place I could relate to the character played by Deepika 😛

Uff teri ada was the best thing before, during and after the movie…


7) Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge

This one has mixed responses… but I enjoyed watching it 😛

Though Paresh Rawal was his Hera-Pheri self…but I like him that way. People found it irritating after 2-3 farting sessions of The Atithi…but it was hilarious for me…how he portrayed that calmness on his face as if nothing happened and while the ones around him were eewwwww-ing all the way. I like Konkana…and…I like Ajay Devgan too..


8) Rokkk

Yet another horror movie… I did have some Goosebumps while watching it. Cos it was a late night show…. We were sitting at the last row…there wasn’t anyone on my right side…not even a wall… toh thoda darrna toh banta hai…


9) Love, Sex Aur Dhokha

Now this one was much hyped… all you have to do is include the word ‘sex’ in the title of the movie and cash on the curiosity. Some foul language was used in the movie. I liked the way the stories were connected. There were 3 of them and they were connected to each other very well.

Sometime I felt like another paranormal activity going in front of me cos of the way it was shot. It seemed that the whole movie is a sting operation where there’s no control over the camera.

Overall… yet another bold attempt to show the black truth that unfortunately happens to some people.



4 thoughts on “Movies, Masti & More…

  1. True, its useless to ask u “movie kaisi thi” coz u always say “mujhe to achi lagi” and then you start with the story and what you liked in the movie, I hardly listen anything which u dont like in a movie 😉

    Dont’ be a critic ever :p)

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